How to Put Your Website Under Maintenance Mode (And When You Should)

Let's say you need to make some crucial changes to the WordPress theme, or you noticed something strange happening on the frontend of your website and need some time to fix it…how can you make these edits without showing a broken website to visitors?

That's where maintenance mode comes in!

Maintainance mode allows you to safely handle any necessary maintenance tasks on your WordPress website while still having a user-friendly page set up. This lets people still access your website, but with an off-putting notice stating that some work is being done.

In this post, we will discuss the importance of maintenance mode, how you can easily put your online business' website in maintenance mode, and how to beautify your maintenance mode page!

When Would You Need to Put Your WordPress Website in Maintenance Mode?

Sometimes when you are working on a website, you may not always need maintenance mode in the beginning; However, what if the project takes a bit longer than expected? Or what if there were a few unexpected setbacks that have delayed your website's launch? You don't want visitors to access your website and find it out of sorts – this can ruin your business' credibility. Putting your site under maintenance mode will help to combat this problem.

Enabling maintenance mode lets you create a visually pleasing page, letting your visitors know that your site will be back soon. This keeps your customers engaged and keeps your business professional.

How To Put Your Website in Maintenance Mode Using SeedProd

If you have never heard of SeedProd, it's the most popular coming soon and maintenance mode plugin for WordPress out there!

The plugin is easy to use and helps create beautiful pages that your customers will love to engage with while they wait for your site to launch!

To get started with SeedProd, the first thing you will need to do is install and activate the plugin in your WordPress dashboard.

Next, you will need to select the status of the website. You will have the option to choose “Enable Coming Soon Mode” or “Enable Maintenance Mode.” The plugin also gives you the option to redirect your website visitors to another site, but we'll focus on the first two options in this post.

After you have made your choice, click “Save All Changes.” Now it's time to customize your maintenance mode page!

Click on the “Edit Coming Soon/Maintenance Page” button, and you will be navigated to a list of ready-made templates that you can use to create your page.

When you click on one of the templates, you will be able to see all of the customization options you have. Here, you will be able to add your logos, social media sharing buttons, a countdown timer, and you can even include your email marketing software!

Once you have customized your page to your liking, click “Save,” and you're all done! See how easy that was?

Managing Users in SeedPro

SeedProd will automatically show your maintenance mode page to anyone who isn't logged in. All other users will still be able to log in and continue browsing your website as usual.

If you have an online business, such as a membership website, they would also still be able to log in and use the site. If you don't want them to see your site during this time, SeedPro lets you decide who can access your website while it's under construction. All you have to do is go to Setting>Coming Soon Pro>Access Controls. Here you can pick one of three ways to control user access:

  1. Use a secret key as a password to your website
  2. Allow or block access to the site via IP address
  3. Select/Exclude the user roles that can access the backend of the site.

Once you are finished there, click “Save All Changes” to save your settings.

How to Exclude Specific Pages from Maintenance Mode

SeedProd also a cool feature that allows you to select certain pages to put in maintenance mode. This is a great tool when you want to allow people to access certain pages without taking the entire site down.

Go over Settings>Advanced Settings and there you'll be able to enter the URLs of the pages that you'd like to include or exclude from entering maintenance mode. Once you click “Save All Changes,” you're all set!

Final Thoughts

When things change with your site, there may come a time when you will need to put your website in maintenance mode – don't panic, it's totally fine! With excellent tools like SeedProd, you'll be sure to have your site back up and running without skipping a beat!

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