18 Calculators That Will Make Your Membership Site Irresistible

When running a membership site, one of the biggest problems is providing value that will keep your audience engaged. In addition to a solid content strategy, another strategy you can employ is to add more interactive elements to your membership site such as a community plugin like BuddyPress.

But what happens when you want to add some more industry-specific, interactive features? Well, an industry-specific “calculator” may be a great option for you to engage members and keep them coming back to use directly on your site.

Think about how much value you could provide your members by adding a “Mortgage Calculator” or a “BMI Calculator” or another type of calculator that’s been tailored to your industry. Well, in the past, to get a calculator like this setup on your site you’d have to build it yourself which could be an expensive and time-consuming affair.

Enter Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms is an advanced form building plugin for WordPress. Formidable is different from just about any other form building plugin on the market because it can do everything from helping you create contact forms all the way up to full-blown web apps using WordPress!

One of Formidable Forms’ many killer features for membership site owners is the library of calculators that it offers. That’s right, you can install Formidable Forms on your membership site and add an industry-specific calculator instantly, and without any code!

Formidable Forms offers a significant number of different calculators for business owners to add to their WordPress websites.

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We’ve selected eighteen Formidable Forms Calculators that we believe will help take your membership site to the next level. To make things easier for you, we have categorized the calculators by industry and goal:

Table of Contents:

  1. Quote Calculators
  2. Health Calculators
  3. Financial Calculators
  4. Education Calculators

Quote Calculators

Life Insurance Calculator

Do you have an insurance business? A great way to let visitors engage with your membership site and collect leads is to have a life insurance calculator! The form includes vital information, such as net income, number of children, and inflation rate so visitors can determine how much life insurance they can afford based on their answers.

Simple Mortgage Calculator

Are you a real estate agent or financial advisor in need of a simple and easy calculator to help individuals who want to estimate their mortgage? You’re in luck! This calculator only has three questions so website visitors can get a mortgage estimate in no time!

Advanced Mortgage Calculator

Perhaps the simple calculator doesn’t have all of the information you’d like to include in your form. The Advanced Mortgage Calculator is sure to give you what you need! Just as the simple calculator, simply enter your information to receive a financial analysis of the mortgage!

Car Payment Calculator

Have a car club membership site? Adding a car payment calculator to your website is a great way to encourage individuals to look into purchasing a car by helping them see how much they can afford to pay for a vehicle.

Amortization Calculator

Another excellent mortgage calculator tool, this particular calculator helps you figure out your estimated monthly mortgage payments, as well as how much of your payments will go towards interest and the principal.

Health Calculators

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

Do you have a membership site for new moms? A pregnancy due date calculator would be an excellent tool to implement on your website! Not only will the soon-to-be mothers be excited to have a way to calculate their due date on their own, but it can also be a fun way to help build community with your members.

Daily Calorie Intake Calculator

You can’t have a health and fitness membership business without this calculator! Keep your members on track and help them reach their goals by allowing them to use this calculator to help them maintain, lose, or even gain weight!

BMI Calculator

Health and fitness professionals also cannot go without having a BMI calculator on their websites! This calculator can be an excellent way to get customers because you can use this form to collect email addresses and send customers tools and resources relating to their BMIs that can help them improve their health.

Financial Calculators

Debt to Income Ratio Calculator

This calculator is an excellent tool if you are a realtor or have a finance business because it helps people determine whether or not they can afford to take out another loan. With just two simple questions, your visitors will be able to determine their DTI!

ROI Calculator

ROI, or return on investment, calculators are excellent tools for figuring out how much you got back on an investment that you made. This is excellent for investment subscription businesses who want to help their members make more sound investment decisions.

Tip Calculator

Who doesn’t value a good tip calculator? Also a great asset for financial membership businesses, this tip calculator not only lets you figure out how much your tip should be, but it also helps you figure out to split the tip between your friends and even takes taxes into account.

Compound Interest Calculator

Another great financial calculator to have on your website is the compound interest calculator. Compound interest is, simply, interest on the interest calculated on a deposit or loan. 

Savings and Investment Calculator

This savings and investment calculator helps visitors to your website figure out how much profit they can get off of an investment or savings account using four questions.

Paycheck Calculator

Need to figure out your hourly rate? Want to up your rates and need to determine how much you need to make a month to operate your business? This paycheck calculator helps you figure out your salary and can break it down into daily, weekly, or monthly amounts based on what you make an hour. 

Education Calculators

Final Grade Calculator

Do you have a virtual learning platform? Are your students able to earn actual certifications or degrees on your platform? It may be wise to incorporate this final grade calculator into your website so your students can ensure that their grades are up to par!

Length Conversion Calculator

If you have members on your website from various parts of the world, you’ll want to use this calculator. The length conversion calculator can convert imperial measurements to metric, metric to metric, or imperial to imperial measurements.

Age Calculator

Age calculators can be fun tools to play with, but they can also be very helpful, especially if you have a membership model built for genealogy buffs or new parents. Using this calculator, you can determine a person’s age in days, months, weeks, or years. You can also determine how long it will be until their next birthday.

Percentage Calculator

If you are seeking to know the percentage of anything, this calculator is perfect for you. Again, if you have a virtual learning platform and you are helping teach young students about percentages or if your older students want to figure out how important their test grades are, this is a great calculator to give them access to.

Final Thoughts

When you own an online business, especially a membership business, engagement is very important for your website. Using one (or more) of these calculators from Formidable Forms on your membership website will not only help you build that engagement, but encourage people to stay on your website longer and depending on the need, continue to come back for the tool. 

Thanks to Formidable Forms, you don’t have to do the heavy lifting of developing your own calculators. Formidable Forms is already a great addition to any WordPress-based website but the fact that it gives you the ability to offer industry-specific calculators makes it a unique and indispensable tool for membership sites!

Use Formidable Forms along with MemberPress to provide compelling, member's only resources for your audience today!

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