Lesson 14: Protecting Widgets

In this lesson, we’ll introduce another free WordPress plugin that lets you show or hide Widgets on your site. 

Widgets are small little content blocks you can add to your WordPress theme's sidebars and sometimes other areas like the headers and footers of your site. By adding widgets to your site, you can improve the overall functionality of your site and more importantly, increase member engagement. 

MemberPress includes a few widgets you can use to help provide some access for your members to login, visit their account page, and view a list of their current subscriptions too.

How to Show or Hide Widgets Items Based on Current User's Active Membership(s)

This is a bit more advanced, but you can also use MemberPress and the Widget Options plugin to control the visibility of your widgets.

See the video below for step-by-step instructions on how to install and use the Widget Options plugin on your MemberPress site.

Visit our Support Doc page to learn more on widgets: https://docs.memberpress.com/article/113-available-widgets