MemberPress 1.1.7 Released

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The best WordPress membership plugin just got even better. We've been working tirelessly, and listening closely to your needs. The result? We've closed scores of issues, changed hundreds of files, issued hundreds of code commits and made sure that MemberPress is fully backwards-compatible with prior versions. Now let me introduce you to MemberPress 1.1.7.

Some of MemberPress 1.1.7's Awesome New Features:


There is now a new feature on the MemberPress dashboard menu titled “Reminders.” This allows you to send out automated reminders to your members when certain events are about to happen or have recently happened.

Supported Reminder Types:

  • After member signs up
  • After member abandons signup
  • Before subscription expires
  • After subscription expires
  • Before subscription renews
  • Before credit card expires
  • After credit card expires
SEO & PayWall

Under the MemberPress Options -> General tab you'll now find new settings for SEO & PayWall. You can now allow popular Search Engines to view and index your protected membership-only pages while still locking regular users out.

But what if you don't want Search Engines to index your protected content at all? There's an option for that too.

And best of all, the highly anticipated PayWall feature which allows guests to view X number of protected membership pages for free before being shown the unauthorized messages.

PayPal Standard Integration

MemberPress now supports PayPal Standard.

To take full advantage of the Standard integration's Advanced Mode (which includes features such as canceling, pausing/resuming, and refunding subscriptions from within MemberPress) your PayPal account must be newer than 2009. PayPal accounts older than 2009 use an older subscription system which does not support these features but will still work for creating subscriptions in MemberPress.

Per-Product Custom User Information Fields

You asked, and we delivered. You can now filter which custom user information fields should be shown or hidden on each product's registration form. MemberPress also automatically detects which fields to show in the member's account page based on which product(s) they have purchased.

More Custom User Information Field Types

Now when creating custom user information fields in MemberPress, you can select from text, email, date, textarea, checkbox, dropdown, multi-select, radio buttons, and checkboxes. We're sure this will help you gain more control over the information you collect from your members during their registration.

More Custom User Information Fields

Background Email Sending

MemberPress now supports sending emails in a background cron-based process. What does this mean? Simply put, you now have the option to setup MemberPress to send emails behind the scenes. Which, in some cases, can significantly decrease the page loading times when a member is signing up. Note: You must have WP-Cron enabled on your site for this feature to work.

Override Template Files

For those of you who are more technically inclined, you can now create a directory in your theme or child theme base folder named “memberpress.” Inside that folder, you can place any of our templates (found in /app/views/…) to override them with your own. However, the folder structure must be maintained. So for example, if you wish to override the /app/views/account/home.php template — you would put the file in /your-theme/memberpress/account/home.php.

Templates can change over time, so be sure to check for compatibility after new releases of MemberPress.

Final Thoughts on MemberPress 1.1.7

Our aim is to create a product that best helps your WordPress membership site succeed with as little pain as possible, while still providing the flexibility your unique business model deserves. We are confident that this release surpasses that goal, and we know you'll love the new changes too. Please feel free to contact our support team if you have any questions.

For a full history of changes, please see the MemberPress Change Log.

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