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MemberPress Reviews

We seriously love our customers ...

and we hear from many of them regularly about how much they love MemberPress. Our Membership Software works so well for our customers that they go out of their way to write MemberPress reviews on their own and send them to us.

We really appreciate the feedback of our customers (good or bad) so that we can continue to refine MemberPress as the most easy to use and powerful WordPress membership plugin available. If you decide to use our membership software, we hope you'll send us your own MemberPress review as well ... to let us know how we're doing.

Here are a few of the unsolicited MemberPress Reviews that our customers have sent to us ... we hope they'll be helpful to you:


Blair and team have done a really good job in creating MemberPress as a reliable membership plugin for WordPress. I can't say enough about how great the product has been for our company: from its ability to conduct drip content, to the great customer support (thanks Paul and Rick), the ease of use in using shortcodes, responsiveness to other plugins, and more.

As a digital marketer, I highly recommend their drip content marketing for your WordPress sites. Custom rules make it very easy to show your users the content that they need/want, and simultaneously provides your content the security it deserves.

I've built custom WordPress designs and used different membership plugins, and by far MemberPress has provided more services and better value for the price. A true win-win solution.

– David A


I want you to know how incredibly happy I am with my MemberPress purchase so far! The product is clearly of very high quality, and I simply cannot imagine customer-service getting any better than yours! Quick, courteous, and fully-satisfying responses to all of my inquiries -- from pre-sales until now. Keep up the wonderful work!

- Yosi M


Just a note to thank you for the excellent product support your team has been providing.

I've just upgraded to the latest developer edition of MemberPress and so as we get closer to going live I wanted to say thank you.

This is an excellent and exciting product. Well done.

– Sean S


When we were developing our website we quickly discovered that we needed a system through which we could manage payments, but equally important members/subscribers.

So when we came across Memberpress we couldn't believe our luck.

As aside from managing access and assigning different levels of said access to our service, it also has integrations available for email marketing services, affiliate marketing plugins and much more.

And if that isn't enough it has an easy to set up payment gateway and a coupon system, which makes it an absolute steal, considering the costs.

Next to just having a solid product, they have quick, but more importantly good support.

So when you get stuck or simply have a question, you get help from a capable human being and not some bot or maybe even worse a lengthy email correspondence where every question is parried with another question that drags on for weeks.

So I can honestly say that when you look at price, quality of product and last but not least the way they handle support, that if you need a way to manage your premium content, you should choose Memberpress.

– Martin (


I have MemberPress set up and running. Very nice install and good documentation.

The drip mechanism is freaking brilliant, setup is as simple as advertised, and I have pretty much fallen in love.

– Holly L


Just want to tell you I love your memberpress plugin. I tried just about everyone else.

Now I realize I got what I paid for... real quality. So thanks.

– Bob G


Just wanted to say that I have been to hell and back looking for membership plugins.

... But within the first 5 minutes with MemberPress I realized that every demand I had was done seamlessly and without any struggle whatsoever (including complications I've had with other plugins for very, very common tasks such as custom trial periods).

But really, so far you've saved my butt and cut my time wasted down to zero.

I've got a 6 month old baby at home - no time for code beyond css. Excellent work.

– Steve W


Thanks so much.

This plugin works so well – these new fetures are just cherries on top.

I swear my manual tasks and customer support time has dropped 90% since switching to MemberPress!

– Jack C


I purchased the MemberPress Membership Plugin, along with the Developer Tools and Easy Affiliate. These Plugins have done everything I expected and more. They have provided us functionality that we could not have achieved with other similar membership plugins, for example, having groups of memberships which have allowed us to offer completely different membership verticals and categories.

The support I have received has also been second to none. The MemberPress team responds quickly and is very knowledgeable. They even helped us out with some custom coding we were trying to accomplish. I would recommend them to anyone.

– Rob G


After trying various LMS platforms for my online school, I decided to try a custom approach using various plugins and customizing my own course pages. MemberPress has been critical to the success of this approach. As a novice in website development, it’s great how easy it is to use. The responsiveness of their support team is unmatched! Thanks to the whole team!

– Glenn M


We are super stoked on the MemberPress Plugin.

We are just a few days away from launching a clients site using the plugin and it's awesome.

Thanks for all the help and support along the way!

– Brian I