Change Log

1.8.10 – 2020-05-19

Bugfix and maintenance release


  • Offline gateway Welcome email not sent automatically if “Admin must manually approve” option is enabled
  • Offline gateway New Signup, New Subscription‘s emails sent to Admin regardless of “Admin must manually approve” option being enabled or not
  • Members can no longer pause a subscription during a free trial
  • Added some additional details to Stripe signup error emails to Admin


  • Reminders being sent early with trial periods
  • Trashing a Group still allowed upgrades/downgrades
  • Links with single quotes not working in Offline gateway description
  • Coupons and taxes fixed + Stripe
  • Gutenberg block styling
  • Email address format validation too strict
  • Downgrade Path with annually renewed non-recurring subscriptions showing 0000 expires year
  • Pause/Resume free trial Stripe issue
  • Stripe error if Membership title left blank

1.8.9 – 2020-05-12

Bugfix and maintenance release


  • Send Welcome email link under Transaction number
  • Additional redirect on unauthorized action


  • Locked POT template from editing in Loco Translate
  • rule_content no longer required via Create Rule API requests


  • Remove XML from errors before display
  • Leap year date issue
  • XSS vulnerability via coupon code url input
  • Empty Subscriptions list on front-end
  • Incorrect Privacy Policy link on multi-site
  • Back-button bug with PayPal Standard when Single Page Checkout was disabled. Subscriptions would sometimes be converted to free lifetime transactions
  • Downgrade Path in Group not expiring in some cases when user purchased another membership in the group
  • Create Rule API fixes

1.8.8 – 2020-04-22

Bugfix and Maintenance release


  • Rules can be used in If-Menu integration
  • Phone custom field type


  • Stripe subscriptions now use sub_xxx… numbers for new signups
  • Stripe Products are no longer created for each MemberPress subscription
  • Stripe coupons now used to alter pricing (instead of creating new Products in Stripe)
  • Multiple Subscriptions per Stripe Customer supported


  • Bug with ANSI_QUOTES enabled in MySQL
  • Fix created_at date getting updated when resuming subscription
  • Fix for sub-accounts not always migrating properly when upgrading downgrading a Corporate Account
  • Fix conflict with Divi Tabs Section plugin
  • Fix stats email sometimes containing content from reminder emails
  • Fix notices in login/logout shortcodes
  • Other minor fixes

1.8.7 – 2020-03-18

Feature and bugfix release


  • Invoice details can now be enabled on Single Page Checkout
  • Added reduced VAT rate option per-membership
  • Added /wp-admin/?mp-clear-connection-data=true endpoint for clearing site data when cloning live -> staging. This prevents issues with Stripe Connect.


  • [mepr-show rules=”xxx,yyy,zzz”] shortcodes will now use the Rule's custom unauthorized message if one is set
  • Remove deprecated PDF invoice feature in favor of new PDF invoice add-on which should be available soon
  • Home tab is bold by default when visiting the Account page
  • /views/checkout/spc_form.php template changed
  • /views/admin/options/form.php template changed
  • /views/admin/products/registration.php template changed
  • /views/admin/rules/form.php template changed


  • Group downgrade path not working for non-recurring payments
  • License key should not deactivate itself
  • Fixed <!–more–> tag not always working
  • Fixed deprecated array formats
  • Fixed Stripe invoice renewal bug with reduced tax rates
  • Remove empty {$variable}'s in emails

1.8.6 – 2020-02-12

Bugfix and maintenance release


  • Changed notifications if using outdated Stripe payment method connection


  • Database upgrade not running if auto-updates enabled
  • Some events being stored with incorrect created_at dates

1.8.5 – 2020-02-10

Bugfix and Feature release


  • Add additional time to end of subscription after last payment cycle is reached


  • Stripe gateway will email site admins if a fatal error is encountered during a checkout with details about the user and error they encountered


  • Notice about missing mepr_product_id value during VAT calculations
  • Imports and REST API use created_at dates instead of today's date when specified
  • Fix for PayPal Digital Goods with trial periods > 365 days
  • Login form not showing on account page in some scenarios
  • Do not include deleted users in free/paid members reports
  • Fix to support Google Visualization loader changes (Reports charts not loading)

1.8.4 – 2020-01-23

Minor bugfix release


  • mepr_events table failing to be created on new installs in some cases

1.8.3 – 2020-01-23

Minor feature release


  • Ability to protect WooCommerce Products

1.8.2 – 2020-01-22

Minor maintenance release


  • New action filter which will be used by autoresponder integrations in the near future

1.8.1 – 2020-01-22

Minor bugfix release


  • Coupons not validating correctly for logged out users
  • Convert evt_id column to integer instead of varchar to help with query performance

1.8.0 – 2020-01-14

Project Delight – Phase 1 release


  • Onboarding Admin Notice in dashboard for newly installed sites
  • Option to disable coupon on upgrades
  • Weekly email – Financial report to admin email(s)
  • Plugin deactivation survey
  • Alternate USD symbol
  • Default thank you page content
  • SMTP and Analytics menu items


  • Accessibility improvements
  • Options page now called Settings instead
  • License key management now in Settings page
  • Revamped Add-ons page
  • Minimum PHP version 5.6.20 (7.2+ recommended)


  • Visiting checkout URL with invalid txn ID generates blank email
  • TaxJar fix for VAT exempt transactions
  • Various small bugs/typos
  • Login redirect not working after password reset
  • VAT exempt memberships should not show VAT field
  • Membership specific welcome email formatting broken
  • Notices during checkouts
  • Duplicate emails sent with Stripe purchases with free trials

1.7.4 – 2019-12-20

Minor bugfix release


  • US$ currency symbol


  • Membership welcome emails html formatting
  • Notices during checkout if WP_DEBUG enabled
  • VAT fields showing when tax exempt
  • Free trial period autoresponder tags not syncing properly

1.7.3 – 2019-12-10

Bug fix and maintenance release
IMPORTANT: If you override our signup form PHP templates, they will need to be updated


  • Added option to apply MP updates automatically
  • New currencies and symbols
  • Built-in integration with If-Menu plugin


  • Added version GET parameter to signup.css file
  • Moving active/inactive logic for autoresponders into core
  • Send admin notice when manually re-sending transaction receipt


  • Do not show empty features on Group listing page
  • Better error reporting when Stripe Connect fails
  • Asynchronous emails using default template
  • Retry latest open invoice when updating Stripe Card details on lapsed subscription
  • bbPress widget redirects when protected posts listed
  • Fixed-date Rule expiration's didn't work
  • Duplicate Stripe payments
  • SCA support for resumed Stripe subscriptions
  • Updated Quaderno integration to work with SCA changes in Stripe
  • Scrolling animation after entering coupon
  • Multiple Stripe forms on 1 checkout page
  • htmlentities issue in price string
  • Signup form errors appearing near Stripe CC input field
  • First name missing from set password emails
  • 24 hour grace period
  • Members, Transactions, Subscriptions page searches in the admin when spaces or other urlencoded characters present
  • Stripe statement descriptor if site URL too long
  • Incorrect price with coupons and prorations
  • Incorrect payment amounts in emails for recurring subscriptions
  • Improved event query speeds
  • Reminders not being scheduled in some cases
  • Upgrades with paid trial periods proration
  • Failed PayPal transactions recorded as completed
  • Warnings during plugin activation

1.7.2 – 2019-09-27

Small bugfix release


  • Fixed an issue for users with sites running unsecured, HTTP connecting to Stripe properly.

1.7.1 – 2019-09-26

Bug fixes and minor features release.


  • Stripe Connect for a Payment Method disconnects when it's deleted


  • Fixes a Stripe Connection error affecting roughly 2% of customers trying to connect (mostly local development environments)
  • Fixes an issue where multiple events were being sent on Account Update

1.7.0 – 2019-09-25

Stripe Connect introduced. For more simplicity and security, re-connect your Stripe gateway accounts.



  • Error when upgrading/downgrading
  • Broken login link – Single Page Checkout Stripe failure
  • Minor security enhancement
  • Custom statement descriptor error with Stripe
  • Various other small changes and fixes

1.6.0 – 2019-09-04

Stripe SCA and other minor fixes and changes. You may need to update your form.php and spc_form.php template views if you're overriding them after updating to this release.


  • Support for EU's Strong Customer Authentication via Stripe
  • Menu Order can now be used to determine membership login redirect priority for members with multiple active subscriptions


  • Terms of Service checkbox now shows for logged in purchases also
  • Hidden Honeypot field is now included with logged in purchases also


  • Most Popular text stuck on Group Price Box tab when editing Membership
  • HTML being stripped from error messages

1.5.3 – 2019-08-13

Bugfix and maintenance release.


  • Members page filtering label


  • Conflict with quick edit column shifting
  • Incorrect manual renewal dates
  • Reset password link when already logged in

1.5.2 – 2019-08-07

Bugfix and Maintenance release. If you use please see this article.


  • Reports table dates now use WordPress date format
  • Membership renewal string now uses WordPress date format
  • Test email data now sends in WordPress date format
  • No longer show “logged in” message in Gutenberg login block
  • Performance: Static group page CSS instead of dynamic
  • Developer Tools: Send “Subscription Created” events when subscriptions are added via API
  • Developer Tools: Trigger member account updated event when member updates account page profile data
  • Developer Tools: Certain events can no longer run duplicate times


  • JS Validate TOS and Privacy check boxes
  • Thank you pages being created when saving Memberships
  • No longer validate username during signups when email address is username
  • Javascript conflict with Newspaper, jNews, and other themes
  • Widget debug notices in Theme Customizer
  • Transactions query error, thanks to Sandhill for reporting it
  • InnoDB varchar index size (191) limitation issue
  • %[a-f0-9]{2} stripped from passwords bug

1.5.1 – 2019-07-08

Bugfix release


  • Cannot enter international postal codes in CC fields
  • Fix for proper translation support from Loco Translate plugin
  • Fix issue with quotes in content titles displaying in Rules
  • Fix signup tracking shortcodes on thank you page

1.5.0 – 2019-06-18

Bugfix and feature release. Including new Gutenberg Blocks.



  • Confusing coupon usage count message
  • Failed crons run every 30 minutes on retry instead of in 1 minute


  • Pro-rated upgrade bugfix
  • Disappearing password strength meter when resetting passwords
  • Fatal error on webhook retries
  • cron jobs failing
  • Sanitize coupon input data
  • Javascript error when membership price set to hidden
  • Monthly timestamp calculations
  • Disappearing address when user signed up for membership with address fields disabled
  • Race condition during corporate account signups and Single Page Checkout

1.4.6 – 2019-06-05

Minor bugfix and feature release.


  • First Payment coupon option to set a discount for not only the first payment but the rebill payments as well


  • Modified anonymous snapshot usage data items


  • No valid payment methods error
  • Some minor security issues
  • Prevent product total from being discounted when tax settings are inclusive and product is tax exempt.

1.4.5 – 2019-05-23

Minor bugfix and feature release. Bumps required PHP version to 5.6.20 and newer to be in line with WordPress recommendations.


  • TaxJar integration
  • Membership Registration Form Gutenberg Block


  • Updated es_ES Spanish translation
  • Adjusted metadata sent to PayPal/Stripe for Quaderno integration
  • mepr-list-subscriptions shortcode now links to Membership Access URL
  • Added additional, anonymous data to be sent to MemberPress (only when this option is enabled) to help improve the product


  • Who can purchase not working correctly with expired subscriptions
  • No longer block admin-post.php requests
  • VAT for Canary Islands handled correctly
  • Minor XSS security patch
  • 100%-off coupon code on Single Page Checkout
  • Missing zip code field on Single Page Checkout
  • transactions sometimes not being recorded on renewal
  • PayWall counting hits when page not even protected
  • Various other small fixes to improve Single Page Checkout experience

1.4.4 – 2019-03-26

Minor bug fixes and support for shortcodes using dashes or underscores.


  • Integrate with WP Debugging plugin


  • Shortcodes now support using underscores or hyphens/dashes


  • Terms of Service checkbox value was not being saved on signup
  • Incorrect pro-rated amounts for memberships free trial period

1.4.3 – 2019-03-05

Bug fixes and new feature for viewing user's TOS


  • Admins can now see the status of a user’s consent to Terms of Service


  • Custom URI rules with ? and & failed to protect content
  • Course navigation disappeared with Thrive Apprentice
  • Password meter showing even when password fields were disabled
  • No events were being logged when a non-recurring membership expired

1.4.2 – 2019-02-13

Bugfix to address broken shortcodes


  • The product_id attribute for membership shortcode was being set to 0 and broke the shortcode

1.4.1 – 2019-02-12

Bugfix release to address minor issues with Single Page Checkout


  • SPC copy is more consistent with sites that only have one payment method
  • Changed subscription status terminology to use “Enabled”, “Paused” and “Stopped” instead of “Active”, “Suspended” and “Cancelled”


  • MemberPress rule returned false when user id was missing
  • Query timed out when there are a ton of expired transactions
  • SPC would not show if payment description was disabled
  • Escaped characters were visible in description box
  • Error with free memberships and SPC
  • Error when using product_idas an attribute name in the membership shortcode
  • Indent with SPC enabled and a single payment method

1.4.0 – 2019-02-06

This is a major release focusing on the ability to add a Single Page Checkout experience for MemberPress. This option must be enabled, or the default 2-step checkout process will be used instead.


  • Single Page Checkout Option – MemberPress -> Options -> Account tab

1.3.52 – 2019-01-31

Reports and dashboard widget stopped working due to an API change by Google for charting. This is a Hotfix recommended for all users.


  • Broken charts in Reports and Dashboard widget

1.3.51 – 2019-01-29

This release addresses the changes made by It is a required update for all users with an configured gateway. See the user documentation for more information.



  • BuddyPress caused an issue where pages were being protected when they shouldn't have been
  • The “Subscribe” link was not showing on cancelled recurring subscriptions that are not part of a group

1.3.49-50 – 2018-01-17

This is a hotfix release that solves an issue preventing users from updating their MemberPress Add-ons.


  • Users were unable to install new MemberPress Add-ons

1.3.48 – 2019-01-15

This release fixes several high impact bugs, re-enables viewing plugin details, adds MemberPress branding and addresses a couple of annoyances.


  • MemberPress branding to admin pages
  • Changelog section to plugin details


  • Optimize db cleanup
  • Automatically log in user after resetting password
  • Removed htaccess warning message that was overly cautious


  • Stripe’s credit card input field now works with dark themes
  • When a user’s subscription or transaction lapsed the fallback was not working
  • Several security fixes (Anthony Briand)
  • Pagination within subscriptions and payments when BuddyPress is present
  • Member sorting in the Members view
  • Sorting of subscriptions and transactions by name
  • Errors caused by JS enqueuing
  • Password reset message is more helpful if the link is invalid
  • Don’t present a registration page for invalid ID
  • User’s transaction count was not being updated when a transaction was deleted
  • Outstanding IPNs from PayPal were not being captured
  • Blank page shown when manually adding a user to the back-end MP page
  • Broken password strength meter with SiteOrigin builder page
  • Reply bodies in bbPress were visible when the should not be
  • Free memberships not expiring after upgrading from paid to free back to paid
  • Plugin details via the “View details” link on the Plugins page work again
  • Added workflow to prevent publishing a release without first updating the changelog

1.3.46-47 – 2018-12-13


  • Password reset error on WP 5.0.1+

1.3.45 – 2018-12-04


  • Issues with “Have Coupon?” link on registration pages
  • Login redirect URL conflict with plugins calling login_redirect filter before permalinks are set in WP


  • Swapped order of Stripe keys in the Options to be consistent with their order at
  • Updated “Help” link in plugin menu to point to User Manual

1.3.44 – 2018-11-13


  • Password reset link in email was causing an error due to the key being invalid
  • Members received a renewal reminder even if their subscription was cancelled

1.3.43 – 2018-11-07


  • Privacy policy text is now translatable in Polylang plugin
  • Fatal error when upgrading from a cancelled, but not yet expired subscription
  • Error sometimes showing when cancelling stripe subscriptions from the account page
  • jQuery error in the console from the Options page due to using “$”


  • Removed outdated non-English/Spanish translations to decrease size of the plugin zip file so it can be installed via the WordPress Admin Dashboard rather than FTP
  • Trial period discounts can now be applied to multiple memberships with coupons
  • Coupon field is hidden by default


  • New option for coupons that allows the discount to apply to the first payment only
  • New option to make password fields optional during signup
  • New “Set Your New Password” email sent when user is added manually, imported, or via the API

1.3.42 – 2018-10-24


  • Stripe Checkout (beta) showing wrong trial amount
  • Fatal error when upgrading from a canceled but still active (not expired) subscription
  • Cleaned up some script enqueue's that were no longer needed
  • Added Privacy Policy text option to WPML config xml file


  • Replaced Clippy with ClipboardJS


  • Churn Buster integration as it's no longer needed to utilize Churn Buster

1.3.41 – 2018-10-01


  • State field registration error for logged in users when address fields were set to required
  • wp_new_user_notification deprecated argument
  • Stripe receipt emails sending even when disabled in dashboard settings

1.3.40 – 2018-09-26

Stripe made an API change that caused MP to not record the payment and resulting in failed renewals. Payments on Stripe's side are still collected. This release adjusts for the change from Stripe. We also recommend creating manual transactions for any failed renewals after upgrading to this release.


  • Stripe payments not being recorded

1.3.39 – 2018-09-26

Several bug fixes and minor changes. Adds support for custom columns in transaction view and Iceland currency options.


  • Hooks for displaying custom columns in the Transactions table
  • Iceland currency options


  • Display charge amount in Stripe pop-up
  • Geo location is now enabled only if VAT is enabled


  • While using the User Roles add-on custom roles would reset to default WP role.
  • Reported error about $this while using the User Roles add-on
  • Geo Location performance issues
  • Activation not being allowed due to SSL connection not being verified on certain web server configurations
  • Email formatting in the body not persisting

1.3.38 – 2018-08-16


  • Address an issue from the previous release that caused errors with PHP 5.3

1.3.37 – 2018-08-15

Security update and bug fixes


  • Fixed a vulnerability with password resets (discovered by John Short)


  • Email addresses with apostrophes would be escaped causing the email to be incorrect

1.3.36 – 2018-06-19

GDPR Migration. This release makes some database changes to comply with the GDPR.


  • Remove user_ip from the wp_usermeta table
  • Remove ip_addr and response columns

1.3.35 – 2018-06-12

Initial GDPR Release


  • Oembed conflict with Elementor
  • Developer events not triggering for offline gateway payments
  • PayPal Standard trial days rounding
  • bbPress infinite loop


  • GDPR – Option to include Privacy Policy link in all MemberPress email footers
  • GDPR – New Privacy Policy checkbox on all signup forms
  • GDPR – Added personal data from MemberPress to the WordPress “Export Personal Data” feature
  • GDPR – Remove personal data from MemberPress when user utilizes WordPress “Erase Personal Data” feature
  • GDPR – MemberPress no longer stores or uses IP addresses for new users, a future update will clean IP addresses from the database tables
  • GDPR – Added some sample Privacy Policy copy to WordPress' new Privacy Policy content guide

1.3.34 – 2018-05-10

A bug fix release.


  • API incorrectly triggering Subscription Expired event for non-cancelled Subscriptions
  • Coupon count usage not counting Subscriptions with free trials
  • Back button issue after registering with Edge and IE browsers
  • UTF-8 Character encoding issue with PayPal Standard and Membership Titles
  • Event recording error that would occur sometimes when cancelling subscriptions
  • Address fields not showing on account page if user has no subscriptions


  • VAT Rates
  • VAT Number formats for Ireland
  • Spanish Translation
  • Tax rates will trim insignificant 0's before display – EX: 3.010% would now display as 3.01% during checkout


  • Rule-Specific controls for the Blubbry PowerPress podcast integration

1.3.33 – 2018-04-12

A bug fix release.


  • Email parameters not parsing in the emails

1.3.32 – 2018-04-11

A minor bug fix release.


  • Minor security fix for terms and conditions link
  • PHP 7.2 compatibility
  • Fixed corporate sub-accounts showing “active” in the “inactive” members page filter
  • Other minor bug fixes


  • Pakistani currency

1.3.31 – 2018-04-03

A minor bug fix release.


  • Fixed bug with drip calculations when the user had a free trial
  • Fixed full name output function to account for various combinations of names entered
  • Fixed some validation issues on the new add/edit subscription pages in the dashboard
  • Fixed address field on account page for users who had a subscription that did not require address to be input
  • Fixed incompatibility with really old PHP versions
  • Fixed bug affecting corporate accounts add-on when a parent user signed up with a 100% off coupon for a recurring subscription

1.3.30 – 2018-03-27

A minor bug fix release.


  • Fixed issue with older PHP versions
  • Fixed some subscription validation methods

1.3.29 – 2018-03-27

A minor bug fix release. Also add the ability to create and edit subscriptions from the dashboard.


  • Renamed subscriptions list method to display_list so it doesn't break installs running PHP less than v7

1.3.28 – 2018-03-27

A minor bug fix release. Also add the ability to create and edit subscriptions from the dashboard.


  • Sanitized server request URI to prevent a possible XSS from occurring by way of the registration forms.


  • Admins now have the ability to add or edit subscriptions from the WP Admin
  • Added new event renewal-transaction-completed


  • Improved the firing of the event: subscription-changed. Fixes some issues with the Corporate Accounts add-on that depend on the event
  • Disabled custom fields were showing. Custom fields are now hidden when disabled
  • Fixed a fatal error when upgrading/downgrading subscription

1.3.27 – 2018-03-13

A minor release that adds support for upcoming add-on.


  • Support for upcoming add-on


  • Some email formats were failing validation

1.3.26 – 2018-03-06

Recommended for all users due to a potential security hole. This release also adds the latest version of the Avalara API.


  • Closed a potential security hole with redirects to the login page


  • Updated to the latest version of the Avalara API (taxe rates)


  • Zip code was not being sent to on checkout
  • Members page was reporting some member counts incorrectly
  • Tax was not being applied to a Stripe transaction after pause > resume
  • Ensure Geo-locate is always set on checkout

1.3.25 – 2018-02-13

This release fixes several minor bugs. It also updates the login form to support GET requests rather than just POST and properly displays the status for a sub-user in the Member's list view.


  • Forces Stripe API version (2018-01-23)
  • Added better type detection when assembling where clauses
  • Allow GET requests for the login form


  • Sanitization incorrectly forcing lowercase transaction numbers
  • Fix incompatibility with PolyLang plugin where it was altering WP_Query and breaking our CPT caching
  • Prevent the logging of failed PayPal payments
  • Prevent PHP's glob from including logs

 1.3.24 – 2018-01-30

This release has several minor fixes and updates the password strength meter to be more friendly to use.


  • Updated the password strength meter to be easier to use


  • No longer attempt prorations on free trials
  • Subscribe link was missing on expired subscriptions
  • Support Corporate Account add-on by removing payment form if user belongs to a corporate account
  • Multi-line descriptions when using the Offline Payment Gateway
  • Searching for users by email with a plus (+) sign in their email address
  • String comparison of database prefix names causing a lookup failure
  • Expires at date for subscriptions with a trial period that is paused/resumed
  • Expires at date for subscriptions with a failed payment
  • Blocking bbPress shortcode content
  • Trial periods that are longer than the Gateway will allow

1.3.23 – 2017-12-20

This release fixes a couple of bugs in the PayPal EC and gateways. It also addresses a minor fix to the new Fallback membership feature from the previous release.


  • Successful payments were showing up as failed with PayPal Express Checkout
  • catch-up prorations were not calculating multiple billing months properly
  • Error with assigning fallback memberships to products without a group

1.3.22 – 2017-12-19


  • Fallback membership for Groups


  • Renewal link missing on account subscriptions page
  • Lifetime transactions after a recurring last payment cycle

1.3.21 – 2017-11-27

  • Fixed an issue with JavaScript add-on tab not working
  • Fixed a debug warning message showing in the “protected by” meta box
  • Enable easier label replacement on account navigation

1.3.20 – 2017-11-22

  • Added ability to add tracking codes to the Thank You page
  • Fixed an issue with custom fields showing errors when they are not suppose to
  • Fixed an issue with login redirect
  • Fixed an issue with $coupon_str
  • Fixed missing xml module issue
  • Fixed an issue with setting table breaking other plugins


  • Added user specific content rules
  • Fixed an issue with Stripe Checkout auto pop-up
  • Fixed an issue with URL params not de/encoding properly
  • Fixed a missing query issue with lapsed subscription query
  • Fixed an issue with manual lifetime subscriptions
  • Fixes legacy thank you message


***Important Note: The stripe integration now officially requires SSL/TLS (https) to function on your site. If you use Stripe, please ensure your site supports https on the checkout pages before updating to this version.

  • Convert payment form to use Stripe Elements (see note above)
  • Added support for custom thank you pages per membership
  • Added hook for auto login
  • Added auto click for Stripe Checkout
  • Added ability to keep line breaks in textarea
  • Added more capabilities to the Group dropdown
  • Added zip code validation for checkout form
  • Fixed the “Export VAT by Country” button
  • Fixed an issue sending abandon reminders to members of another membership
  • Fixed an issue with lapsed subscriptions
  • Fixed an issue with monthly renewals with a period greater than 1
  • Fixed invoice pricing terms
  • Fixed a login conflict with BuddyPress
  • Fixed “dear aunt sally” problem


  • Added PHP 5.2 deprecation notice
  • Added Churn Buster built-in integration for Stripe
  • Fixed an issue with calculating the expires_at date when gateway renews a subscription early


  • Version bump to update deployment processes


  • Version bump


  • Added pause and resume link filters
  • Fixed an issue with the transaction expire date for manual member creation
  • Fixed an issue with VAT by country report


  • Version bump


  • Fixed signup and transaction events on new member
  • Fixed transactions expiring too early
  • Fixed subscription renewal base dates


  • Fixed 404's with bbPress integration
  • Fixed another monthly billing expiration calculation bug with trial periods
  • Added Vietnamese currency


  • Added sort by ID to Memberships listing
  • Fixed monthly expiration dates bug when trial periods were enabled
  • Fixed bug with Custom Profile Fields getting wiped out on /p-admin views
  • Fixed incorrect table name in coupon counts update query
  • Secured user input from javascript
  • Updated MemberPress branding icons


  • Fixed members page transaction counts
  • Fixed use of some HTML elements in the email and unauthorized message editors
  • Fixed signup hooks not firing for manually added members
  • Fixed excerpt filtering
  • Fixed storing Subscription tokens in postmeta
  • Fixed coupon count queries
  • Fixed some issues with monthly renewal date calculations
  • Fixed monthly upgrade/downgrade calculations
  • Added ability to use shortcodes in email bodies
  • Other very minor bug fixes and enhancements


  • Fixed an issue with PHP versions < 5.4


Major release with security fixes and several bug fixes, recommended for all customers

  • Security: Improved nonce checks throughout
  • Security: Improved user authorization checks
  • Security: Improved user input sanitization of all user forms
  • Fixed an issue affecting user registrations and profile updates
  • Fixed a PayPal issue with Zero decimal currencies
  • Fixed an issue with scripts not loading on https pages
  • Fixed some VAT issues
  • Fixed issue with duplicate usernames as email
  • Fixed an issue importing transactions from CSV with empty created_at
  • Fixed an issue adding taxes when adding or editing a transaction
  • Fixed an issue with PayPal Pro not showing card failure messages
  • Fixed an issue that allowed duplicate recurring subscriptions
  • Fixed an issue displaying renewal links for expired subscriptions in a group
  • Fixed an error when clicking on TOS
  • Fixed an error that disabled the Stripe payment form after AJAX error
  • Fixed an issue with Stripe sending 500 error codes
  • Fixed an issue with the price not updating after coupon code is entered
  • Fixed issue when cancelling or deleting subscription on the Members Page
  • Fixed broken query errors when searching by First or Last names on the Members Page
  • Fixed an issue where a user upgrading from a recurring to one-time payment with an expiration date
  • Fixed an issue with subscription renewals after the 28th of the month
  • Added gateway and coupon IDs to transaction exports
  • Added basic WooCommerce integration with add-on
  • Added support for annual renewals on fixed date Memberships
  • Added optimization for queries used by the Members Page
  • Added links to new User Manual
  • Added options for hiding custom fields on the Account page
  • Updated integration with PayPal Standard to use POST instead of GET
  • Changed usermeta output for custom fields to use the option name instead of the option value
  • Removed expired filter from Members Page


Major bug fix release, all customers should upgrade soon

  • Fixed a major error affecting the Admin members list table — this issue did not affect end users or corrupt data but caused some data in the members list table to not be updated properly.
  • Added the ability for Site Admins to restrict customers to only be allowed one trial on any given Membership


Minor release that includes features and bug fixes

  • Added additional fn for transactions using the REST API (developer tools)
  • Added Puerto Rico as a country to address signup and banking issues
  • Updated code base to be PHP7 compatible
  • Fixed error with zero value in text field being ignored by MP


Minor release with critical fixes for WordPress Multi-site

  • Added new Refund and Cancel link to transactions
  • Fixed an issue displaying multi-site users across all sites
  • Fixed an issue with emails failing due to delimiter being found in the regex


Minor release with various fixes

  • Added content protection hook for bbPress
  • Fixed an issue with proration when switching from free lifetime to recurring memberships
  • Fixed an issue causing pop-ups on non-memberpress pages
  • Fixed a JS race condition related to gateway form
  • Fixed a race condition with PayWall
  • Fixed an issue with a delimiter for PayPal Standard
  • Fixed various bugs and improvements


Critical fixes for PayPal express checkout & Standard and the reports page

  • Fixed a critical issue with PayPal Express Checkout and Standard
  • Fixed an issue with the Reports page
  • Fixed a few other small issues


Minor release that includes some new features and bugfixes

  • Added coupons to custom register price string
  • Added new shortcode for payment instructions
  • Added new proration policy rules
  • Added CSS classes to the payment forms to make them easier to style
  • Users can now see the error div if they fail to fill out the registration form correctly
  • Added hook to enable site owner to disable reminder emails
  • Added idempotent key to Stripe gateway request
  • Adding new transaction will persist the same user as the transaction you are viewing
  • Added BuddyPress integration
  • Fixed front-end datetime picker
  • Fixed broken URLs in sub-folders
  • Fixed bug that allowed multiple submissions and lifetime access
  • Numerous other security and bug fixes


Some big performance upgrades and new features

  • Completely overhauled the subscriptions database to increase performance & efficiency
  • Added a Members listing interface to the WordPress admin that lists members':
    • Username
    • Email
    • Status
    • First Name & Last Name
    • Number of Subscriptions
    • Number of Transactions
    • Active Memberships
    • Last Login Date
    • Number of Logins
    • Total Lifetime Value
    • Registration Date
  • Added advanced filtering and searching on Members, Transactions and Subscriptions admin list interfaces
  • Added advanced CSV exporting for Members, Transactions and Subscriptions
  • Fixed an issue with Stripe Subscriptions
  • Numerous other security and bug fixes


This is an IMPORTANT release for all MemberPress customers to upgrade to as it contains some very important fixes and performance enhancements

  • Important database optimizations
  • Fixed some international currency issues
  • Fixed a database issue
  • Fixed an issue with automatic updates
  • Fixed an issue with the display of GMT/UTC timestamps
  • Fixed an issue with the invoice on the checkout page
  • Fixed an issue dealing with the unauthorized redirection that happens on standalone files
  • Fixed several issues with taxes
  • Fixed some issues with the PayPal Express Checkout MemberPress integration
  • Fixed some issues with the Stripe MemberPress integration
  • Added several new actions and filters
  • Added a Dutch translation
  • Added an Italian translation
  • Added increased support for WPML


  • Fixed bug in “who can purchase” permissions
  • Fixed current_user_can capabilities lookup when no user is logged in
  • Fixed currency formatting issue for international currencies and PayPal Standard
  • Fixed payment description toggle bug on checkout pages
  • Fixed forgot password shortcode to work better with WPML sites
  • Fixed catchup bug
  • Fixed bug causing coupon titles to get a “-1” appended to them incorrectly
  • Fixed upgrades bug when free trial period present on new subscription
  • Fixed deprecated get_currentuserinfo() calls
  • Fixed bug with VAT number being asked for when address fields were disabled on free membership levels
  • Fixed duplicate token requests when updating a Stripe Credit Card from the account page
  • Fixed IP address validation
  • Fixed serialized data output for checkboxes and multiselect custom fields when used in emails
  • Fixed Blubbry PowerPress integration
  • Fixed serialized user metadata in emails
  • Fixed PayPal Standard trial period errors when upgrading/downgrading
  • Fixed issue with free signups event logging
  • Fixed bug causing duplicate reminders in some rare cases
  • Fixed duplicate transactions being recorded by PayPal gateways
  • Fixed duplicate subscriptions being listed in widget
  • Fixed UTF8 encoding issue with PayPal Standard
  • Fixed issue with password strength meter when submitting form with errors
  • Fixed refunds with taxes calculation in reports
  • Added a pop-up window for upgrades/downgrades to simplify the process for end users
  • Added a new URL field type for custom fields
  • Added better WooCommerce product protection behind the scenes
  • Added ID columns to Memberships, Rules, and Groups to make it easier to find ID's for use in shortcodes and template tags
  • Added a subscr_next_billing_amount field for use in recurring subscription emails
  • Added a trans_status (transaction status) field for use in emails
  • Added password strength meter to all MemberPress related password forms
  • Added a new theme for the Group page pricing tables
  • Added two new options for Group page boxes for membership listings
  • Added RAR file type to the protectable files list
  • Added ability to send Reminders for only the selected membership levels
  • Added German states to the address drop-downs
  • Changed a few more strings to have the “ui” context
  • Changed login redirect_to to use current page's URI instead of current post's URI – fixes issues for non-singular views
  • Changed caching headers on MemberPress issued redirects to help prevent redirects from being cached
  • Changed VAT percentage for Romania
  • Changed AJAX method for auto-complete searches in Rules
  • Changed upgrade link to change plan instead
  • Changed API endpoints to the new Akamai URL's
  • Changed login events to display in local WP time instead of UTC
  • Various other minor fixes/tweaks


  • Added mp3, mp4, and m4v to protectable files list
  • Added ajax coupon validation
  • Added option to disable showing address fields on free membership levels
  • Added an option to disable a membership from signups without deleting it
  • Added new permissions options for members under “who can purchase”
  • Added description box to Offline gateway options
  • Added Delightful Downloads integration
  • Added ConvertKit integration (limited features at this point)
  • Added ability to filter Transactions page by membership and status (Subscriptions page coming soon)
  • Added German Translation (Thanks Michelle R.)
  • Added Portuguese Translation (Thanks Celsos)
  • Enhanced bbPress integration
  • Enhanced translations to include a “ui” context for all front-end strings
  • Changed dripping from when user signed up for a membership to be more accurate
  • Changed account page subscriptions/payments tables to be mobile responsive
  • Changed integration to no longer issue a $1 auth_only transaction when a paid trial period exists
  • Changed to update a username if its an email address and the user updates their email address
  • Fixed division by zero bug on Reports page
  • Fixed BuddyPress conflict
  • Fixed tax rounding issue
  • Fixed auto paragraph issue in emails
  • Fixed membership shortcodes bug
  • Fixed some signup validation js bugs
  • Fixed coupons can no longer have same name
  • Fixed issue with user clicking back button after paying with Credit Card
  • Fixed an issue with upgrading to a one-time payment with prorating disabled
  • Fixed catchup payment bug
  • Fixed updating CC info bug
  • Fixed broken mepr-show/hide shortcodes
  • Fixed bug with addon update notifications
  • Fixed a memory expensive lookup loop
  • Fixed password meter to work when multiple signup forms are on a single page
  • Fixed bug with the $wp_scripts global
  • Fixed double login issue
  • Fixed bugs for Zero Decimal currencies
  • Removed Avg Num Mbr Pmts report box
  • Removed % Members rebill report box
  • Other minor bug fixes/tweaks


  • Fixed bug with Rule drips introduced in 1.2.5


  • Added compatibility for WordPress 4.4
  • Added ?membership=membership-title parameter to the thank you page URL
  • Added two new info boxes to Reports page
  • Added a new subscriptions widget
  • Added option to show currency symbol after the amount
  • Fixed a small bug in PayPal Standard Gateway
  • Fixed some performance related issues
  • Fixed bug with saving MemberPress Options (Info tab)
  • Fixed bug with Quaderno integration and other various tax fixes
  • Fixed bug with SSL and proxied sites
  • Fixed bug with activating MemberPress on sites installed in sub-directories
  • Fixed some issues with geo-location on signup pages
  • Fixed bug with login widget
  • Fixed fatal error when mbstring not loaded
  • Fixed bug with paused and expired subscriptions
  • Fixed custom user message bug
  • Fixed bug with subscription expired events
  • Fixed bug with Stripe checkout and failed Card attempts
  • Fixed bug with catchup payments
  • Updated Spanish translation
  • Updated username validation to allow + symbol
  • Updated drip schedules to account for users who may purchase the same membership at a later time
  • Updated Default Welcome Email to NOT be sent if the Membership Welcome Email is enabled
  • Other minor fixes and UI enhancements


  • Separated all the Auto-Responder integration code into separate Add-ons to improve the performance of the MemberPress core
  • Released the following new Add-ons with this release:
    • Developer Tools Add-on which brings a full REST API and Webhooks to MemberPress
    • Drip Auto-Responder Add-on
    • Constant Contact Auto-Responder Add-on
    • MailPoet Auto-Responder Add-on
  • Added a full Spanish translation file to MemberPress
  • Added an Add-on installer to the Activate admin page so that Add-on plugins can be more easily installed
  • Added additional tracking events
  • Added the mepr-show and mepr-hide conditional shortcodes
  • Fixed an issue affecting after reminder emails
  • Fixed an issue with per-membership login redirect forms
  • Fixed an issue with MemberPress's rewrite rules
  • Fixed an issue with Subscription downgrades
  • Fixed several styling and validation issue
  • Fixed several other minor issues
  • Enhanced Action/Filter interfaces
  • Enhanced the way Views are rendered so that they can be overridden by other plugins
  • Enhanced SQL queries on the Reports admin page


  • Added ActiveCampaign integration
  • Added password strength meter and minimum requirement option
  • Added a Javascript subscription cancel confirmation popup to avoid the word ‘cancel' in the standard javascript confirm popup
  • Fixed an issue with the bbPress/BuddyPress Integration
  • Fixed an issue when email addresses were set to be the username also
  • Fixed some issues with dripping/expiring Rules
  • Fixed a small issue with expiring Subscription Reminders
  • Reinforced some key areas of the PayPal IPN Validation
  • Made some performance fixes to the Custom URI .htaccess rules


  • Enhanced Payment gateways api by adding actions and filters
  • Enhanced geolocation to fall-back on other services when location not found
  • Added a version string to the Activate admin screen
  • Added Quaderno integration
  • Fixed some caching issues with the state dropdown
  • Fixed a minor issue with unauthorized redirect
  • Fixed an issue with custom unauthorized messages
  • Fixed VAT tax validation error message display
  • Fixed a Coupon Code input layout issue
  • Fixed an issue with the User Profile
  • Fixed PayPal Payments Pro gateway to include a Force SSL option
  • Fixed several HTML/CSS formatting issues
  • Fixed several other minor issues


  • Enhanced JavaScript Validation
  • Enhanced member VAT info
  • Fixed bugs with “mepr-rule” shortcode
  • Fixed auto-complete bug with our SPAM honeypot
  • Fixed various warnings/debug messages in the /wp-admin
  • Fixed JavaScript validation CSS issues affecting some users
  • Fixed a form submission JavaScript issue affecting some users
  • Fixed other minor styling issues
  • Fixed broken password link when login shortcode was being used
  • Fixed unauthorized message not showing on Custom URI Rules
  • Fixed bug with transaction expiration events
  • Fixed issue with dynamic CSS loading for Group pages
  • Fixed incorrect Subscription terms when Taxes were enabled
  • Fixed minor bugs in PayPal Standard gateway


  • Added new tax rate handling
  • Added PayPal Website Payments Pro integration
  • Added VAT tax calculation and reporting
  • Added automatic US tax rate lookup with Avalara
  • Added enhanced javascript validation on front-end forms
  • Added javascript credit card detection on payment forms
  • Added new province and country dropdown fields on front-end fields
  • Added automatic country and province detection (geolocation)
  • Added payment invoice on checkout page
  • Added renewal option for expiring subscriptions
  • Added Blubrry PowerPress podcast integration (for premium podcasts)
  • Added support for more currencies
  • Added numerous actions and filters
  • Added scheduled posts to rule content
  • Added additional variables for some emails
  • Added the ability to specify an alternate group URL
  • Added mepr-active capability and shortcode
  • Enhanced and completely refactored checkout and account forms
  • Enhanced gateways to display an icon and description on the checkout page
  • Enhanced front-end ui to be more mobile responsive
  • Enhanced CSS to be more compatible across a wider variety of themes
  • Enhanced generated subscription terms
  • Renamed ‘Products' to ‘Memberships'
  • Re-factored ‘Memberships' admin ui
  • Tuned some SQL queries for better performance
  • Fixed email address validation to accept newer TLDs
  • Fixed several small debug issues
  • Fixed some issues with prorations in certain payment scenarios
  • Fixed some timezone issues where the database and webserver are configured with different timezones
  • Fixed an issue where users were being subscribed to autoresponder lists each time a subscription renews
  • Fixed an issue with the AWeber integration when signing up for a membership with a trial
  • Fixed an issue preventing some from resuming a paused subscription
  • Fixes for handling of memberships that aren't part of a group upgrade path
  • Fixes in the user account area
  • Fixes for a few inaccurate report queries
  • Fixes for SEO / PayWall dealing with search engine indexing



  • Added Reminder emails interface (renewals, exprations, cc expring etc)
  • Added SEO options to customize how search engines see your content
  • Added PayPal standard gateway (has some limitations)
  • Added Background job queueing for emails to speed up signup process
  • Added Per-product custom fields selection
  • Added Screen options to Subscriptions/Transactions tables to allow show/hide of certain columns
  • Added Option to disable 24 hour grace period on recurring subscriptions
  • Added The ability to override template files
  • Extended “more” tag is now supported for unauthorized access messages
  • Extended More Custom User Information Field types
  • Extended Mailchimp email addresses will update if the user changes their email on their account page
  • Extended Product access URL shows up on group pages now when member has already purchased product
  • Extended Mailchimp grabs more than 25 lists now
  • Extended Upgrade, downgrade, and cancel subscription capabilities to the offline payment gateway
  • Extended Login shortcode and widget now have option to use the login redict URLs instead of keeping member on the same page
  • Extended Small performance improvements
  • Extended Dates are translatable
  • Extended Dates now display in your own WP locale settings
  • Extended More languages and currencies supported
  • Fixed Bug in already logged in purchases
  • Fixed A .htaccess bug when spaces and other chars were used in the path
  • Fixed A bug with database upgrades affecting a handful of users
  • Fixed A handful of upgrade/downgrade bugs
  • Fixed Untranslatable strings
  • Fixed Duplicate transactions bug in Stripe
  • Fixed Free transaction expiration dates
  • Fixed Gateways/Account page now use custom pricing terms if set on product advanced tab
  • Fixed Issues when https is being used
  • Fixed A handful of auto-responder integration bugs
  • Fixed Conflicts with the_content filters
  • Fixed Incorrect failed payments report counts
  • Fixed Login redirect URL bugs
  • Fixed 100 percent off coupon bugs
  • Fixed A handful of other small tweaks and bug fixes
  • Fixed Plain text password is no longer sent in the reset password confirmation email



  • Added Catch Up Payments feature to Gateway
  • Added CSV export links of current view to the bottom of Subscriptions, Transactions, and Reports pages.
  • Added ability to give Rules your own title instead of the auto-generated one
  • Added options to set the From Name and From Email Address when MemberPress emails are sent out
  • Changed Custom URI Rules to block sub-directories too
  • Changed all icons to use Font Icon
  • Fixed a bug preventing address from being updated correctly when shown during logged in purchases
  • Fixed line-break formatting issue with custom excerpt mode when user is unauthorized to see full content
  • Fixed bug causing multiples of the same email to be sent out in some rare cases
  • Fixed filter not sticking when switching between Recurring and Non-Recurring tabs in Subscriptions view
  • Fixed a bug related to per-product login redirect URL overrides
  • Other minor fixes and code-enhancements



  • Fixed critical bug introduced by a change in WP 3.9. This bug caused members to lose Roles and Capabilities when saving their accounts. We strongly urge all members to upgrade to 1.1.5.
  • Fixed a plugin conflict bug that caused the signup forms to not appear when certain other plugins were installed on the site



  • Added option for users to use email address as their username when signing up and logging in
  • Added user meta shortcodes which will allow you to output information about the current user such as name, email address, etc.
  • Added option to allow MemberPress to override WordPress' login URL to keep members away from wp-login.php as much as possible
  • Added Norwegian currency
  • Changed email WYSIWYG editors to work with WP 3.9+
  • Changed Product info sent to Stripe to be more descriptive
  • Fixed issue preventing post excerpts from being set to anything larger than 100 characters
  • Fixed bug with drips when a free trial period was used
  • Fixed dollar signs not being escaped properly in emails
  • Fixed timing issue with flushing the rewrite rules in WP
  • Fixed bug with coupons on one-time payment products which expire
  • Fixed signup form formatting issue with MailChimp checkbox
  • Fixed bug with upgrade paths when free lifetime Product is what the user signs up for first
  • Fixed JavaScript on Group edit pages
  • Various minor fixes/enhancements



  • Added Custom CSS Classes for Group page buttons
  • Added per-member custom Account page messages
  • Added on-site Help page, with lots of video tutorials
  • Added ability to lock down wp-admin URLs with Custom URI Rules
  • Added IP tracking on Subscription signups
  • Added new redirect option to login widget
  • Added option to redirect non-singular views
  • Changed Account page Subscriptions tab to merge Recurring and Non-Recurring types into one list
  • Changed Stripe integration to now pass along the members addresses
  • Fixed some minor login redirect bugs
  • Fixed www vs non-www bug in Custom URI Rules
  • Fixed per-product payment methods bug
  • Fixed a Credit Card update issue with Stripe
  • Enhanced the reliability of the automatic updates system
  • Various other minor fixes/enhancements



  • Added GetResponse Integration
  • Reports performance optimizations
  • Several minor fixes



  • Added ability to use shortcodes in custom unauthorized messages
  • Added Indonesian Rupiah currency
  • Changed Stripe Plans to allow multiple MemberPress instances to run on one Stripe account without the possibility of plan ID conflicts
  • Fixed fatal error with upgrades/downgrades
  • Fixed pause/resume membership bug
  • Fixed some JavaScript conflicts
  • Fixed bugs with Login redirection
  • Other minor fixes



  • Advanced MailChimp & AWeber integration
  • We've completely revamped MemberPress's system emails: we've added the ability to add HTML to emails … plus we've added the ability to send additional emails like an email on cancellation, refund, failed transaction, & new subscription.
  • Additional product options including: weekly subscriptions, limit payment cycles, customizing payment methods per product, custom login pages on login, additional shortcodes for more flexibility
  • Enhanced coupons … including the ability to create coupons that will setup custom trial periods on a user by user basis
  • More in-depth integration (catch up payments on update, etc)
  • Addition of an “Offline” payment gateway so you can receive payments manually … and confirm transactions manually
  • Better admin reporting tools … to see when a subscription is active / inactive in the subscription and transaction tables … plus more info in the reports about active members & average lifetime value of your subscribers
  • More information about user activity … including last login, login count, registration dates, etc.
  • Ability to cancel subscriptions and refund transactions (created with PayPal or Stripe) from the wp-admin
  • Better transaction editing capabilities (and the ability to delete a transaction.
  • Better handling of credit card payment failures (we now list failures separately in the reports from pending transactions)
  • More options for how unauthorized page views are handled (you can now show an exerpt or login form directly on the page if the user is unauthorized … but you can always fall back to unauthorized redirection like we handle it in 1.0.6)
  • Improved rule editor (uses autocomplete now instead of dropdowns … the dropdowns were slowing down large sites and not presenting enough information about the post)
  • Added the ability to select and use custom page templates for products and groups
  • More in-depth PayPal & Stripe integration
  • Improved member account dashboard (the member can now see more accurately what she has purchased and what she has access to)
  • Improved multisite integration
  • Ability to create rules to protect all content
  • Ability to create rules to protect content tagged with custom taxonomies
  • Enhanced content listings to include an access column
  • Added protection information on the edit post screen for posts, pages and custom post types
  • Added the capability for admins and members to pause and resume subscriptions
  • … and a great deal of general bug fixes, stability improvements, optimizations, etc.



  • Added the enable double opt in checkbox for MailChimp Integration
  • Fixed an issue that would cause errors when upgrading from a lifetime product to a subscription
  • Content items for custom post types weren't showing when selected in the rule editor
  • Added the ability to add a custom message shortcode on the thank you page
  • Fixed a small issue where the price wasn't showing on the payment page for lifetime transactions when checking out with PayPal
  • Added an option for Groups to hide the group pricing page if needed
  • Added the mepr-login-link, mepr-logout-link, and mepr-login-form shortcodes
  • Added the MemberPress Login widget
  • Fixed an issue with the WordPress commenting system and MemberPress
  • Added the ability to show the discount applied by a coupon on the payment form
  • Fixes for a few issues with coupons
  • Enhanced the mepr-rule shortcode to conditionally display or hide content
  • Added the mepr-product-link and mepr-product-purchased short codes
  • Fixed an issue with PayPal trial periods working with coupons


  • Made a couple of fixes to the PayPal Express Checkout for the change in PayPal's IPN Requirements


  • Added MailChimp Integration
  • Hiding the /blog/ slug for users who have that as part of their permalink
  • Fixes to the Stripe Integration
  • Added several actions and filters