Lesson 11: Overview of MemberPress Settings

MemberPress is an easy-to-use membership plugin, yet it also has a great deal of flexibility and power. You'll encounter most of this flexibility and power in MemberPress’ options.

In this video, we’ll give a brief rundown over where to find MemberPress settings in the event you ever need to make adjustments. 

There's a lot to cover beyond what the video covers, so don't worry if you don't get through everything in this lesson right away. Just be sure to take your time and visit each of the User Manual links provided and you’ll have MemberPress up and running to your exact specifications.

Configuring MemberPress Settings: Pages Tab

MemberPress requires a handful of pages for its operation. On the Pages tab, here is where you can mark which pages on your site to activate. Pages marked with an * (for example: Thank You Page, Account Page, and Login Page) are required and must be set. 

If “Auto Create New Page”  is selected when you click on Update Options, the page(s) will be created and configured automatically for you. If you have existing pages you'd rather use, select them from the drop-down menu.

You don't have to put any content on these pages. However, if you do, MemberPress will add its content below yours. Following is a detailed description of each page and its function:

  • Thank You Page – The thank you page is what members will see after they purchase one of your Memberships. Typically, you'll want to hide this page from the front-end navigation menus.
  • Account Page – After a member logs into your site, they'll be taken to this page unless you specify otherwise in the Settings. Here, the member can update their profile information, change their password, view payment histories, and upgrade/cancel their subscriptions. You'll normally want to show this page in your front-end navigation menus.
  • Login Page – This page shows a log in form where members can log in to your site and access any content they've paid for. This page also includes a forgot password link in case the user can't remember their password.
  • Unauthorized Access – Here, you can add a message that appears when someone who isn't authorized tries to access a protected page. You may want to use the shortcodes for the Groups or Memberships so these users can sign up right from this page. Alternatively, you can encourage users to sign up by selecting to have them redirected to a specific page, such as the Memberships signup page.

Configuring MemberPress Settings: Info Tab

Use this page to enter your business address. This will be used by MemberPress to calculate any applicable tax rates and to include your business address on email receipts your customers receive. For these reasons, it's essential that you have your business info entered correctly when prompted.

Configuring other MemberPress Settings

Here is a full list of the support docs that cover how to configure all MemberPress settings: