Getting Started with MemberPress

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Once you have purchased your copy of MemberPress, login to your account here: Login

Once you are on your account home page you will want to download the stable version of MemberPress.

This will download the latest stable version of MemberPress.

Now that you have downloaded that stable version of MemberPress it is time to install it. Head to your WordPress administrator dashboard, navigate to the plugins page and select Add New.

Once on the install new plugins page you will want to select and in click on select file and navigate to the MemberPress plugin you just downloaded.

Once the file is chosen, click on “Install Plugin”. WordPress will automatically unzip and install the plug in in the correct location. Once the installation is complete WordPress will give you the option to Activate the plugin, go ahead and activate it.


Once the plugin is activated you will see some warnings at the top of your WordPress admin dashboard letting you know that the MemberPress Plugin is not configured or activated. Click on the “activation page” link in the activation warning to be taken to the activation page.

Once on the activation page you will need to copy your license key from your MemberPress user page and paste it in the textbox on the activation page. Once this is done click on “Activate License Key on (yourdomain)”

After you click the “Activate License Key” button, you will be shown the successful activation page.

That’s all you need to know to install and activate MemberPress! For help in configuring MemberPress please see the configuration options section in our User Manual.