MemberPress Coupons

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MemberPress allows you to create and use coupons during sales. If a coupon is used by a member, the price of the subscription will stay at the discounted price for that member for the full duration of their subscription unless you use the Trial override option.

How many times can this coupon be used? - This determines the total number of times the coupon can be used. This does not limit the usages per customer.

Setting Coupon Code - You set a coupon code the same you would set a page or post title in WordPress. MemberPress presets a code for you which will look something like "50E8D39B35630". You do not have to use these randomly generated codes if you do not want to. Change them to anything such as "SAVENOW" or "FIFTEEN-OFF". Coupon codes should NOT contain spaces, quotes, or any other non alpha-numeric symbol. Only alphanumeric characters, hyphens, or underscores should be used.

Trial Period - Use this to set a fixed trial period for the member if they use this coupon code. Once the trial period is over, the regular subscription price will be billed. This feature ONLY works with recurring subscriptions, it has no affect on one-time billings.

Coupon Expires - If you want a coupon to expire on a certain date, use this option to do so. Enabling the checkbox, will show some extra date fields which you can use to specify an expiration time for the coupon. By setting a date it means that the coupon will not be able to be used after that date by new subscribers.

Discount - A coupon is no good without a discount. Here you can set how much to discount the purchase, and by percentage or currency. This will apply to EACH recurring cycle for recurring payments. If you only want to discount the first period of a recurring subscription, then you'll set this discount to 0% and instead use the Trial Period override feature of the coupon instead. See an example of this below.

Apply coupon to the following Memberships - Here you can specify which Membership(s) the coupon can be used on.


To discount just the first period of a recurring subscription, you'll set the "discount" to 0%, and instead use the Trial Period override feature to set a lower or free amount for the first X days. So for example, if you had a monthly recurring subscription for $99, but you wanted to offer a coupon with a $50 discount on the first period. You'd set the "discount" to 0% and the Trial Period override to 30 days for $49.