Ideas for Offering Sales Promotions for Your Membership Site

Looking for new ways to grow your membership site's user base and generate more sign-ups for your paid courses and programs? The sales-promotion ideas in this guide can help you do just that.

In most cases, you’ll already need an audience for your website for these membership site promotions and offers to be effective. So if you’re still struggling in that department, check out our previous guide to membership site marketing strategies.

However, if you are receiving visitors to your site but would like to turn more of them into paying members, these options for offering sales promotions can help.

Furthermore, implementing one or more of these types of sales promotions could make your membership site something others may want to share with their audience. So if you do, for example, create a free mini-membership program or run a time-sensitive discount, be sure to spread the word by connecting with the influencers in your space.  If your offer is a good match with their audience, there’s a chance they’ll spread the news.

Whatever your stage in your membership-site journey, getting more members is usually always appreciated, and trying out a few of the promotional methods in this guide could move your closer to your goals.

Let’s get started!

Create a Free Mini Membership Program

If you want to remove all of the financial-related resistance that may be stopping people from joining your membership program, creating a free version can be an effective strategy. By adding a free program to your membership site, you give your target audience a way to check out the quality of your content without financial risk. Not only that, but if you give them the option of joining your email newsletter when creating their free account for your introductory program, you’ll also have a way to keep them informed about the latest developments with your project.

Also, when creating the free program, you could repurpose some of the content from your paid program or invest a bit of time in producing new content. And even though it’s free, be sure to make this content your best, as those who sign up will be using it to decide whether your paid programs are worth it.

Offer a Lower Priced Option

If the idea of creating a free membership program doesn’t appeal, you could offer a low-priced option instead. You’d take the same approach, creating the content as you would producing a free mini course while also reaping the same benefits. However, you’ll also earn some money from your endeavors by charging a relatively small access fee.

One unique benefit to creating a new, lower-priced membership course or program is that the user will have already created an account and entered their payment details when signing up. This removes some friction, potentially making it easier for them to hit the Upgrade button and join your full-priced membership product.

Run Free Membership Site Trials

Adding a free trial to your membership program comes with lots of benefits. However, unlike creating a free mini course or lower-priced version of your core product, you don’t have to produce a new program. Instead, you can offer access to your existing program for a set time, for free.

With a powerful membership plugin like MemberPress, setting up a free trial is surprisingly easy, making this one promotional method you can implement today. And you can either require members to enter their payment details when signing up or simply let them access content without doing so.

Issue Discount Coupons

Again, if you have a sophisticated WordPress membership plugin, like MemberPress, issuing discount coupons is another option for creating promotional sales offers for your program. Thanks to the way discount coupon codes work in the MemberPress plugin, you retain full control over how they are used and how much money users save.

A few examples of how you could use these coupons include sharing promotional codes with email newsletter subscribers, announcing the codes while promoting your membership program as you guest on other podcasts and blogs, and issuing them on an individual basis when communing with potential new members in person or via email.

Also, if you’re doing any offline promotions, such as printing flyers or advertisements, you could include a discount code as part of this marketing content. These coupons should not only incentivize recipients to sign up but also help you track how effective your marketing efforts are.

Buy One Get One Free

The BOGO is a classic sales-promotion method, provided you have more than one membership program. Although, if you don’t, you can always create a second product. Typical ways to configure the two-for-the-price-of-one promotion include offering the lower-priced item for free. Other similar promotional offers that aren’t as drastic include buy one, get one half price or buy two, get one free.

Another option is to create bundles of your programs that don’t strictly follow the buy X, get Y free framework but still result in members getting access to more of your content than they would otherwise.

Time Sensitive Offers

Black Friday and Cyber Monday promotions, where a product is reduced in price for a set time, are good examples of time-sensitive offers. Of course, you’re free to run this type of promotional offer anytime of the year. However, online consumers have been well trained in the last few years to look for discounts over the Black Friday and Cyber Money weekend, and there may already be potential new members checking out your site for discounts.

Create Bonus Items

You could always try and incentivize visitors to sign up and become paying members by offering them bonus items. Instead of creating a free mini-membership program, you could produce an eBook, run a webinar, or offer to coach anyone who signs up.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully this article has given you a few ideas for how you can increase sales for your membership site. Feel free to get creative with these promotional methods by combining them to suit your membership programs and target audience.

For example, you could use discount coupons to promote your free trial, reserving that free trial for those you specifically issue the code. Or you could bundle your membership courses in a low-priced package and offer it in a flash sale available for a short time only.

If you don’t like the idea of discounting your core membership project, you can still benefit from running sales promotions. If, for example, you’re offering multiple membership levels to your audience, many of these types of promotions can be limited to just your top-tier membership plan in order to persuade more visitors to opt for the higher priced option over less-expensive plans.

Which promotional method will you use on your membership site?

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