Change Log

1.3.38 – 2018-08-16

Bug fix


  • Address an issue from the previous release that caused errors with PHP 5.3

1.3.37 – 2018-08-15

Security update and bug fixes


  • Fixed a vulnerability with password resets (discovered by John Short)


  • Email addresses with apostrophes would be escaped causing the email to be incorrect

1.3.36 – 2018-06-19

GDPR Migration. This release makes some database changes to comply with the GDPR.


  • Remove user_ip from the wp_usermeta table
  • Remove ip_addr and response columns

1.3.35 – 2018-06-12

Initial GDPR Release


  • Oembed conflict with Elementor
  • Developer events not triggering for offline gateway payments
  • PayPal Standard trial days rounding
  • bbPress infinite loop


  • GDPR – Option to include Privacy Policy link in all MemberPress email footers
  • GDPR – New Privacy Policy checkbox on all signup forms
  • GDPR – Added personal data from MemberPress to the WordPress “Export Personal Data” feature
  • GDPR – Remove personal data from MemberPress when user utilizes WordPress “Erase Personal Data” feature
  • GDPR – MemberPress no longer stores or uses IP addresses for new users, a future update will clean IP addresses from the database tables
  • GDPR – Added some sample Privacy Policy copy to WordPress’ new Privacy Policy content guide

1.3.34 – 2018-05-10

A bug fix release.


  • API incorrectly triggering Subscription Expired event for non-cancelled Subscriptions
  • Coupon count usage not counting Subscriptions with free trials
  • Back button issue after registering with Edge and IE browsers
  • UTF-8 Character encoding issue with PayPal Standard and Membership Titles
  • Event recording error that would occur sometimes when cancelling subscriptions
  • Address fields not showing on account page if user has no subscriptions


  • VAT Rates
  • VAT Number formats for Ireland
  • Spanish Translation
  • Tax rates will trim insignificant 0’s before display – EX: 3.010% would now display as 3.01% during checkout


  • Rule-Specific controls for the Blubbry PowerPress podcast integration

1.3.33 – 2018-04-12

A bug fix release.


  • Email parameters not parsing in the emails

1.3.32 – 2018-04-11

A minor bug fix release.


  • Minor security fix for terms and conditions link
  • PHP 7.2 compatibility
  • Fixed corporate sub-accounts showing “active” in the “inactive” members page filter
  • Other minor bug fixes


  • Pakistani currency

1.3.31 – 2018-04-03

A minor bug fix release.


  • Fixed bug with drip calculations when the user had a free trial
  • Fixed full name output function to account for various combinations of names entered
  • Fixed some validation issues on the new add/edit subscription pages in the dashboard
  • Fixed address field on account page for users who had a subscription that did not require address to be input
  • Fixed incompatibility with really old PHP versions
  • Fixed bug affecting corporate accounts add-on when a parent user signed up with a 100% off coupon for a recurring subscription

1.3.30 – 2018-03-27

A minor bug fix release.


  • Fixed issue with older PHP versions
  • Fixed some subscription validation methods

1.3.29 – 2018-03-27

A minor bug fix release. Also add the ability to create and edit subscriptions from the dashboard.


  • Renamed subscriptions list method to display_list so it doesn’t break installs running PHP less than v7

1.3.28 – 2018-03-27

A minor bug fix release. Also add the ability to create and edit subscriptions from the dashboard.


  • Sanitized server request URI to prevent a possible XSS from occurring by way of the registration forms.


  • Admins now have the ability to add or edit subscriptions from the WP Admin
  • Added new event renewal-transaction-completed


  • Improved the firing of the event: subscription-changed. Fixes some issues with the Corporate Accounts add-on that depend on the event
  • Disabled custom fields were showing. Custom fields are now hidden when disabled
  • Fixed a fatal error when upgrading/downgrading subscription

1.3.27 – 2018-03-13

A minor release that adds support for upcoming add-on.


  • Support for upcoming add-on


  • Some email formats were failing validation

1.3.26 – 2018-03-06

Recommended for all users due to a potential security hole. This release also adds the latest version of the Avalara API.


  • Closed a potential security hole with redirects to the login page


  • Updated to the latest version of the Avalara API (taxe rates)


  • Zip code was not being sent to on checkout
  • Members page was reporting some member counts incorrectly
  • Tax was not being applied to a Stripe transaction after pause > resume
  • Ensure Geo-locate is always set on checkout

1.3.25 – 2018-02-13

This release fixes several minor bugs. It also updates the login form to support GET requests rather than just POST and properly displays the status for a sub-user in the Member’s list view.


  • Forces Stripe API version (2018-01-23)
  • Added better type detection when assembling where clauses
  • Allow GET requests for the login form


  • Sanitization incorrectly forcing lowercase transaction numbers
  • Fix incompatibility with PolyLang plugin where it was altering WP_Query and breaking our CPT caching
  • Prevent the logging of failed PayPal payments
  • Prevent PHP’s glob from including logs

 1.3.24 – 2018-01-30

This release has several minor fixes and updates the password strength meter to be more friendly to use.


  • Updated the password strength meter to be easier to use


  • No longer attempt prorations on free trials
  • Subscribe link was missing on expired subscriptions
  • Support Corporate Account add-on by removing payment form if user belongs to a corporate account
  • Multi-line descriptions when using the Offline Payment Gateway
  • Searching for users by email with a plus (+) sign in their email address
  • String comparison of database prefix names causing a lookup failure
  • Expires at date for subscriptions with a trial period that is paused/resumed
  • Expires at date for subscriptions with a failed payment
  • Blocking bbPress shortcode content
  • Trial periods that are longer than the Gateway will allow

1.3.23 – 2017-12-20

This release fixes a couple of bugs in the PayPal EC and gateways. It also addresses a minor fix to the new Fallback membership feature from the previous release.


  • Successful payments were showing up as failed with PayPal Express Checkout
  • catch-up prorations were not calculating multiple billing months properly
  • Error with assigning fallback memberships to products without a group

1.3.22 – 2017-12-19


  • Fallback membership for Groups


  • Renewal link missing on account subscriptions page
  • Lifetime transactions after a recurring last payment cycle

1.3.21 – 2017-11-27

  • Fixed an issue with JavaScript add-on tab not working
  • Fixed a debug warning message showing in the “protected by” meta box
  • Enable easier label replacement on account navigation

1.3.20 – 2017-11-22

  • Added ability to add tracking codes to the Thank You page
  • Fixed an issue with custom fields showing errors when they are not suppose to
  • Fixed an issue with login redirect
  • Fixed an issue with $coupon_str
  • Fixed missing xml module issue
  • Fixed an issue with setting table breaking other plugins


  • Added user specific content rules
  • Fixed an issue with Stripe Checkout auto pop-up
  • Fixed an issue with URL params not de/encoding properly
  • Fixed a missing query issue with lapsed subscription query
  • Fixed an issue with manual lifetime subscriptions
  • Fixes legacy thank you message


***Important Note: The stripe integration now officially requires SSL/TLS (https) to function on your site. If you use Stripe, please ensure your site supports https on the checkout pages before updating to this version.

  • Convert payment form to use Stripe Elements (see note above)
  • Added support for custom thank you pages per membership
  • Added hook for auto login
  • Added auto click for Stripe Checkout
  • Added ability to keep line breaks in textarea
  • Added more capabilities to the Group dropdown
  • Added zip code validation for checkout form
  • Fixed the “Export VAT by Country” button
  • Fixed an issue sending abandon reminders to members of another membership
  • Fixed an issue with lapsed subscriptions
  • Fixed an issue with monthly renewals with a period greater than 1
  • Fixed invoice pricing terms
  • Fixed a login conflict with BuddyPress
  • Fixed “dear aunt sally” problem


  • Added PHP 5.2 deprecation notice
  • Added Churn Buster built-in integration for Stripe
  • Fixed an issue with calculating the expires_at date when gateway renews a subscription early


  • Version bump to update deployment processes


  • Version bump


  • Added pause and resume link filters
  • Fixed an issue with the transaction expire date for manual member creation
  • Fixed an issue with VAT by country report


  • Version bump


  • Fixed signup and transaction events on new member
  • Fixed transactions expiring too early
  • Fixed subscription renewal base dates


  • Fixed 404’s with bbPress integration
  • Fixed another monthly billing expiration calculation bug with trial periods
  • Added Vietnamese currency


  • Added sort by ID to Memberships listing
  • Fixed monthly expiration dates bug when trial periods were enabled
  • Fixed bug with Custom Profile Fields getting wiped out on /p-admin views
  • Fixed incorrect table name in coupon counts update query
  • Secured user input from javascript
  • Updated MemberPress branding icons


  • Fixed members page transaction counts
  • Fixed use of some HTML elements in the email and unauthorized message editors
  • Fixed signup hooks not firing for manually added members
  • Fixed excerpt filtering
  • Fixed storing Subscription tokens in postmeta
  • Fixed coupon count queries
  • Fixed some issues with monthly renewal date calculations
  • Fixed monthly upgrade/downgrade calculations
  • Added ability to use shortcodes in email bodies
  • Other very minor bug fixes and enhancements


  • Fixed an issue with PHP versions < 5.4


Major release with security fixes and several bug fixes, recommended for all customers

  • Security: Improved nonce checks throughout
  • Security: Improved user authorization checks
  • Security: Improved user input sanitization of all user forms
  • Fixed an issue affecting user registrations and profile updates
  • Fixed a PayPal issue with Zero decimal currencies
  • Fixed an issue with scripts not loading on https pages
  • Fixed some VAT issues
  • Fixed issue with duplicate usernames as email
  • Fixed an issue importing transactions from CSV with empty created_at
  • Fixed an issue adding taxes when adding or editing a transaction
  • Fixed an issue with PayPal Pro not showing card failure messages
  • Fixed an issue that allowed duplicate recurring subscriptions
  • Fixed an issue displaying renewal links for expired subscriptions in a group
  • Fixed an error when clicking on TOS
  • Fixed an error that disabled the Stripe payment form after AJAX error
  • Fixed an issue with Stripe sending 500 error codes
  • Fixed an issue with the price not updating after coupon code is entered
  • Fixed issue when cancelling or deleting subscription on the Members Page
  • Fixed broken query errors when searching by First or Last names on the Members Page
  • Fixed an issue where a user upgrading from a recurring to one-time payment with an expiration date
  • Fixed an issue with subscription renewals after the 28th of the month
  • Added gateway and coupon IDs to transaction exports
  • Added basic WooCommerce integration with add-on
  • Added support for annual renewals on fixed date Memberships
  • Added optimization for queries used by the Members Page
  • Added links to new User Manual
  • Added options for hiding custom fields on the Account page
  • Updated integration with PayPal Standard to use POST instead of GET
  • Changed usermeta output for custom fields to use the option name instead of the option value
  • Removed expired filter from Members Page


Major bug fix release, all customers should upgrade soon

  • Fixed a major error affecting the Admin members list table — this issue did not affect end users or corrupt data but caused some data in the members list table to not be updated properly.
  • Added the ability for Site Admins to restrict customers to only be allowed one trial on any given Membership


Minor release that includes features and bug fixes

  • Added additional fn for transactions using the REST API (developer tools)
  • Added Puerto Rico as a country to address signup and banking issues
  • Updated code base to be PHP7 compatible
  • Fixed error with zero value in text field being ignored by MP


Minor release with critical fixes for WordPress Multi-site

  • Added new Refund and Cancel link to transactions
  • Fixed an issue displaying multi-site users across all sites
  • Fixed an issue with emails failing due to delimiter being found in the regex


Minor release with various fixes

  • Added content protection hook for bbPress
  • Fixed an issue with proration when switching from free lifetime to recurring memberships
  • Fixed an issue causing pop-ups on non-memberpress pages
  • Fixed a JS race condition related to gateway form
  • Fixed a race condition with PayWall
  • Fixed an issue with a delimiter for PayPal Standard
  • Fixed various bugs and improvements


Critical fixes for PayPal express checkout & Standard and the reports page

  • Fixed a critical issue with PayPal Express Checkout and Standard
  • Fixed an issue with the Reports page
  • Fixed a few other small issues


Minor release that includes some new features and bugfixes

  • Added coupons to custom register price string
  • Added new shortcode for payment instructions
  • Added new proration policy rules
  • Added CSS classes to the payment forms to make them easier to style
  • Users can now see the error div if they fail to fill out the registration form correctly
  • Added hook to enable site owner to disable reminder emails
  • Added idempotent key to Stripe gateway request
  • Adding new transaction will persist the same user as the transaction you are viewing
  • Added BuddyPress integration
  • Fixed front-end datetime picker
  • Fixed broken URLs in sub-folders
  • Fixed bug that allowed multiple submissions and lifetime access
  • Numerous other security and bug fixes


Some big performance upgrades and new features

  • Completely overhauled the subscriptions database to increase performance & efficiency
  • Added a Members listing interface to the WordPress admin that lists members’:
    • Username
    • Email
    • Status
    • First Name & Last Name
    • Number of Subscriptions
    • Number of Transactions
    • Active Memberships
    • Last Login Date
    • Number of Logins
    • Total Lifetime Value
    • Registration Date
  • Added advanced filtering and searching on Members, Transactions and Subscriptions admin list interfaces
  • Added advanced CSV exporting for Members, Transactions and Subscriptions
  • Fixed an issue with Stripe Subscriptions
  • Numerous other security and bug fixes


This is an IMPORTANT release for all MemberPress customers to upgrade to as it contains some very important fixes and performance enhancements

  • Important database optimizations
  • Fixed some international currency issues
  • Fixed a database issue
  • Fixed an issue with automatic updates
  • Fixed an issue with the display of GMT/UTC timestamps
  • Fixed an issue with the invoice on the checkout page
  • Fixed an issue dealing with the unauthorized redirection that happens on standalone files
  • Fixed several issues with taxes
  • Fixed some issues with the PayPal Express Checkout MemberPress integration
  • Fixed some issues with the Stripe MemberPress integration
  • Added several new actions and filters
  • Added a Dutch translation
  • Added an Italian translation
  • Added increased support for WPML


  • Fixed bug in “who can purchase” permissions
  • Fixed current_user_can capabilities lookup when no user is logged in
  • Fixed currency formatting issue for international currencies and PayPal Standard
  • Fixed payment description toggle bug on checkout pages
  • Fixed forgot password shortcode to work better with WPML sites
  • Fixed catchup bug
  • Fixed bug causing coupon titles to get a “-1” appended to them incorrectly
  • Fixed upgrades bug when free trial period present on new subscription
  • Fixed deprecated get_currentuserinfo() calls
  • Fixed bug with VAT number being asked for when address fields were disabled on free membership levels
  • Fixed duplicate token requests when updating a Stripe Credit Card from the account page
  • Fixed IP address validation
  • Fixed serialized data output for checkboxes and multiselect custom fields when used in emails
  • Fixed Blubbry PowerPress integration
  • Fixed serialized user metadata in emails
  • Fixed PayPal Standard trial period errors when upgrading/downgrading
  • Fixed issue with free signups event logging
  • Fixed bug causing duplicate reminders in some rare cases
  • Fixed duplicate transactions being recorded by PayPal gateways
  • Fixed duplicate subscriptions being listed in widget
  • Fixed UTF8 encoding issue with PayPal Standard
  • Fixed issue with password strength meter when submitting form with errors
  • Fixed refunds with taxes calculation in reports
  • Added a pop-up window for upgrades/downgrades to simplify the process for end users
  • Added a new URL field type for custom fields
  • Added better WooCommerce product protection behind the scenes
  • Added ID columns to Memberships, Rules, and Groups to make it easier to find ID’s for use in shortcodes and template tags
  • Added a subscr_next_billing_amount field for use in recurring subscription emails
  • Added a trans_status (transaction status) field for use in emails
  • Added password strength meter to all MemberPress related password forms
  • Added a new theme for the Group page pricing tables
  • Added two new options for Group page boxes for membership listings
  • Added RAR file type to the protectable files list
  • Added ability to send Reminders for only the selected membership levels
  • Added German states to the address drop-downs
  • Changed a few more strings to have the “ui” context
  • Changed login redirect_to to use current page’s URI instead of current post’s URI – fixes issues for non-singular views
  • Changed caching headers on MemberPress issued redirects to help prevent redirects from being cached
  • Changed VAT percentage for Romania
  • Changed AJAX method for auto-complete searches in Rules
  • Changed upgrade link to change plan instead
  • Changed API endpoints to the new Akamai URL’s
  • Changed login events to display in local WP time instead of UTC
  • Various other minor fixes/tweaks


  • Added mp3, mp4, and m4v to protectable files list
  • Added ajax coupon validation
  • Added option to disable showing address fields on free membership levels
  • Added an option to disable a membership from signups without deleting it
  • Added new permissions options for members under “who can purchase”
  • Added description box to Offline gateway options
  • Added Delightful Downloads integration
  • Added ConvertKit integration (limited features at this point)
  • Added ability to filter Transactions page by membership and status (Subscriptions page coming soon)
  • Added German Translation (Thanks Michelle R.)
  • Added Portuguese Translation (Thanks Celsos)
  • Enhanced bbPress integration
  • Enhanced translations to include a “ui” context for all front-end strings
  • Changed dripping from when user signed up for a membership to be more accurate
  • Changed account page subscriptions/payments tables to be mobile responsive
  • Changed integration to no longer issue a $1 auth_only transaction when a paid trial period exists
  • Changed to update a username if its an email address and the user updates their email address
  • Fixed division by zero bug on Reports page
  • Fixed BuddyPress conflict
  • Fixed tax rounding issue
  • Fixed auto paragraph issue in emails
  • Fixed membership shortcodes bug
  • Fixed some signup validation js bugs
  • Fixed coupons can no longer have same name
  • Fixed issue with user clicking back button after paying with Credit Card
  • Fixed an issue with upgrading to a one-time payment with prorating disabled
  • Fixed catchup payment bug
  • Fixed updating CC info bug
  • Fixed broken mepr-show/hide shortcodes
  • Fixed bug with addon update notifications
  • Fixed a memory expensive lookup loop
  • Fixed password meter to work when multiple signup forms are on a single page
  • Fixed bug with the $wp_scripts global
  • Fixed double login issue
  • Fixed bugs for Zero Decimal currencies
  • Removed Avg Num Mbr Pmts report box
  • Removed % Members rebill report box
  • Other minor bug fixes/tweaks


  • Fixed bug with Rule drips introduced in 1.2.5


  • Added compatibility for WordPress 4.4
  • Added ?membership=membership-title parameter to the thank you page URL
  • Added two new info boxes to Reports page
  • Added a new subscriptions widget
  • Added option to show currency symbol after the amount
  • Fixed a small bug in PayPal Standard Gateway
  • Fixed some performance related issues
  • Fixed bug with saving MemberPress Options (Info tab)
  • Fixed bug with Quaderno integration and other various tax fixes
  • Fixed bug with SSL and proxied sites
  • Fixed bug with activating MemberPress on sites installed in sub-directories
  • Fixed some issues with geo-location on signup pages
  • Fixed bug with login widget
  • Fixed fatal error when mbstring not loaded
  • Fixed bug with paused and expired subscriptions
  • Fixed custom user message bug
  • Fixed bug with subscription expired events
  • Fixed bug with Stripe checkout and failed Card attempts
  • Fixed bug with catchup payments
  • Updated Spanish translation
  • Updated username validation to allow + symbol
  • Updated drip schedules to account for users who may purchase the same membership at a later time
  • Updated Default Welcome Email to NOT be sent if the Membership Welcome Email is enabled
  • Other minor fixes and UI enhancements


  • Separated all the Auto-Responder integration code into separate Add-ons to improve the performance of the MemberPress core
  • Released the following new Add-ons with this release:
    • Developer Tools Add-on which brings a full REST API and Webhooks to MemberPress
    • Drip Auto-Responder Add-on
    • Constant Contact Auto-Responder Add-on
    • MailPoet Auto-Responder Add-on
  • Added a full Spanish translation file to MemberPress
  • Added an Add-on installer to the Activate admin page so that Add-on plugins can be more easily installed
  • Added additional tracking events
  • Added the mepr-show and mepr-hide conditional shortcodes
  • Fixed an issue affecting after reminder emails
  • Fixed an issue with per-membership login redirect forms
  • Fixed an issue with MemberPress’s rewrite rules
  • Fixed an issue with Subscription downgrades
  • Fixed several styling and validation issue
  • Fixed several other minor issues
  • Enhanced Action/Filter interfaces
  • Enhanced the way Views are rendered so that they can be overridden by other plugins
  • Enhanced SQL queries on the Reports admin page


  • Added ActiveCampaign integration
  • Added password strength meter and minimum requirement option
  • Added a Javascript subscription cancel confirmation popup to avoid the word ‘cancel’ in the standard javascript confirm popup
  • Fixed an issue with the bbPress/BuddyPress Integration
  • Fixed an issue when email addresses were set to be the username also
  • Fixed some issues with dripping/expiring Rules
  • Fixed a small issue with expiring Subscription Reminders
  • Reinforced some key areas of the PayPal IPN Validation
  • Made some performance fixes to the Custom URI .htaccess rules



  • Enhanced Payment gateways api by adding actions and filters
  • Enhanced geolocation to fall-back on other services when location not found
  • Added a version string to the Activate admin screen
  • Added Quaderno integration
  • Fixed some caching issues with the state dropdown
  • Fixed a minor issue with unauthorized redirect
  • Fixed an issue with custom unauthorized messages
  • Fixed VAT tax validation error message display
  • Fixed a Coupon Code input layout issue
  • Fixed an issue with the User Profile
  • Fixed PayPal Payments Pro gateway to include a Force SSL option
  • Fixed several HTML/CSS formatting issues
  • Fixed several other minor issues



  • Enhanced JavaScript Validation
  • Enhanced member VAT info
  • Fixed bugs with “mepr-rule” shortcode
  • Fixed auto-complete bug with our SPAM honeypot
  • Fixed various warnings/debug messages in the /wp-admin
  • Fixed JavaScript validation CSS issues affecting some users
  • Fixed a form submission JavaScript issue affecting some users
  • Fixed other minor styling issues
  • Fixed broken password link when login shortcode was being used
  • Fixed unauthorized message not showing on Custom URI Rules
  • Fixed bug with transaction expiration events
  • Fixed issue with dynamic CSS loading for Group pages
  • Fixed incorrect Subscription terms when Taxes were enabled
  • Fixed minor bugs in PayPal Standard gateway



  • Added new tax rate handling
  • Added PayPal Website Payments Pro integration
  • Added VAT tax calculation and reporting
  • Added automatic US tax rate lookup with Avalara
  • Added enhanced javascript validation on front-end forms
  • Added javascript credit card detection on payment forms
  • Added new province and country dropdown fields on front-end fields
  • Added automatic country and province detection (geolocation)
  • Added payment invoice on checkout page
  • Added renewal option for expiring subscriptions
  • Added Blubrry PowerPress podcast integration (for premium podcasts)
  • Added support for more currencies
  • Added numerous actions and filters
  • Added scheduled posts to rule content
  • Added additional variables for some emails
  • Added the ability to specify an alternate group URL
  • Added mepr-active capability and shortcode
  • Enhanced and completely refactored checkout and account forms
  • Enhanced gateways to display an icon and description on the checkout page
  • Enhanced front-end ui to be more mobile responsive
  • Enhanced CSS to be more compatible across a wider variety of themes
  • Enhanced generated subscription terms
  • Renamed ‘Products’ to ‘Memberships’
  • Re-factored ‘Memberships’ admin ui
  • Tuned some SQL queries for better performance
  • Fixed email address validation to accept newer TLDs
  • Fixed several small debug issues
  • Fixed some issues with prorations in certain payment scenarios
  • Fixed some timezone issues where the database and webserver are configured with different timezones
  • Fixed an issue where users were being subscribed to autoresponder lists each time a subscription renews
  • Fixed an issue with the AWeber integration when signing up for a membership with a trial
  • Fixed an issue preventing some from resuming a paused subscription
  • Fixes for handling of memberships that aren’t part of a group upgrade path
  • Fixes in the user account area
  • Fixes for a few inaccurate report queries
  • Fixes for SEO / PayWall dealing with search engine indexing


  • Added Reminder emails interface (renewals, exprations, cc expring etc)
  • Added SEO options to customize how search engines see your content
  • Added PayPal standard gateway (has some limitations)
  • Added Background job queueing for emails to speed up signup process
  • Added Per-product custom fields selection
  • Added Screen options to Subscriptions/Transactions tables to allow show/hide of certain columns
  • Added Option to disable 24 hour grace period on recurring subscriptions
  • Added The ability to override template files
  • Extended “more” tag is now supported for unauthorized access messages
  • Extended More Custom User Information Field types
  • Extended Mailchimp email addresses will update if the user changes their email on their account page
  • Extended Product access URL shows up on group pages now when member has already purchased product
  • Extended Mailchimp grabs more than 25 lists now
  • Extended Upgrade, downgrade, and cancel subscription capabilities to the offline payment gateway
  • Extended Login shortcode and widget now have option to use the login redict URLs instead of keeping member on the same page
  • Extended Small performance improvements
  • Extended Dates are translatable
  • Extended Dates now display in your own WP locale settings
  • Extended More languages and currencies supported
  • Fixed Bug in already logged in purchases
  • Fixed A .htaccess bug when spaces and other chars were used in the path
  • Fixed A bug with database upgrades affecting a handful of users
  • Fixed A handful of upgrade/downgrade bugs
  • Fixed Untranslatable strings
  • Fixed Duplicate transactions bug in Stripe
  • Fixed Free transaction expiration dates
  • Fixed Gateways/Account page now use custom pricing terms if set on product advanced tab
  • Fixed Issues when https is being used
  • Fixed A handful of auto-responder integration bugs
  • Fixed Conflicts with the_content filters
  • Fixed Incorrect failed payments report counts
  • Fixed Login redirect URL bugs
  • Fixed 100 percent off coupon bugs
  • Fixed A handful of other small tweaks and bug fixes
  • Fixed Plain text password is no longer sent in the reset password confirmation email


  • Added Catch Up Payments feature to Gateway
  • Added CSV export links of current view to the bottom of Subscriptions, Transactions, and Reports pages.
  • Added ability to give Rules your own title instead of the auto-generated one
  • Added options to set the From Name and From Email Address when MemberPress emails are sent out
  • Changed Custom URI Rules to block sub-directories too
  • Changed all icons to use Font Icon
  • Fixed a bug preventing address from being updated correctly when shown during logged in purchases
  • Fixed line-break formatting issue with custom excerpt mode when user is unauthorized to see full content
  • Fixed bug causing multiples of the same email to be sent out in some rare cases
  • Fixed filter not sticking when switching between Recurring and Non-Recurring tabs in Subscriptions view
  • Fixed a bug related to per-product login redirect URL overrides
  • Other minor fixes and code-enhancements


  • Fixed critical bug introduced by a change in WP 3.9. This bug caused members to lose Roles and Capabilities when saving their accounts. We strongly urge all members to upgrade to 1.1.5.
  • Fixed a plugin conflict bug that caused the signup forms to not appear when certain other plugins were installed on the site


  • Added option for users to use email address as their username when signing up and logging in
  • Added user meta shortcodes which will allow you to output information about the current user such as name, email address, etc.
  • Added option to allow MemberPress to override WordPress’ login URL to keep members away from wp-login.php as much as possible
  • Added Norwegian currency
  • Changed email WYSIWYG editors to work with WP 3.9+
  • Changed Product info sent to Stripe to be more descriptive
  • Fixed issue preventing post excerpts from being set to anything larger than 100 characters
  • Fixed bug with drips when a free trial period was used
  • Fixed dollar signs not being escaped properly in emails
  • Fixed timing issue with flushing the rewrite rules in WP
  • Fixed bug with coupons on one-time payment products which expire
  • Fixed signup form formatting issue with MailChimp checkbox
  • Fixed bug with upgrade paths when free lifetime Product is what the user signs up for first
  • Fixed JavaScript on Group edit pages
  • Various minor fixes/enhancements


  • Added Custom CSS Classes for Group page buttons
  • Added per-member custom Account page messages
  • Added on-site Help page, with lots of video tutorials
  • Added ability to lock down wp-admin URLs with Custom URI Rules
  • Added IP tracking on Subscription signups
  • Added new redirect option to login widget
  • Added option to redirect non-singular views
  • Changed Account page Subscriptions tab to merge Recurring and Non-Recurring types into one list
  • Changed Stripe integration to now pass along the members addresses
  • Fixed some minor login redirect bugs
  • Fixed www vs non-www bug in Custom URI Rules
  • Fixed per-product payment methods bug
  • Fixed a Credit Card update issue with Stripe
  • Enhanced the reliability of the automatic updates system
  • Various other minor fixes/enhancements


  • Added GetResponse Integration
  • Reports performance optimizations
  • Several minor fixes


  • Added ability to use shortcodes in custom unauthorized messages
  • Added Indonesian Rupiah currency
  • Changed Stripe Plans to allow multiple MemberPress instances to run on one Stripe account without the possibility of plan ID conflicts
  • Fixed fatal error with upgrades/downgrades
  • Fixed pause/resume membership bug
  • Fixed some JavaScript conflicts
  • Fixed bugs with Login redirection
  • Other minor fixes


  • Advanced MailChimp & AWeber integration
  • We’ve completely revamped MemberPress’s system emails: we’ve added the ability to add HTML to emails … plus we’ve added the ability to send additional emails like an email on cancellation, refund, failed transaction, & new subscription.
  • Additional product options including: weekly subscriptions, limit payment cycles, customizing payment methods per product, custom login pages on login, additional shortcodes for more flexibility
  • Enhanced coupons … including the ability to create coupons that will setup custom trial periods on a user by user basis
  • More in-depth integration (catch up payments on update, etc)
  • Addition of an “Offline” payment gateway so you can receive payments manually … and confirm transactions manually
  • Better admin reporting tools … to see when a subscription is active / inactive in the subscription and transaction tables … plus more info in the reports about active members & average lifetime value of your subscribers
  • More information about user activity … including last login, login count, registration dates, etc.
  • Ability to cancel subscriptions and refund transactions (created with PayPal or Stripe) from the wp-admin
  • Better transaction editing capabilities (and the ability to delete a transaction.
  • Better handling of credit card payment failures (we now list failures separately in the reports from pending transactions)
  • More options for how unauthorized page views are handled (you can now show an exerpt or login form directly on the page if the user is unauthorized … but you can always fall back to unauthorized redirection like we handle it in 1.0.6)
  • Improved rule editor (uses autocomplete now instead of dropdowns … the dropdowns were slowing down large sites and not presenting enough information about the post)
  • Added the ability to select and use custom page templates for products and groups
  • More in-depth PayPal & Stripe integration
  • Improved member account dashboard (the member can now see more accurately what she has purchased and what she has access to)
  • Improved multisite integration
  • Ability to create rules to protect all content
  • Ability to create rules to protect content tagged with custom taxonomies
  • Enhanced content listings to include an access column
  • Added protection information on the edit post screen for posts, pages and custom post types
  • Added the capability for admins and members to pause and resume subscriptions
  • … and a great deal of general bug fixes, stability improvements, optimizations, etc.


  • Added the enable double opt in checkbox for MailChimp Integration
  • Fixed an issue that would cause errors when upgrading from a lifetime product to a subscription
  • Content items for custom post types weren’t showing when selected in the rule editor
  • Added the ability to add a custom message shortcode on the thank you page
  • Fixed a small issue where the price wasn’t showing on the payment page for lifetime transactions when checking out with PayPal
  • Added an option for Groups to hide the group pricing page if needed
  • Added the mepr-login-link, mepr-logout-link, and mepr-login-form shortcodes
  • Added the MemberPress Login widget
  • Fixed an issue with the WordPress commenting system and MemberPress
  • Added the ability to show the discount applied by a coupon on the payment form
  • Fixes for a few issues with coupons
  • Enhanced the mepr-rule shortcode to conditionally display or hide content
  • Added the mepr-product-link and mepr-product-purchased short codes
  • Fixed an issue with PayPal trial periods working with coupons



  • Made a couple of fixes to the PayPal Express Checkout for the change in PayPal’s IPN Requirements



  • Added MailChimp Integration
  • Hiding the /blog/ slug for users who have that as part of their permalink
  • Fixes to the Stripe Integration
  • Added several actions and filters