MemberPress Importer

The MemberPress Importer helps you import membership data from other membership software solutions, systems, or spreadsheet files en masse. Easily import users, products, subscriptions, transactions, coupons, and rules.

Whether you're coming to MemberPress from another membership system, moving your site to a new domain, or adding a membership portion to your existing site, the MemberPress Importer will help make the transition simple and seamless.

Learn more about our MemberPress Importer add-on here.

1.6.7 - 02/09/2021
* Added use_on_upgrades option for Coupons Importer
1.6.6 - 12/15/2020
* Add support for coupon start date
* Remove coupon must have at least one membership requirement

Add-On Integration

Licenses: Basic, Plus, Pro