Important Update for Translators with Version 1.2.7 of MemberPress

What Happened to all of my Frontend Translations!

With version 1.2.7 of MemberPress we wanted to make the translation process even easier for our new and current users. We’ve now added a tag to the end of all our translations so that when you open up the file to translate in Poedit you’ll see a [ui] for frontend translations (if for some reason you notice a frontend string doesn’t have the [ui] tag then please send us an email). In doing this we had to sacrifice the current translations that we have, but lucky for you and us, Poedit made solving this issue very easy!

How To Fix This Issue

Like I said, this is an easy fix! What you’ll need to do is open up Poedit and then your .po file of your translation. Once you’ve pulled that up, be sure to click the save button if you haven’t already (this will insure your translations are saved for Poedit to use later). Then navigate to the upper menu > Catalog > Update from .pot file, as you can see here:

After updating from the .pot file, Poedit will show the [ui] tags that signify a frontend translation, and at this point the translations for those strings should have been erased as well. The feature that makes fixing this all possible is their Translation Memory which basically stores your translations and let you use them later on in future projects. To access this feature navigate again to Catalog but this time go to the “Fill missing translations from the TM” option here:

Clicking on that will open up anther window, and you’ll want to check the following boxes:

Doing that will make sure that only your exact translations are placed there again from your Translation Memory and so that you don’t have to review each updated translation. If you are worried they may not be 100% correct then unckeck the first option and Poedit will mark the updated translations as “fuzzy” which will help you review them. Otherwise, just click “Fill” in that window, and *bam* your translations will be updated to what you had before!

Do I need to do anything else?

After doing that, the only thing you’ll need to do is upload the updated translation file into your /wp-content/plugins/mepr-i18n/directory¬†as is explained on this page here. Once that is uploaded you’ll be good to go!