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Whenever a new or recurring payment occurs, MemberPress will track the payment as a Transaction. Each transaction is listed on the Transactions page, which you can filter and search through very quickly and easily. The various columns of the Transactions table are listed below.

Txn Number - This is the receipt number which is created for the transaction at the payment gateway such as PayPal,, or Stripe. This is the number you will want to use to cross reference the membership payment with your payment gateway's reports. If the price of the transaction was free, a generic Number will be generated instead and it will not correspond to any transaction at the gateway level. You'll notice this Number is clickable. Clicking on the Txn Number will allow you to edit the transaction's details.

Membership - This will list the Membership which the Transaction was for.

Amount - This is the dollar amount of the transaction.

Member - This is the member which made the sale. Clicking the member's name will take you to their profile page, where you can view or edit their personal information.

Status - This is the current status of the transaction. The possible status's are Pending, Complete, and Refunded. Pending means the transaction was started but the member either didn't finish the payment process, or the payment gateway has not yet confirmed the payment was completed. can sometimes take up to 24 hours to confirm a payment as completed.

Note: Clicking the status will allow you to quickly change the status of the transaction.

Payment System - This lists the payment method that the member used to pay with. This will be PayPal,, or Stripe.

Created On - This is the date the transaction was created by the member or payment gateway.

Expires On - This is the date that the transaction will expire on. If the member purchases a Membership with a subscription of one month for example. The difference between the Created On and Expires On dates should only be one month.