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miniOrange is a cloud and on-premise-based Identity and Access Management (IAM) solution provider, trusted by over 200k+ users around the world. This WordPress plugin provides SSO & 2FA support with different authentication standards such as SAML, OAuth, OpenID connect, etc.

The miniOrange WordPress SAML Single Sign-On (SSO) plugin enables seamless Single Sign-On (SSO) login for MemberPress membership sites. What this means is, once you authenticate or login via your Identity Provider, you also log into your WordPress sites without manually having to re-enter your credentials.

This plugin also allows your membership site to act as a SAML SP (Service Provider), which can be configured to establish trust between your site and IdP to securely authenticate and enable SSO / Login for the user into the membership site. The added advantage of SSO is, your credentials are stored in your Identity Provider and nowhere else – adding another layer of security to your credentials.

The miniOrange WordPress SAML SSO plugin supports all major SAML compliant IdPs like ADFS, AzureAD, Azure B2C, Okta, Keycloak, Google Apps, and many more.

You'll also need to install minOrange's MemberPress Integrator Plugin to
work alongside this SSO plugin. Click here to learn more and start your download.

3rd Party Integration

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