3 New Years Resolutions for Your Membership Website

It’s that time again: when one year comes to an end and a fresh year begins. Many of us like to use this change in the calendar to reboot our lives, to refresh our efforts in the important spaces of our journeys, and to make New Year's Resolutions. It dawned on us that maybe this process doesn’t apply only to people: perhaps we can apply resolution theory to a business or website. So we rattled our brains and came up with 3 New Year's Resolutions to apply to your membership website in 2016.

1. Create New, Vibrant Content

This is after all the single thing that can make or break your website. Sometimes we get complacent and let things ‘ride’ after we are up and running. Adding fresh content to your website can and will retain current memberships and win you new members. Take some of your older content and move it to your free area to entice new members and create new content to encourage your free users to upgrade. Get started quickly! A lot of us tend to let our resolutions weaken if we don't get busy working on them right away. With the holiday season behind you, there should be some time in your schedule to get busy. You can also take some time at the beginning of this new year to look over all your current content and see if you can improve on what you already have. It may help your business if you make your content higher quality or more easily used by your members. This can pay dividends in the loyalty of your current members. They will notice your commitment to making their experience as rich as possible.

2. Be More Organized

We can all be more organized. The chaos and at times drudgery of running a business can lead to us letting things slide and not keeping up on mundane back-end tasks. It is hard to quantify how letting things slide affects the bottom line, but it does. There are books, websites, apps, and even people that can help you organize your business and personal lives. Resolve to do better, to be better. Take it a bite at a time: this is a big task and can be like eating an elephant. Don’t give up, this is an area that never stops needing attention. Being organized will free your mind and your time to do other tasks. These ‘other’ tasks can be things you’ve been wanting to get to that can increase your revenue.

3. Have Fun, Be Passionate

In the middle of running a business we can drive ourselves into a place where all we do is think about serious things. We don’t think about whether we are happy or not, just if things are going well or not or if things are getting done or not. We believe we can have fun while running a successful business. We think that having fun while running our businesses can help us be even MORE successful. Being passionate about what we are doing can go a long way to opening up pathways to success. If we are passionate and having fun with our membership sites it will show through to our members. That passion will bleed through in everything we do. Every tweet, every newsletter, every blog post, and every support message will carry that passion with it and our members will notice. Excitement from you will motivate your members to stick around and even to spread good word of mouth to others. Resolve to let your passion for your business shine through. If that passion is waning, resolve to get it back! What made you start this website anyway?

So, there you have it. There are no surprises here except for maybe #3. The other 2 are basic things that we as membership site owners are thinking about all the time. This is the time of year to take the chance to sit down and think about them in specific ways. To rethink what we are currently doing and not doing. It’s even a time we can take to reconsider everything and make big decisions about whether what we are doing is truly worth it or if we really want to be doing something different. It’s important to go through these exercises from time-to-time to make sure we are sailing in the direction of our dreams and towards our happiest selves. It doesn’t have to be on January 1st that we go through this exercise, but it may be nice to have a specific time every 365 days when we know we can take the time to look at things differently. We sincerely hope that if you choose to make resolutions, whether they be personal or professional, that they will be beneficial to your life.

What are your resolutions? If you have something interesting please share in the comments.

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