14 Best Places on the Web to Promote Your Online Giveaway

Hosting giveaways is an excellent way to promote and build your online business. Not only are giveaways and contests a great way to increase your engagement, they’re also an awesome way to gain more leads, build your email list, and grow your social media following.

In this post, we’ll share with you 14 great places across the web where you can easily promote your giveaway quickly, affordably, and, in some cases, for free!

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Why Should Online Businesses Run Giveaways?

As an online business owner, you should always be seeking ways to boost sales and increase engagement. Giveaways are one great way to reach a ton of your goals quickly and in one sitting.

A properly run giveaway can result in higher website traffic, massive email lists, a greater social media following, broader brand awareness, new customers, and more.

In addition to advertising your giveaway on the web (the subject of this article), to really do it right you need a solid giveaway plugin to promote your giveaway on your website. RafflePress is one of the best out there. It has a drag-and-drop giveaway builder, pre-built templates, one-click entry, social media integrations, and, best of all, a viral sharing feature that allows visitors to share your giveaway with the click of a button.

Once you have your plugin in place, you're ready to start promoting online.

Places to Promote Your Giveaway


Reddit is a vast online community where people can ask questions, share blog posts and news, and engage with others from all walks of life. What you may not know is that you can also use the platform to promote contests and giveaways. 

Reddit actually has a special section specifically for contests. To get started, all you have to do is sign up for a free account. Keep in mind that Reddit does have a pretty stringent set of guidelines for giveaways, so be sure to follow them closely.


Contestgirl is a directory created specifically to help people promote their giveaways and organize contest entries. 

Linda, the owner of Contestgirl, created the site for sweepstakes and giveaway lovers like her. She works to find the best contests on the internet to help people enter more competitions and win, without having to worry about scams and fakes.

On Contestgirl you can create an account to keep up with the giveaways you submit and the ones you enter, all for free.

Giveaway Machine

If you’re looking to reach a more international audience, Giveaway Machine is the place you’ll want to submit your giveaway.

Adding your giveaway to their website is extremely easy and doesn’t require an account. All you have to do is navigate to their Submit Giveaway page, fill out a form, and you’re good to go. Submitting your giveaway is totally free unless you want additional promotional options, which start at $1.95.

Online Video Contests

Do you have a membership site that is geared toward filmmakers and videographers? Then you might want to try your hand at Online Video Contests. This contest and giveaway site is specifically designed for video contest promotions and submissions.

For Online Video Contests, you will need an account to join and submit giveaways. There’s also an option to promote your complimentary listing for a fee.

Win A Sweepstakes

Win A Sweepstakes is another excellent website where contest lovers can look for and enter giveaways, and online businesses can submit their giveaways for visitors to find.

To post your giveaway, all you have to do is click “Submit Sweeps.” You’ll then be taken to a submission form where you can submit all of the details about your giveaway. Submission to this site is free; however, the website does require a prize value of at least $25. 

If you’d like some extra promotion for your giveaway, they offer featured listings starting at $10.

I Love Giveaways

I Love Giveaways features a super simple interface for promoting online contests. The site is extremely straightforward and not at all difficult to navigate.

To submit your giveaway, all you have to do is click “Submit Giveaway” and fill in your information. No signup or payment is required.

Sweeties Sweeps

Sweeties Sweeps prides itself on helping website visitors “win what they can’t afford.” This website is all about promoting giveaways and sweepstakes and assisting people in winning big.

For your giveaway to be accepted on this website, the prize must be valued at $25 or more and the contest must be open to the entire United States. The site also doesn’t accept “Mass Instagram Follow” giveaways, affiliate sweepstakes, or referral links.

A guaranteed listing on Sweetie Sweeps is $25.

Contest Listing

Next on our list is Contest Listing, a great website for both giveaway entry and promotion. 

Adding your contest to the website is a seamless process. Just click “Submit a Giveaway,” and enter your information in the contact form. Simple as that!

Contest Listing also has a Giveaway Promotion Service starting at $14.99 that will list your contest on over 40 other giveaway websites and provide boosted traffic.

Giveaway Frenzy

Giveaway Frenzy is another online contest website that is bursting at the seams with giveaways from all across the internet. They feature tons of contests for sweepstakes lovers and an excellent way for online businesses to share what they have to offer.

You’re not required to create an account to submit a giveaway. The listing is also free and includes complimentary promotion for one week. Giveaway Frenzy offers featured listings and promotional packages starting at $19.99.

Sweepstakes Lovers

If yours is an instant-win giveaway, Sweepstakes Lovers is where you want to be. This site has a ton of awesome giveaways for visitors and many great opportunities for businesses to promote.

Submissions to this website are free, but it does get a large number of entries, so there’s no guarantee your giveaway will be posted. For those who want to ensure a listing, Sweepstakes Lovers offers advertising packages starting at $9.99.

The Prize Finder

Do you have membership site for customers located in the United Kingdom? Then you’ll want to head over to The Price Finder to promote your giveaway.

You can add your giveaway to this website for free simply by clicking “Add Competition.” But if you want to boost and promote your contest, you can sign up for the Premium Competition Listing. 


MySavings allows website visitors to find freebies, coupons, deals, and giveaways. 

Submitting a giveaway to the MySavings website isn’t as simple as the others on our list — you’ll need to go to their contact form and compose your entry. However, it’s still a worthwhile channel to check out if you want to make sure you’re covering as many bases as possible. 

Sweepstakes Fanatics

Sweepstakes Fanatics is another giveaway website that is continuously being updated with great contests. Bloggers can submit giveaways via the website’s contact form, while companies must submit via the advertising form.


Last but not least is ContestChest! This website searches for contests all over the world and updates daily.

Submission to ContestChest is free; all you have to do is set up an account. The best thing about this site is that for every contest you add on the site, you snag a chance to win $300 in their monthly drawing.

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Final Thoughts

A solid on-site giveaway plugin like RafflePress, plus this list of 14 awesome giveaway sites should get you well on your way to your next successful promotion.

To learn more about online promotions for your membership business, check out our posts on excellent giveaway tools, different contests you can run for your online business, and more ways to create buzz for your membership website.

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