Lesson 15: MemberPress Developer Tools

Next up, we thought you might want to learn about some of the tools MemberPress has available for advanced integrations and developers, including our MemberPress Developer Tools add-on. 

But don't let the name of this add-on fool you. You can use it whether you're a developer or not.

In this lesson’s video, we’ll go over the MemberPress Developer Tools add-on and everything it has to offer for your site. 

The MemberPress Developer Tools Add-On

The MemberPress Developer Tools will enable you to send webhooks to remote sites and allow remote sites to make modifications to MemberPress. This set of powerful features enables you to create countless types of automated workflows for your business.

Get Started with MemberPress Developer Tools

To use the MemberPress Developer Tools Add-on, you’ll need to have either a Plus and Pro plan. 

1. Install the MemberPress Developer Tools Add-on by going to MemberPress > Activate > Add-ons and clicking on the Install button next to the add-on.

2. Install MemberPress Developer Tools.

3. If you want to use MemberPress's REST API, you'll also need to install the WP REST API plugin (Version 2) that is available for free on the WordPress plugin directory.

4. Once the Developer Tools add-on is installed and activated, you should see a new menu item on your MemberPress menu:

5. From the Developer Menu you'll now be able to set up webhooks, view dynamic documentation, and test webhook events on all of MemberPress' REST API URLs.

To learn more about this MemberPress feature, please visit our user manual page: Getting Started With The MemberPress Developer Tools