Lesson 12: Integrating Email Marketing Add-ons (Auto-Responders)

Auto-Responders are online services that allow you to send email to a list of your own subscribers automatically. They can help you automate campaigns and manage one-to-one communication with your members.

MemberPress supports integrations with the following auto-responder services via add-ons installed from within MemberPress: ConvertKit, MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, AWeber, Constant Contact, Drip, GetResponse, MailPoet, and Mailster.

If you're wondering which auto-responder to choose, you should know that MailChimp is our most popular integration. ConvertKit or ActiveCampaign are also very popular solutions. 

In this lesson’s video, we’ll show you how to integrate a MailChimp account with MemberPress. If you are using any other support email marketing add-on, please see our Knowledge Base for details on how to set it up: https://docs.memberpress.com/article/311-email-marketing-addons-by-memberpress-edition

How to Install a MemberPress Auto-Responder Add-on 

To enable an integration, MemberPress requires that you first install an add-on for the specific auto-responder service you're using. You have two options for how you can install your add-on:

  • Go to MemberPress > Add-Ons.Locate your auto-responder from the list and click on the Install button.

Once you've completed the installation for your auto-responder, you'll need to configure the settings to complete the integration with MemberPress. Click the link to your preferred auto-responder for specific instructions from here:

MemberPress Mailing List Instructions

Is your favorite marketing auto-responder not listed? Or are you looking to do something a bit more advanced like sync custom fields, or even give a free membership when someone joins your mailing list outside of MemberPress? You might want to check out the WP Fusion plugin. It integrates with MemberPress and supports a very large number of auto-responders.

You now have powerful features set up to allow you to communicate with your members in segmented lists or tags based on membership levels and other segments you choose.