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We hope that at some point you'll make the leap and upgrade to our Developer Edition — it's powering thousands of Membership Sites and is enabling them to do things like:

  • Automate Their Membership Sites: As a Developer Edition license holder, you'll get access to MemberPress Developer Tools (again, not just for developers). The Developer Tools is great because it will enable you to automate all kinds of activities with your membership site using custom services and integration with powerful services like Zapier!
  • Sell Corporate Memberships: You'll also be able to start selling Corporate Memberships (sometimes called umbrella or bulk memberships) on your site using our Corporate Accounts add-on. Using this strategy we've had customers who have increased their revenue significantly … overnight.
  • Access Our Latest Features: We've got big plans for our Developer Edition so you'll always be guaranteed to have access to our latest add-ons and features once you've upgraded and keep your license active.
  • Launch More Membership Sites: With the Developer Edition you'll no longer be restricted to having MemberPress activated on a single site. This is great if you're doing client work or even if you're wanting to launch more membership sites for yourself

Don't forget that it's very easy to upgrade your license … and because you're already a customer you'll only pay a prorated amount to upgrade. Just log into your MemberPress account from the link below, click the subscription link, find your Business Edition subscription and click “Change Plan.” You'll go through a normal checkout process and voila … your license will be upgraded.

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