Lesson 6: Creating a Group and Pricing Page

Now, let's look at a feature unique to MemberPress – Membership Groups.

MemberPress allows your members to subscribe to multiple memberships at once, enabling them to be on multiple upgrade paths at once. This is where the power and flexibility of Membership Groups comes in.

With Membership Groups, you'll be able to select a set of memberships that you want to set as a group. Once this group is specified, you can create a pricing table for it automatically, create an upgrade path, and more.

Once you get through this tutorial, you'll be a pro at creating membership groups and upgrade paths.

How to Create a Group

Membership Groups allows you to quickly and painlessly set up features, such as a comparison page to provide users with a quick snapshot of the Memberships you offer.

You can add a new Group by navigating to MemberPress > Groups > Add New on your WordPress Dashboard.

Groups behave just like WordPress pages. Start by giving the Group a title. Adding content to the Group is optional since the group's page will display the Membership pricing tables by default. Anything you add as content on the group page will be shown above the membership pricing table.

When creating a group, you have a number of options available to you. These options are discussed in more detail below:

  • Upgrade Path – When this is set, members can only subscribe to one Membership in the group at a time. If it's unset, members can subscribe to each Membership in the group simultaneously. We recommend also enabling the Reset Billing Period option as well if you're allowing pro-rated upgrades and downgrades.
  • Memberships – This is where you can set which Memberships should be displayed on this group pricing page. Use your mouse to drag and drop the Memberships in the order you want them to appear on the Group page. If you have the “Upgrade Path” enabled, you will need to list your memberships in upgrading order — starting from your base plan, then the next membership tier, and so on. Also, a Membership can only belong to one group at a time. If you attempt to assign a Membership to multiple groups you will get an error.
  • Disable Pricing Page – Checking this box will disable the front-end pricing page from being visible to users. If they try to access it, they'll be shown a 404 message. You can use this if you want to create an upgrade path without having a front-end pricing page display. You can also enter an “Alternative Group URL” to create your own custom pricing page. 
  • Pricing Page Theme – Use this to set the appearance of the pricing page to one of our preset designs. Or choose Custom to use your own custom CSS.

Once you have your Group set up, you can edit the boxes on the price table for each membership. 

Simply go to MemberPress > Memberships and choose which membership(s) you want to edit. 

Under Membership Options, select the Price Box tab to add information such as heading text, benefits, footer text, and button text.