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Anytime a member purchases a Membership with a recurring billing cycle, a subscription is created. One subscription can have many transactions associated with it. For example, let’s say that Bob purchases a Membership with a one month recurring payment cycle. After three months Bob will have generated three transactions associated with his subscription. Each column of the Subscriptions table is discussed in more detail below.

Id – User Id number

Subscriptions Number – 

Active – Shows whether or not the subscription is active or not. Meaning, it has an active (not expired and marked as completed) Transaction associated with it.

Auto Rebill – Shows the recurring payment status. Can be selected and changed with options of: pending, enabled, stopped.

Membership – Shows which Membership the subscription is associated with.

Terms – This column lists the terms of the subscription. For example it might say something like $20.00, Bill every 1 months. This means that the subscription will charge the member $20 every month for the life of the subscription.

Name – The users name

User –  The username

Payment Method – This is the payment method the member used when purchasing the Membership. This will be PayPal,, or Stripe.

Transactions –  This is a count of how many payments the member has already made towards this subscription. If the subscription is for one month, and the member has made 6 payments. Then the member has had the subscription for 6 months. You’ll notice that this number is clickable. Clicking on the number will pull up the list of all payments for that subscription.

Created On – This is the date that the subscription was created.

Expires On – This is the date that the subscription will expire.