Upgrading the MemberPress Database


Occasionally when updating MemberPress you will be presented with a message that the database is in need of an upgrade. Don’t be alarmed though, this is completely normal and we handle all of the hard stuff behind the scenes for you. You will only need to click a single button to ensure the database upgrade happens.

Below is an outline of what you might see during this process.


Step 1 – Backup Database

It’s never a bad idea to backup your database! If you don’t have something like VaultPress, BackupBuddy, or another similar backup solution in place – then we strongly recommend getting one and ensuring your database is backed up before running this upgrade.

You will be unable to access your WP Dashboard during this upgrade process. If you need to access your WP Dashboard to run your backup, then choose the option to “revert” to the prior version of MemberPress. This will allow you to access the WP Dashboard and run your backup prior to upgrading MemberPress again.



Step 2 – Upgrade Database

You will initially see the following screen. To begin the upgrade process simply click the large “Upgrade” button at the bottom of the page.

It can take a few minutes for larger sites to run the upgrade, so please be patient.



Step 3 – Database Upgrade In Progress

While the database upgrade is in progress, a pop-up window with a progress bar will be visible. You can safely leave the page while it’s processing if you like.

You will be unable to access your WordPress Dashboard until the upgrade completes.



Step 4 – Upgrade Complete

When the upgrade is finished, you will see the following confirmation message informing you the upgrade succeeded properly. Clicking the Back to Admin button will return you to your dashboard.




We do everything we can to ensure these upgrades go smoothly and without issue. However, if the upgrade fails for some reason, you will see the following message. We recommend re-trying the upgrade one or two times – if it continues to fail however, then please click the button to “revert” to the prior version of the plugin and contact our support for further help with the issue.

Reverting to the prior version will allow your site to operate normally again while we investigate any issues.