Best Security Plugins for Your Membership Site

Millions of membership sites use WordPress to publish content. Because it is such a popular platform, hackers are constantly trying to find ways to hack WordPress websites. One of the best ways to keep your membership website safe is by using a WordPress security plugin that will protect your membership site from horrible things such as malware, brute force attacks, and hacking attempts to your membership website.

But there are so many security plugins on WordPress – which one is best for your membership website? Luckily, we’ve done the work for you! Check out our top WordPress security plugin picks for your membership site!

1. Wordfence

Wordfence is a great WordPress security plugin to consider for your membership site. With over 2 million active installations, it’s obvious that WordPress users around the world have great faith in this plugin.

Wordfence has a live traffic view that allows you to see your website traffic in real-time and monitor any hack attempts that may happen on your site.

Another cool thing about Wordfence is that you don’t have to manually scan for threats – the plugin scans your website for common threats automatically. However, you can also scan yourself at any time and Wordfence provides detailed instructions on the threat and how to fix them.

Wordfence has both a free and paid version. The free version offers a malware scanner, exploit detection, and more.

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2. Sucuri Security

Sucuri is another WordPress plugin that we can confidently recommend to membership site owners.

This particular plugin has a number of great security features, including Security Activity Audit Logging, File Integrity Monitoring, and even Post Hack Security Actions that help you get the data from your membership website back after an attack. Pretty cool, huh?

Sucuri has a basic free version that you can download directly onto your membership site or they have a free version that contains many more robust features that will effectively protect your membership site from hackers.

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3. All In One WP Security & Firewall

All In One WP Security & Firewall has a number of functions that will help protect your membership site from common attacks, especially brute force attacks.

All In One comes with file integrity monitoring , anti-spam measure, front-end copy protection, login lockdown, and much more. This plugin does a lot of stuff without slowing your membership site down, which is a huge plus.

All in One WP Security & Firewall can be downloaded directly onto your membership site.

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4. BulletProof Security

A fourth option for your membership site would be BulletProof Security. It protects your website against hacks while still being beginner-friendly.

BulletProof Security has a number of great features that will protect your membership site, such as login security & monitoring, idle session logout, hidden plugin folders, and even a one-click setup wizard. This plugin also allows you to set up email notifications so you can be alerted when a user is locked out.

BulletProof Security has a free version, but it also has a Pro version for $69.95.

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5. Vaultpress

Last on our list is Vaultpress! Vaultpress, which is powered by Jetpack, offers real-time backups and security scanning. Though last on our list, this is a really solid plugin and a great option for your membership website.

This plugin backs up all of your information on your membership website. The plugin also protects against hackers, malware, and damage and can be removed with the click of a button.

Vaultpress is not free, but plans are just $39 per year, which is pretty affordable!

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All of the above-mentioned WordPress plugins are great options for your membership site, so you can't go wrong. However, please remember that finding and using a membership plugin is vital to the security of your membership site. DO NOT use more than one security plugin because this can cause bugs – one plugin should be enough for your membership site.

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    April 9, 2019

    Hi Jessica and thanks ! What do you think of Ithemes Security ? Because depending the hosting systeme, Securi or even wordfence are hardly bearable Thanks for your answer and time ;-). Regards, Claire (a Frenchgirl whose English is a bit rusty)

      Jessica Starks

      April 9, 2019

      Hey Claire! IThemes Security is another solid security plugin. Depending on your website and your site's needs, I wouldn't be opposed to you using IThemes; however, I still wouldn't completely count Wordfence and Sucuri out, because they are powerful and effective.