How to Launch an Affiliate Program for your Membership Site (and Why You Should)

If you haven't considered rolling out an affiliate program for your membership site before, you should.

Affiliate programs can bring your products significantly more attention and sales than many other forms of marketing. If done correctly they can enable you to build relationships with bloggers, site owners, and others to help spread the word about your membership site.

Unlike most other WordPress membership plugins, MemberPress works out of the box with a robust affiliate program plugin (which was specifically created to work first and foremost with MemberPress) called Easy Affiliate.

Why is this significant?

Because, even if you don't plan on rolling out an affiliate program with your membership site immediately, you'll be able to roll out an affiliate program without headache whenever you want. In addition to this, you'll be able to do more with your affiliate program than you would by using some other membership plugins.

It is true that Easy Affiliate works with several different payment solutions and membership systems (including some of our competitors). But we have a more thorough and in-depth integration between Easy Affiliate and MemberPress – an integration that allows us to do things that other systems can't.

The Basics

Of course, any affiliate program worth its salt needs to manage affiliates (including their signup process), get affiliates their links and banners and, most importantly, track sales and commissions. When you install Easy Affiliate alongside MemberPress, these features and more begin to work without any complicated integration processes. It's insanely easy.

Your Affiliate Program on Auto-Pilot

So, in addition to these basic features, when you use Easy Affiliate with MemberPress your affiliate commissions will stay in sync with whatever happens to these transactions in MemberPress. That includes refunds and cancellations.

For example, say Sally referred Bob to subscribe to your membership site. As soon as a transaction completes in MemberPress for Bob's new membership, Easy Affiliate will automatically calculate and record the correct commission for the sale.

But now Bob needs a refund, so you issue a refund from MemberPress or from your gateway. Easy Affiliate will automatically re-calculate and record the correct commission for Sally, effectively backing out the commission she made initially. This process alone will save you time and troubles because you won't ever have to remember to manually back out commissions like you have to do when using some other membership plugins and affiliate software.

Commission Groups

The Commission Groups feature works exclusively with Easy Affiliate's MemberPress integration. It helps membership site owners incentivize affiliates based on their membership level.

Commission Groups enable you to allow your members to become eligible for more commissions depending on what membership products they're active on.

For example, say you have three products: Bronze, Silver, and Gold. You specify a default commission of 10% to be paid out on each sale, but then you add a custom commission group to Bronze for 20%, Silver for 30%, and Gold for 40%.

Now, say Sally (our affiliate from the example above) is an affiliate but is also a Silver member of your membership site. But Jay is an affiliate who hasn't joined your membership site yet. In this scenario, if Jay refers Andrea and she signs up for a membership, Jay will receive a 10% commission when her transaction completes. However, if Sally refers Bob and he signs up for a membership, Sally will receive a 30% commission when his transaction completes, because she's part of your Silver product's commission group.

You can see from this example that using MemberPress commission groups can help you to not only incentivize people to upgrade but also cultivate higher quality affiliates – people who actually use your membership site who can more effectively help others make the decision to join.

Because of the tight integration and advanced features available between these two plugins, you'll save yourself a lot of headaches, and you'll be able to do some really cool things when it comes to your membership site's affiliate program – things that can't be done with other membership plugins and affiliate program software.

Learn more about Easy Affiliate.

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