Lesson 2: Creating Your First Membership

With your content all planned out, now it’s time to create your actual memberships. Users will sign up for the membership plan that offers the content and/or services that fit their needs. 

Before you get started, you’ll need to figure out what memberships you want to sell, what their terms will be (recurring, non-recurring, trial periods, etc.), and how much you'll charge.

Once you make these decisions, MemberPress makes it super simple to create memberships based on your specific requirements. 

Check out the quick video below where we’ll walk you step-by-step on how to create your first membership plan.

How to Create a Membership

Creating a Membership in MemberPress is very similar to creating a page or post in WordPress. Listed are the following steps on how to create your first membership level: 

1. Log into your WordPress Dashboard

2. Navigate to MemberPress > Memberships, and click the “Add New” button at the top of the page

3. Set a title for the Membership (Example: Basic Membership)

4. Set a price and subscription term for the Membership 

  • Select One-Time Payment for lifetime access or access that expires after a custom number of days, weeks, months, years, or on a fixed date. 
  • Enable recurring subscriptions that bill weekly, monthly (with the option of every 3 or 6 Months), yearly, or at a custom interval (any custom interval of weeks or months). 

As a simple example, say you chose the recurring subscription every month. This would mean that your members will be charged the amount of the Membership every month.

5. Set a Trial Period on the Membership (Optional)

Setting a trial period is a great way to let your members demo the Membership for a few days before they purchase. You can choose to set the trial as free or discounted in price. The trial must be entered according to days, but if the number entered is a multiple of 7 it will show up as weeks; multiples of 30 will show up as months, and multiples of 365 will show up as years.

6. Add text/images to the body of the Membership (Optional)

This is where you'll want to advertise the key benefits of your Membership and sell it to the customer. The Memberships show up on the front end like regular WordPress pages, so feel free to get creative with your Membership page layout, content, and design.

7. Set who can purchase the Membership (Optional)

Everyone means everyone, including guests and logged-in members can purchase the Membership. The term “guests” means only non-registered members can purchase. And finally, Members means those who have purchased another Membership. You can use this last option to prevent users from buying a Membership until they have first bought some other Membership.

8. Configure the Group Page Pricing Box Display Optional)

As you make changes to the display options, you can see how it will appear in the Preview box. Head to the Groups section of the user manual for a more in-depth explanation of groups: https://docs.memberpress.com/article/61-creating-groups

To create additional membership plans, simply click the “Add New” button and run through this process again. Remember to make adjustments to each plan so they differ in title, price, term, etc.