Lesson 1: Planning and Creating Your Content

The basis of a membership site is providing content to an online audience. The content on your site can be freely available to your readers, or you can charge a subscription fee. In general, if a user is required to sign up and pay in order to access any of your website's content, that makes it a membership site.

To ensure your membership business thrives, you need to provide content that keeps your readers coming back for more. There are several different types of content you can offer on your site, such as blog articles, videos, podcasts, courses, digital downloads, and so much more. 

When planning out your membership site and deciding what content you’re going to offer, you should also consider dividing your content into groups. This will make protecting your content much easier later on. 

In this sense, “protected” content is the content members will need to pay for in order to access. Access methods can be split a number of ways:

  1. You can offer a portion of your content for free, then charge members before they can access specific content on your site. 
  2. You can give members complete access to your full content library as soon as payment is received.
  3. You could even offer tiered memberships, giving access to some content for lower-paying members and all content for higher tiers.

We highly suggest that you offer both free and paid content on your site. But how you determine which content to “protect” should be based on how much time you put into creating your content and how valuable the content is. 

Keep in Mind: Assigning categories and tags to your content is a quick and easy way to keep your content organized and protected (when necessary).