PDF Invoice

Chances are you've received requests from members for PDF invoices. Now, with the PDF Invoice Add-on you can allow your customers to download a PDF invoice for every transaction — themselves.

PDF invoice makes compliance easier for your customers, provides them with a seamless branded experience, and saves them time. Enjoy a simple-to-use dashboard and choose from two attractive designs.

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1.1.7 - 05/05/2021
* Only load Mpdf library if it isn't already loaded
* Expose txn variable in invoice template for customization
1.1.6 - 04/12/2021
* Use WP date format
1.1.5 - 03/05/2021
* Security improvements
* Support for Loco Translate
1.1.4 - 02/19/2021
* Added paper size option
* Refunded invoices show negative numbers
* Other small bug fixes
1.1.3 - 02/10/2021
* Fix coupon display issue in some cases
1.1.2 - 02/05/2021
* Use last incremental ID for PDF Invoice starting number minimum
1.1.0 - 01/22/2021
* Added Incremental Invoice ID's


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