Member’s Account

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MemberPress creates a standard WordPress user account for each member that signs up on your site. However, we realize that most website owners want to keep members out of the wp-admin dashboard. So MemberPress creates an Account page on the front end of your site where your members can view and update their account information. Each section of the Accounts page is explained in greater detail below.

Member Account

Account – Here is where the member can update or view their current personal information such as name, email address, and any custom profile fields you have defined in the MemberPress options. They can also update their password using the “Change Password” link on the right hand side of the page.

Subscriptions – This page will display a list of Subscriptions the current member has purchased. Next to the subscriptions are links for the member to update their payment information, cancel the Subscription, or if the subscription is part of a group they can upgrade/downgrade their subscription. Subscriptions which are part of a Group can be pro-rated when upgrading.

Payments – The payments tab is a historical record which will show the member each transaction he/she has generated on your site.

Logout – This simply logs the member out of your membership site.