Lesson 8: Setting Up Email Reminders

Have you ever wondered how to send your members an email when their subscription is going to expire? Or how to send an email to a prospect who doesn't finish the signup process?

Luckily, with MemberPress Reminders, sending these types of emails is very simple.

Reminders can be a powerful way to get your users to take action.

In this video lesson, we'll go over how to create a reminder for several different situations that may take place on your site. 

MemberPress Email Reminders 

MemberPress Reminders allow you to send out automated emails to members when certain events are about to or have already happened. Currently, the supported reminder types are:

  • After a member signs up
  • After a member abandons signup
  • Before a subscription expires
  • After a subscription expires
  • Before a subscription renews
  • Before a credit card expires
  • After a credit card expires

Read more on each reminder type here: https://docs.memberpress.com/article/147-creating-reminders

How to Create an Email Reminder

Go to MemberPress > Reminders, and click on the “Add New” button. 

You'll then be presented with options to set the Trigger (can be set to hours, days, weeks, etc.) and to enable/disable subscription reminders for the User and Admin.

In the Emails section, you can choose to send this reminder to members and yourself when triggered. 

To edit your email, simply click the “Edit” button where MemberPress will automatically generate an email for you. 

Finally, if you only wish to send an email to select memberships, you can do so by enabling the Send only for specific Memberships tab. Select which membership(s) you want to send this reminder out to when triggered.