80+ MemberPress Website Examples

MemberPress is the world's #1 membership plugin for WordPress websites. It enables you to:

  1. Create and manage a new membership website or…
  2. Turn your existing WordPress website into a membership site.

Today, tens of thousands of businesses use MemberPress to manage membership websites all over the globe. But what, exactly, do these sites look like?

For this post, we rounded up a list of more than 80 real, live MemberPress website examples for you to check out. We included a short overview for each website. We also included a basic description of how each site is using MemberPress to boost its bottom line.

We're super excited to show you just how versatile the MemberPress plugin is. But before we get to the list, let's go over what we mean when we say membership site.

What is a “Membership Site”?

The concept is pretty simple.

A website that requires users to sign up for access to any “protected content” is considered a membership site. Whether that protected content is available for free or for a fee doesn't matter. It also doesn't matter whether the entire site or just a few parts of the site are protected.

For example, consider an online women's clothing store that has a VIP community. Anyone can shop on the site without an account. But if someone signs up for the VIP community, they get special sale alerts, discounts, and a regular newsletter. Because the store has a VIP community that requires sign up, we'd consider it a membership site.

The fact that a user has to sign up to access some of a website's content is what makes that site a membership site.

Protected content can include all kinds of things:

Physical productsEbooksAudio content
Digital productsWhite papersCommunities, forums, clubs
Blog postsOnline coursesVirtual conferences
ImagesCoaching sessionsAnything else you can imagine!

Now that you've got a better understanding of what a membership site is, check out some awesome MemberPress website examples (organized by type).

Health and Wellness

Gymtime PT

Check Out the Site: Gymtime PT

What They Do

Gymtime PT is an online fitness training program. Each of its plans include total customization tailored to customer needs as well as access to hundreds of videos and other resources. Users choose from three base plans, answer a few questions, and then receive a custom workout program and nutrition plan.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

Gymtime PT manages access to its program with MemberPress. It offers the “Ultimate Weight Loss”, “Tone Up Extreme”, and “Clean Bulk” base plans.

MBSC Nutrition

Check Out the Site: MBSC Nutrition

What They Do

Mike Boyle Strength and Conditioning (MBSC) is a nationally recognized brick and mortar gym serving elite and professional athletes (in addition to us normal folks). It was voted #1 gym in America by Men's Health Magazine and one of the best gyms in the country by Women's Health Magazine.

MBSC Nutrition is MBSC's online nutrition program that falls under three banners: Lifestyle, Sports, and Personal Coaching.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

MBSC Nutrition uses MemberPress to operate its online program. It includes premium access to webinars, coaching sessions, a VIP community, and a whole lot more.

New Hope Counseling & Wellness Center

Check Out the Site: New Hope Counseling & Wellness Center

What They Do

New Hope Counseling & Wellness Center is a team of specialized clinicians offering virtual and in person treatment.   This is an award-winning team of therapists, counselors, dietitians, and nutrition coaches specializing in the treatment of eating disorders, disordered eating, body image disturbance, and trauma. The clinicians have specialized training in Family Based Therapy, Somatic Experiencing, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, athletic performance, and trauma. Additionally, they provide clinical supervision, continuing education, and training to other health care professionals across the country.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

New Hope Counseling & Wellness Center uses MemberPress to manage the online clinical training programs.

Kresser Institute

Check Out the Site: Kresser Institute

What They Do

Chris Kresser, M.S., L.Ac., a renowned expert, clinician, and educator in the fields of Functional Medicine and ancestral health, founded the Kresser Institute (KI) in 2015. The institute's mission is “to provide the next generation of functional health practitioners and coaches with the skills, tools, and training they need to turn the tide of chronic disease – and change the future of medicine.”

How the Site Uses MemberPress

Kresser Institute uses MemberPress to power its two major programs: The ADAPT Practitioner Training Program and The ADAPT Health Coach Training Program. Both programs offer students comprehensive training in Functional Medicine, ancestral nutrition and lifestyle, and practice management. 


Pilatesology homepage

Check Out the Site: Pilatesology

Pilatesology provides clients with high-quality workouts without them ever having to leave home. Practitioners Alisa Wyatt and Jack Coble manage Pilatesology as the #1 source for Pilates workouts available completely online. The team comprises some of the best instructors in the world (nearly 70 professionals) who teach the original practices of Joseph Pilates himself. CBS News has called Pilatesology “the gold standard of online Pilates.”

How the Site Uses MemberPress

With MemberPress, Pilatesology offers all of their Pilates programs as a simple digital download available to a worldwide audience. Pilatesology also has a membership community where students can chat about their success stories, obstacles, injuries, give advice, or ask questions. 

Political and Social Change Organizations

The Heritage Foundation

The Heritage Foundation homepage

Check Out the Site: The Heritage Foundation

What They Do

The Heritage Foundation exists to promote conservative public policies based on the principles of free enterprise, limited government, individual freedom, traditional American values, and a strong national defense.

Of the 8,000+ think tanks worldwide, the Heritage Foundation has consistently been ranked No. 1 due to its singificant impact on public policy.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

The Heritage Foundation uses MemberPress to manage its impressive membership program, consisting of over 500,000 members. This membership base is the source of the organization's ongoing funding.

Food Tank

Food Tank homepage

Check Out the Site: Food Tank

What They Do

Food Tank is an online membership site featuring blog articles and podcasts. The organization's goal is to provide environmentally sustainable ways to alleviate hunger, obesity, and poverty by creating networks of people, organizations, and content that push for food system change.

Food Tank has over 1.2 million subscribers. This massive audience consists of farmers, scientists, researchers, policymakers, government leaders, students, and journalists who share the same mission: to alleviate hunger and poverty while protecting the environment.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

Food Tank has built a three-tiered membership site with the help of MemberPress. Members gain access to perks and premium content, and help support the organization's mission.

Bill of Rights Institute

Bill of Rights Institute homepage

Check Out the Site: Bill of Rights Institute

What They Do

The Bill of Rights Institute (BRI) is a civic education organization with a network of over 50,000 history and civics educators. The Institute develops educational resources on American history and government drawn from a full-time staff with more than 100 years of combined classroom experience.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

The BRI uses MemberPress to manage its popular membership program, which features access to premium resources and an online community.

The Canary

The Canary homepage

Check Out the Site: The Canary

What They Do

The Canary is an award-winning independent news website that produces well-researched and incisive journalism focused on news, ideas, and key developments that impact democracy, equality, freedom, and fairness. The publication is independent of any advertisers, funders, companies, political organizations, or political parties. This allows them to use their stories to ask the hard questions, give an opinion, and challenge the status quo.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

The Canary uses MemberPress to manage its membership audience, who receives an incredible seven articles a day, seven days a week. 

Truth or Fiction

Truth or Fiction homepage

Check Out the Site: Truth or Fiction

What They Do

TruthOrFiction.com features decades worth of award-winning journalism. The team gives users access to non-partisan information about e-rumors, fake news, disinformation, offers, myths, hoaxes, virus warnings, and humorous or inspirational stories that are circulated online.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

Truth or Fiction uses MemberPress to give subscribers an ad-free reading experience as well as access to swag.

Arts, Culture, and Entertainment

Norman Rockwell Museum

Norman Rockwell Museum homepage

Check Out the Site: Norman Rockwell Museum

What They Do

Located in Stockbridge, Massachusetts, the Norman Rockwell Museum houses the world’s largest collection of this famed American artist's work, including 998 original paintings and drawings. The museum also features the Norman Rockwell Archives. The collection features more than 100,000 items, including working photographs, letters, personal calendars, fan mail, and business documents.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

The Norman Rockwell Museum uses MemberPress to manage and educate its growing membership base.

Jot Down

Check Out the Site: Jot Down

What They Do

Hailing from Spain, Jot Down is a European cultural magazine founded by Mar de Marchis, Angel Fernández, and Ricardo J. Gonzalez in May 2011. The site currently enjoys over one million unique visitors. With a commitment to a rigorous yet entertaining approach, Jot Down delivers important content in pop-art style. The approach has earned them a loyal following and time-tested appeal.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

Jot Down uses MemberPress to offer subscriptions to its content at six different access levels.

Book Riot

Check Out the Site: Book Riot

What They Do

Book Riot is North America's biggest independent editorial book site. The site features all sorts of media, including podcasts, newsletters, books, and original content. It caters to a highly diverse audience of readers across just about every genre you can imagine, with the goal of creating discussion around the world of books and publishing.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

BookRiot uses MemberPress to offer subscriptions to its VIP book club, Book Riot Insiders, at three monthly/yearly access levels.

Life Coaching

Mark Manson

Mark Manson homepage

Check Out the Site: Mark Manson

What They Do

Mark Manson has made the #1 New York Times bestseller author list not once, but two times. His life-advice books have sold over 14 million copies, with his title, The Subtle Art of Not Giving A F*ck, topping Amazon charts as the most-read nonfiction book in 2017. Today, Mark has a membership audience of over 15 million people who can access exclusive articles, ebooks, videos, courses, and more.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

With MemberPress, Mark was one of the first life coaching brands to start a paid subscription model. He started his blog in 2019, and within just a few short years, it was being read by more than one million people every month.

Educational Institutions

University of Buffalo

Check Out the Site: University of Buffalo

What They Do

The University of Buffalo houses the Hauptman-Woodward Medical Research Institute, where scientists work tirelessly to find the fundamental causes of diseases like cancer. Today, they're busy identifying new classes of anti-tumor agents for hormone-dependent breast cancers, exploring ways to combat opportunistic infections in AIDS patients, fight arthritis and cardiovascular inflammation, and prevent bronchial infections in patients with cystic fibrosis.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

MemberPress powers the institute's donor access, including the Hauptman Society, a VIP membership community reserved for top-level donors.

Onward State

Onward State homepage

Check Out the Site: Onward State

What They Do

Onward State is an alternative website source for anything and everything “Penn State news”. Written by Penn State students, the Onward State blog allows the student voice to be heard in a fair, authentic, and accurate presentation (often with a bit of good-natured humor thrown in). The publication has earned several awards and recognitions, including citations in The New York Times.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

Onward State uses MemberPress to manage its platform. There, Penn State students can quickly find information that matters to them and engage with other students through online community.


Terrell Owens Official Website

Terrell Owens Official Website homepage

Check Out the Site: Terrell Owens

What They Do

Football legend Terrell Owens was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame in 2018, officially marking the end of his 15-year football career. But retirement hasn’t slowed him down. Today, you can add actor, humanitarian, loving father, fitness expert, motivational speaker, vinter, and entrepreneur to his long list of titles. And it's all summed up on the official Terrell Owens website, where you'll also find a link to his Eighty-One Wine collection shop.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

With the help of MemberPress, Terrell shares his experiences and expertise with fans through podcasts, videos, blog articles, and more.

The Fantasy Footballers

The Fantasy Footballers homepage

Check Out the Site: The Fantasy Footballers

What They Do

The Fantasy Footballers is an award-winning podcast that highlights fantasy football content all year long. Hosts Andy Holloway, Jason Moore, and Mike Wright report accurate, entertaining, and high-quality fantasy football strategies and stats. Recently, the show was awarded “Best Sports & Recreation Podcast” by PodcastAwards.com and “Best Sports Podcast” by iHeartRadio Podcast Awards.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

MemberPress powers The Fantasy Footballers #FootClan club. It's a tight-knit community where members enjoy exclusive content, premium projections, discounted store material, early access to shows, and more.

Sports Bet Army

Check Out the Site: Sports Bet Army

What They Do

Sports Bet Army is a sports betting online education site run by professional bettors, built around state-of-the-art data modeling. Because the site is tailored to bettors at all levels of expertise, site members gain access to a library of premium strategy articles ranging from “bare bones” to advanced analysis.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

Sports Bet Army uses MemberPress to operate its monthly/yearly subscription program. Members get access to premium content, state-of-the art models, and an exclusive sports betting Slack channel where users can chat one-on-one with sports betting coaches.

The Open Mat

Check Out the Site: The Open Mat

What They Do

The Open Mat®, also known as TOM, is a niche news site dedicated to the world of amateur wrestling – from the NCAA to the high school and international arenas. The site is a go-to for recruiters, where they can find player stats, as well as an informational hub for wrestlers and coaches themselves. Today, TOM is one of the most-engaged wrestling forums in the industry.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

MemberPress powers The Open Mat's VIP membership product, TOM Prime. Through membership, members gain access to exclusive recruiting info, conference updates, rankings, and more.

The Sweet Spot

The Sweet Spot homepage

Check Out the Site: The Sweet Spot

What They Do

Partnering with Topgolf Swing Suites, the Sweet Spot golf experience in Allentown, Pennsylvania, went full swing in 2019. In addition to golf simulations and training opportunities, the Sweet Spot has a wide variety of interactive digital games customers can play on the big screen. Take to the mound as a baseball pitcher. Defend yourself in zombie dodgeball. Grab a hockey stick and score the winning puck. Throw to a field full of wide receivers. It's all at The Sweet Spot.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

As a brick and mortar business, The Sweet Spot uses MemberPress to manage its membership packages. They offer four different membership levels. Each level comes with perks like discounted suite rentals and the opportunity to make reservations in advance.


The British History Podcast

The British History Podcast homepage

Check Out the Site: The British History Podcast

What They Do

The British History Podcast takes a focus on British history with emphasis on “a three dimensional image” of the people, places, and events of the region. The podcast was a finalist for Best Educational Podcast by The Podcast Awards and has been featured in Forbes, among others.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

The British History Podcast uses MemberPress to manage its subscriptions, which offer members an ad-free experience.

Compelled Podcast

Compelled Podcast homepage

Check Out the Site: Compelled Podcast

What They Do

Compelled is a Christian faith-based podcast featuring highly inspirational interviews with real people. These foldks have survived through difficult experiences and attribute their success to faith.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

MemberPress powers Compelled Podcast's support-focused membership program. Members get early access to episodes, behind-the-scenes interview footage, and monthly video calls.

On Stage – The Podcast

Check Out the Site: On Stage – The Podcast

What They Do

Featuring “event men” Nikki and Thijs, On Stage – The Podcast, is a Dutch show that delivers insights, news, and humor to individuals working in the events industry.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

On Stage – The Podcast uses MemberPress to manage its memberships. Members are offered at three levels – one single-donation and two monthly plans.


The Vibe Box

Check Out the Site: The Vibe Box

What They Do

The Vibe Box is a premium monthly subscription box featuring products hand-picked for members, designed by influencer Connie Davalos. Each month, subscribers receive a box with “an exclusive physical experience” specially designed to help them live a lifestyle full of “the best vibes and energy”.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

MemberPress powers The Vibe Box's subscription and membership management.

Bush Hog

Check Out the Site: Bush Hog

What They Do

Bush Hog, Inc. was founded in 1951 and is North America's leading manufacturer of finishing mowers, rotary cutters, landscape tools, and tractor-mounted implements for today's agricultural market. The company is headquartered in Selma, Alabama, and operates out of a 500,000 square foot manufacturing facility. Bush Hog enjoys a network of nearly 1,800 dealers throughout the U.S. and is supported by a team of close to 50 sales reps.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

Bush Hog uses MemberPress to provide an account hub where its dealers and reps can access resources like manuals, downloads, and up-to-date product info.

Bosch Tools

Bosch Tools homepage

Check Out the Site: Bosch Tools

What They Do

The Bosch Group Power Tools division is the world market leader for power tools and power tool accessories. Every year, Bosch releases more than 100 new power tools in the global market. The company is considered a world leader in the design, manufacture, and sale of a wide range of products. These products include rotary and oscillating tools, power tools, laser and optical leveling devices, power tool accessories, and range finding devices.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

Bosch Tools uses MemberPress to provide customers with a better online customer service experience. After purchasing a tool, Bosch customers can create a MemberPress-managed Product Registration account, making it easier for a professional Bosch technician to contact them and pair them with relevant tips and information.

Food, Arts, Lifestyle, and Travel

Be More with Less

Check Out the Site: Be More with Less

What They Do

Be more with less is an innovative online community and resource hub built around the concept of minimalism. The site offers courses, articles, an online community, books, articles, and podcasts designed to help people along on their journey toward decluttering (both mentally and physically) to obtain a simpler (and happier!) life.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

Be more with less uses MemberPress to manage its highly exclusive VIP membership, which is so successful it's currently waitlisted.


Booooooom homepage

Check Out the Site: Booooooom

What They Do

Booooooom is Canada’s highest traffic art platform, and one of the largest on the internet. Managed by Vancouver-based artist, Jeff Hamada, Booooooom has established itself as an authentic voice in the new counterparty arts scene. In the last decade, Booooooom has helped launch the careers of many young artists internationally by highlighting their incredible talents.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

With the MemberPress plugin, Booooooom manages a membership program strictly for artists, photographers, illustrators, and graphic designers. Here, members can submit their work to be considered, apply for open calls, and even get 20% off Booooooom shop materials.

40 Aprons

40 Aprons homepage

Check Out the Site: 40 Aprons

What They Do

40 Aprons is a recipe collection site run by Cheryl Malik. Cheryl has been avidly writing family-friendly recipes for over 10 years, accommodating to a variety of dietary considerations such as Whole30, vegan paleo, keto, and more. She and her long list of recipes have been featured in Women’s Health magazine, Comopoliation, Pop Sugar, and more.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

Cheryl has used MemberPress to monetize her alternative diet blog since 2015. Members enjoy an ad-free experience including access to premium content.

Nomadic Matt

Check Out the Site: Nomadic Matt

What They Do

Nomadic Matt is a popular travel blogger and The New York Times best-selling author of How to Travel the World on $50 a Day and Ten Years a Nomad. His site is an incredibly diverse resource for travelers, providing advice on things like finding the funds to travel, finding travel deals, trip planning, staying safe and healthy while abroad, and a whole lot more.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

MemberPress powers Nomadic Matt's VIP community, NM+. This members-only program that gives users access to bonus blog posts, guidebooks, free books, blogging courses, special events, event replays, monthly giveaways, t-shirts, money-saving travel discounts, and more.

Online Communities and Clubs

Healthcare Business International

Healthcare Business International homepage

Check out the Site: Healthcare Business International

What They Do

Administrators, investors, suppliers, and advisors in the healthcare industry depend on Healthcare Business International as the go-to source for industry news and networking. The organization covers over 15 health care sectors including hospitals, dentistry, and outpatient specialties, offering a focus on business models, valuations, and innovation in digital health and AI.

Aville Cowork

Aville Cowork community homepage

Check Out the Site: Aville Cowork

What They Do

As a 100% digital environment, Aville Cowork is an updated take on the shared workspace concept. The online workspace provides real community for remote workers where they can find resources, networking opportunities, webinars, virtual coworking sessions, and even make a few friends.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

MemberPress powers the Aville Cowork experience, from managing memberships to protecting content.

Craft Industry Alliance

Check Out the Site: Craft Industry Alliance

What They Do

Craft Industry Alliance is an online community for craft professionals. Members are empowered to strengthen their creative businesses, to stay up to date on the latest industry news, and to build connections within a supportive, growth-focused environment of like-minded professionals.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

Craft Industry Alliance uses MemberPress to manage its trade association membership. Members get access to exclusive resources and networking opportunities.

Bitesize Bio

Bitesize Bio homepage

Check Out the Site: Bitesize Bio

What They Do

Bitesize Bio is an online collection of research on the topics of biochemistry, molecular biology, cell biology, genomics, gene editing, microscopy, and more. It’s a place where scientists and researchers can go to offer support to one another and join in the constant quest for new discoveries and the conversation around that quest.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

MemberPress powers the Bitesize Bio community. Experienced mentors also each have a dedicated page where members can access their articles and webinars.

The Care Planner Network

Check Out the Site: The Care Planner Network

What They Do

The Care Planner Network is a free online community for life care planning and case management professionals. Community members share information about challenging cases, professional development, practice management, and other important issues. As a peer-driven resource, the network aims to support and optimize the practice areas of catastrophic injury case management and life care planning.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

MemberPress powers The Care Planner Network's free membership program. Members gain access to all community resources, including a directory.

The Wealth Club

Check Out the Site: The Wealth Club

What They Do

The Wealth Club is an online club/community for real estate professionals at any level – veteran to newbie. With the goal of connecting members with people and resources to help them succeed, The Wealth Club is committed to promoting an accepting, welcoming, and friendly environment.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

The Wealth Club uses MemberPress to manage its comprehensive membership program, which they offer at four different price points.

Charleston County Medical Society (CMMS)

Check Out the Site: Charleston County Medical Society (CCMS)

What They Do

The Charleston County Medical Society (CCMS) was founded in 1951 as a general medical society for local professionals. Today the society has evolved to become a group of physicians and scientists who are called upon to lead their South Carolina community in health related issues.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

MemberPress powers the CCMS membership program. Memberships are offered to physicians through yearly and monthly paid plans and for free to medical students.

Auckland Business Builders Club

Auckland Business Builders Club homepage

Check Out the Site: Auckland Business Builders Club

What They Do

Auckland Business Builders Club is an online community for New Zealand-based business owners. Members of the exclusive club enjoy twice monthly meetings, a 90-minute marketing “where to start” session, ongoing business-building workshops and an online resource library, as well as access to a members-only Facebook group and regular podcast.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

Auckland Business Builders Club uses MemberPress to manage its memberships, which are offered at one flat monthly rate.

Online Courses and Training

English Pro Tips

English Pro Tips website

Check Out the Site: English Pro Tips

What They Do

English Pro Tips is an online learning site that prepares students for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam. The site's prep courses are designed to include more than just video, but also incorporate quizzes, simulations, games, and engaging assignments.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

English Pro Tips is powered by MemberPress alongside our LearnDash integration. Students can subscribe at three levels – one month, six months, and one year.

ASE School Prep

Check Out the Site: ASE School Prep

What They Do

ASE School Prep is the leading provider of Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) test preparation services for schools. The National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence is an American and Canadian organization that provides certification for professionals and repair shops in the automotive repair and service industry. ASE certification is considered the gold standard in the automotive world.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

MemberPress powers ASE School Prep's memberships, which they sell in one, two, and three semester units.

Bulletproof Musician

Check Out the Site: Bulletproof Musician

What They Do

Bulletproof Musician is an online music school that offers coaching, courses, and premium resources to musicians who want to hone the art of performance. Run by Noa Kageyama, Ph.D., the school specializes in the areas of anxiety, confidence, focus, and resilience in music.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

Bulletproof musician uses MemberPress to power its course offerings. Members can sign up for live group coaching sessions, private coaching, and self-paced courses.


Check Out the Site: Copyhackers

What They Do

Copyhackers is a world-renowned blog and all-around online resource for copywriters, endorsed by big names like Brian Dean, founder of Backlinko. The site was founded by Joanna Wiebe in 2011, and now features the Copy School, a robust online course and membership site for copywriters at all levels.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

Copyhackers uses MemberPress to manage its fast-growing product, Copy School, which is offered in per-year and per-month seats.

The Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

The Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy homepage

Check Out the Site: The Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy

Ken Tamplin has over 30 years of experience working in the music industry. He has had the opportunity to go on tour, produce records, and study voice with some of the world’s top vocal coaches. Doing so has allowed him to teach aspiring vocalists to overcome their fear of singing, develop their voices, and become a singer people love to listen to.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

Ken uses the MemberPress plugin to offer Ken Tamplin Voice Academy Course membership options. These include premium access to a membership forum where students can participate in discussions and share their progress.

The Digital Project Manager

Check Out the Site: The Digital Project Manager

What They Do

The Digital Project Manager (DPM) was founded by Ben Aston in 2011. Today, it's considered one of the most extensive and credible resources for digital project management thought leadership and information. The goal of this online community and resource hub is “To Elevate The Conversation Surrounding Digital Work, Leadership, And The World Of Digital Project Management”.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

DPM uses MemberPress to operate its membership program. Subscribers enjoy access to a forum, live and on-demand mini courses, live mentorship, and other premium resources.

The Japanese Page

The Japanese Page homepage

Check Out the Site: The Japanese Page

For anyone who's ever wanted to learn the Japanese language, The Japanese Page is the go-to online resource. The program has helped thousands of people learn to speak the Japanese language through free lesson resources including skills practices, grammar and vocabulary help, interactive stories, ebooks, podcasts, and more.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

The Japanese Page uses MemberPress to monetize its premium resources through the Makoto+ program. Paid members gain access to downloads, podcast extras, discount coupons, freebie materials, and a lot more.


Check Out the Site: Toolshero

What They Do

With over 10 million visitors from more than 100 countries around the world, Toolshero supports a global audience of people eager to learn. The online learning platform provides a wide variety of courses for both personal and professional development. Its most popular skills areas are change management, leadership, marketing, management, and problem solving.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

MemberPress powers the Toolshero website, offering yearly, monthly, and weekly membership options.

Safal Nivesha

Safal Nivesha homepage

Check Out the Site: Safal Nivesha

Safal Niveshal is the Hindi phrase for “successful investor” – exactly what site owner Vishal Khandelwal is. Khandelwal has been a stock market investor for over 18 years, and for the last 10 years, he has used SafalNiveshal.com to share his investment knowledge with others. Since 2011, the site has grown to a community of 90,000 dedicated readers located in100+ different countries.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

What started out as a blog has since grown to a profitable business for Khandelwal. He's used MemberPress to build an online curriculum to help small investors and provide access to premium content.

VA Vixen

Check Out the Site: VA Vixen

What They Do

VA Vixen is an online learning site for aspiring virtual assistants. It features a five-week comprehensive course, VA Code, that takes a three-pronged approach to VA training. The “Inner Work” component focuses on self-care and energy management. The “Strategy” component provides how-to's, templates, and strategies for launching a VA career, and the “Community” component includes job placement assistance, ongoing support, and a networking forum.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

VA Vixen uses MemberPress to manage program membership, which is offered at two access levels.

UPSC Mentor

UPSC Mentor homepage

Check Out the Site: UPSC Mentor

What They Do

The Civil Services Examination (CSE) is also called the UPSC examination. It is an important competitive exam administered by the Union Public Service Commission for recruitment to higher Civil Services of the Government of India. And UPSC Mentor is the premier online preparatory resource for the exam.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

UPSC Mentor uses MemberPress to manage access to its cutting-edge resources. These resources include online courses and other premium study materials.

Marie Burke Art School

Check Out the Site: Marie Burke Art School

What They Do

Marie Burke Art School is an online art academy run by published and highly accomplished painter, Marie Burke. The school specializes in teaching the skills of botanical and natural history painting through the medium of watercolor. 

How the Site Uses MemberPress

MemberPress powers the school's Watercolor Members Club. Members get access to online courses and a premium community through monthly, annual, and gift subscriptions.

Spark & Logic

Check Out the Site: Spark & Logic

What They Do

Spark & Logic is an online education and engagement program that serves the needs of real estate company owners. The program is designed to educate and engage real estate agents through webinars, mastermind sessions, templates, and other unique resources.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

The Spark & Logic program is managed by MemberPress. The program is offered through a four-tiered subscription plan based on the number of agents enrolled.

Cake Craft School

Check Out the Site: Cake Craft School

What They Do

Cake Craft School is an online academy that teaches the fascinating art of fondant modelling. In case you're curious (we were!), fondant is a special cake icing with a sculptable, paste-like consistency. Students benefit from more than 70 tutorials, 400 step-by-step videos, and templates.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

Cake Craft School manages its enrollment with MemberPress, offering monthly, quarterly, and biannual access.

Membership Academy

Check Out the Site: Membership Academy

What They Do

We have a special place in our hearts for our friends at the Membership Academy – the leading online training community for membership site owners. The program features an active online community plus comprehensive training and resources on planning, building, running, and growing a successful membership site.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

Not only does Membership Academy support and recommend MemberPress, they use it to power access to their online program!

Online Services & Consulting


Check Out the Site: BELAY

What They Do

BELAY is a provider of remote specialist services to help businesses and organizations grow. They work with a team of highly trained and vetted virtual assistants, virtual bookkeepers, website specialists, and social media strategists. The company has earned several awards of excellence, including Inc. Best Workplaces and Entrepreneur Top Company Cultures.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

MemberPress powers BELAY's contractor and employee communication and training hub.


Copyblogger homepage

Check Out the Site: Copyblogger

For the last 15 years, Copyblogger has been helping businesses by crafting content that connects and inspires action from targeted audiences. Founder Brian Clark and his talented team of writers know exactly how to attract prospects and turn them into loyal customers. The Copyblogger team has published well over 3,000 articles that have helped businesses improve their online rankings, enhance SEO content, and increase daily views.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

Copyblogger uses the MemberPress platform to offer writing service plans to anyone in need of content marketing material.

College Transitions

College Transitions homepage

Check Out the Site: College Transitions

College Transitions is the only online admissions counseling provider working in higher education. Their experienced staff consists of counselors, academics, and former admission officers. These professionals help students find compatible school options and gain a competitive advantage in the admissions process.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

College Transitions uses MemberPress to manage its counseling services. These are offered through two plans – hourly and unlimited – that also include access to premium resources.


Check Out the Site: Realtcore

What They Do

Realtcore is a highly specialized company offering social media management services to real estate professionals. Their services range from regular posting to branded content creation, templates, and paid ad management.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

Realtcore uses MemberPress to manage its subscription service, which includes three quantity-based plans – Lite, Plus, and Pro.


Check Out the Site: Hostfully

What They Do

Hostfully is an online property management platform designed specifically for vacation rental businesses. The platform integrates directly with Airbnb, HomeAway (VRBO), Booking.com, and TripAdvisor Rentals. This innovative platform allows users to simultaneously post and manage property listings on all four major vacation rental listing websites.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

MemberPress powers the Hostfully subscription service, which includes three tiered plans as well as a customizable plan for larger-scale operations.

The Signals Guru

Check Out the Site: The Signals Guru

What They Do

The Signals Guru is a subscription service for Forex traders. Subscribers gain access to real time signals (delivered via WhatsApp) that help them optimize trading decisions. Subscriptions also include access to live investment advice, training materials, online courses, and other resources.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

The Signals Guru uses MemberPress to manage it subscription program, which offers tiered plans based on subscription duration. The top tier plan includes the Online Forex Trading Course, which was created using MemberPress Courses.


Check Out the Site: WorkTech

What They Do

WorkTech is an online service and informational hub for human resource (HR) leaders who use HR technology. The service connects HR tech providers with end users through advisory services focused on tech strategy. WorkTech also develops research-based reports and content. Clients get access to these reports, the WorkTech VC web-based BI tool, and analyst services.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

MemberPress powers the WorkTech membership program. It operates at three levels – Market Insiders, WorkTech Data Access, and WorkTech Insights & Advisory.

Christina Jones Photography

Check Out the Site: Christina Jones Photography

What They Do

Christina Jones Photography is a high-end business photography service. It's dedicated to helping female-led businesses promote their brands through custom branding photography. The company also offers one-on-one coaching services and a premium online community.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

Christina Jones Photography uses MemberPress to manage its three subscription levels. These include branding sessions, monthly and quarterly retainers, and product photography.


Check Out the Site: LaunchBlot

What They Do

LaunchBlot is a digital services company serving small businesses. Their services include Managed WordPress Websites, outsourced IT, and copywriting. Regardless of subscription level, every customer gets access to unlimited support and helpful premium resources.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

LaunchBlot uses MemberPress to power its subscription plans, which are offered at four levels – Basic, Advanced, Premium, and IT Services.

Miller Johnson Attorneys

Check Out the Site: Miller Johnson Attorneys

What They Do

The Michigan-based Miller Johnson Attorneys law firm is a brick and mortar firm offering services in just about every legal arena you can imagine. The firm includes a unique online resource center for clients that features access to customized, attorney-led reference materials 24 hours a day.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

Miller Johnson Attorneys uses MemberPress to protect and manage the Miller Johnson’s Resource Center for clients.

CH Creative

CH Creative homepage

Check Out the Site: CH Creative

What They Do

If you need a new website or blog, CH (Calvin Hanson) Creative is your go-to resource. This online agency provides services ranging from single web pages to total custom CMS design.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

MemberPress powers CH Creative's subscription plans. These plans include the Starter Landing Page, Pro Website, and Custom CMS Design Packages.

BeQuest Online Wills

Check Out the Site: BeQuest Online Wills

What They Do

Headquartered in Australia, BeQuest Online Wills is a unique company offering will creation, maintenance, and update services. Subscribers not only get professional will preparation services, but also secure online storage and safeguarding with 24/7 access.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

BeQuest Online Wills uses MemberPress to manage its customer subscriptions service.

Parenting and Education

High Progress Literacy

High Progress Literacy website

Check Out the Site: High Progress Literacy

What They Do

High Progress Literacy (HPL) is a membership site that supports the brick and mortar HPL program. The program features onsite coaching and professional learning experiences to help educators “transform classrooms into student-centered learning labs”.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

MemberPress powers the HPL website, which includes free and members-only tools and resources.

Inspired Minds

Inspired Minds website

Check Out the Site: Inspired Minds

What They Do

Inspired Minds is Canadian-based professional development service for early childhood educators. The service has both on-site and online program components. These components include in-person team and community workshops, online team and community webinars, coaching services, keynote speaker events, and other in-person and online special events.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

MemberPress protects and manages client access to Inspired Minds' online resources.

Mrs. D's Corner

Mrs. D's Corner homepage

Check Out the Site: Mrs. D's Corner

What They Do

Stephanie Delussey, aka Mrs. D., lives to make grade-level content functional, engaging, and meaningful for all students. She also believes that learning should be fun, with lessons and activities that are implementation-ready and differentiated for the special education classroom.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

Stephanie uses MemberPress to manage and grow her subscriber base. Members are granted access to a massive educational resource library.

Homeschooling Torah

Check Out the Site: Homeschooling Torah

What They Do

Homeschooling Torah is an online Messianic Jewish homeschooling curriculum and community. Members benefit from daily lesson plans for all subjects and ages, a great collection of tools and training resources, as well as an online community.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

Homeschooling Torah uses MemberPress to manage its subscription plans, which include monthly, yearly, and preschool options. The school takes advantage of MemberPress' Drip feature to provide content at varying intervals based on subscription level.

Teach Beside Me

Teach Beside Me homepage

Check Out the Site: Teach Beside Me

Teach Beside Me is an online resource where users can find hands-on education tools for young learners. Website owner, Karyn, is a former public school teacher and has been homeschooling her own children for over 13 years. Her educational activities and lesson plans are designed to get kids excited about learning whether in the classroom or at home.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

Podcast episodes focused on homeschool teaching and shoppable digital lesson downloads are available to everyone who visits the Teach Beside Me site. Karyn uses MemberPress to offer her full shop collection at a set subscription price.

The Measured Mom

The Measured Mom homepage

Check Out the Site: The Measured Mom

The Measured Mom was created by Anna Geiger as an online resource where educators can find math and literacy activities that are low-prep and easy to apply in the classroom. The Measured Mom blog contains hundreds of easy-to-use printables for children in pre-k through the third grade. Visitors can also listen in on Anna’s Triple R Teaching podcast.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

Anna uses the MemberPress plugin to monetize her educational Measured Mom content. Materials include digital downloads and other exclusive content.

Business, Marketing, and Finance

The Financial Brand

The Financial Brand homepage

Check Out the Site: The Financial Brand

The Financial Brand is a digital publication founded in 2008 that focuses on marketing and strategy issues relevant to banks and credit unions. On the site, C-level banking executives can find the latest ideas, insights, and information on how to build their brands.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

The Financial Brand uses the MemberPress platform to monteize its premium collection of podcasts, webinars, and other resources. 

The Tracking Board

Check Out the Site: The Tracking Board

What They Do

The Tracking Board is a gated online resource for those working in Hollywood’s film, television, and entertainment industries. It features “annual best” lists, insider news and exclusives, as well as industry analysis and spec script market tracking.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

MemberPress protects The Tracking Board's large amount of premium gated content through online subscriptions.


Check Out the Site: BizNews

What They Do

South African publication BizNews is an online business news source covering a wide range of business topics from an even wider range of angles. The publication, which is in partnership with The Wall Street Journal, takes a disruptive approach to reporting and operations.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

BizNews uses MemberPress to manage its premium subscription offering. Members get access to exclusive stories, live webinars, a premium WhatsApp channel, interview transcripts, and a full subscription to The Wall Street Journal.

French Web

The French Web homepage

Check Out the Site: French Web

French Web is a digital magazine highlighting the key French players in Tech. Using the LinkedIn social platform, French Web is able to connect French-speaking digital professionals, entrepreneurs, experts, and investors who can then be featured to an audience of over one million readers and podcast listeners. 

How the Site Uses MemberPress

The HR Journal is a French Web product, built using the MemberPress plugin to establish a community where professionals to share analyses, reports, overviews, and more.

Capital Market Laboratories

Capital Market Laboratories homepage

Check Out the Site: Capital Market Laboratories

What They Do

Capital Market Laboratories is a subscription-based online resource featuring comprehensive stock and investment news and tools. The company also offers several award-winning digital investment software applications, including Trade Machine PRO (TMP) and Stock TradeMachine (STM).

How the Site Uses MemberPress

The Capital Market Laboratories website mainly features premium content and data, which is protected and managed using MemberPress.

Oil & Gas 360

Oil & Gas 360 homepage

Check Out the Site: Oil & Gas 360

Oil & Gas 360 is an online resource where professionals at EnerCom, Inc. provide insight on the latest energy, oil, and gas-related news. Equity research analysts, government officials, private investors, and basically anyone who works in the oil and gas industry rely on Oil & Gas 360 for daily energy news updates.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

This MemberPress run subscription site offers a couple of different memberships users can join to get access to global energy standings reports, analyses, charts, and more.

General News Sites

El Orden Mundial

El Orden Mundial homepage

Check Out the Site: El Orden Mundial

What They Do

Headquartered in Madrid, El Orden Mundial is an independent Spanish language news website. As an international affairs publication, it specializes in geopolitical, economy and development, and society and culture-based news stories.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

El Orden Mundial uses MemberPress to manage its subscription plan. This plan includes ad-free access to exclusive content.

El Watan.com

The El Watan.com homepage

Check Out the Site: El Watan.com

What They Do

El Watan.com is the first French-speaking digital newspaper published in Algeria. The publication is known for producing bold coverage that has often earned it political and judicial backlash. Its director has been prosecuted more than 100 times and served several prison sentences for speaking out against the status quo. Fast forward to today, El Watan.com is considered one of the most influential pieces of Algerian Press.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

El Watan.com has three weekly publications: Economy, Television, and Real Estate, along with a special weekend edition. Each of these works are available to readers who sign up to receive the El Watan newsletter, which is managed using MemberPress.

Navarre Press

Navarre Press homepage

Check Out the Site: Navarre Press

What They Do

The Navarre Press has been delivering news and information to the communities of Santa Rosa County, Florida, for over two decades. In that time, they’ve been recognized as the Florida Press Association Division ‘C’ Weekly Newspaper of the Year six times. Just this year, they went up a circulation category and took the overall prize for the Division ‘B’ Weekly Newspaper of the Year. The team is dedicated to uncovering the truth with an aggressive, but fair, approach, considering it a social responsibility to give a voice to those otherwise unheard.

How the Site Uses MemberPress

The Navarre Press uses the MemberPress plugin to offer three membership plan options.

The Takeaway

We hope you were pleasantly surprised to learn how many ways (and in how many different industries!) people are using MemberPress to monetize content, build communities, and grow online businesses. If you happen to run a MemberPress website of your own, let us know in the comments. We'd love to feature what you do!

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    Hi Syble. I'm in love with these collations. This is impressive. Well done!

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    Innovation and Creativity

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      Thanks so much for sharing, Viktor! We appreciate the encouragement!

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    Thanks for sharing! I'm involved in the health and fitness industry and got some good ideas from two of the examples cited here.