5 Employees Your Membership Business Should Have

When you start creating your membership site, chances are you're going it alone. When you are handling all of your business processes yourself, you wear many different hats. One minute you're a web designer, the next minute you're the sales and marketing person, then by the end of the day you put on your customer support hat.

Although wearing all of these hats may be necessary in the beginning, there will come a time when you realize that you can't do everything yourself.

In this post, we will discuss the employees that will be very helpful to you in your membership business.

Marketing Specialist

One of the most critical employees you need in your business is a Marketing Specialist. This person will help you develop your business' brand and help you attract the right people to your membership.

Your Marketing Specialist will handle your social media marketing and posting, digital advertising (Google Ads, YouTube Ads, and so on) to your target market, and even your offline efforts, such as promoting appearances at trade shows, helping organize meetups, and much more.

When it comes to social media marketing specialists, we highly recommend a company called BELAY.

Web Developer

Being that your membership site is online, chances are you will need a developer to either help manage and take care of your membership site or handle it for you.

Remember, without your website, you have no business. So ensure that you find someone experienced who understands your business and your needs so they can manage your site to the best of their ability.

Fiverr is a trusted resource, and has over 90 web developers specialized in MemberPress sites.

Customer Support Representative

Customer satisfaction is vital in any business, even in an online, membership-based business, so making sure that you have a customer support rep in place to help you manage customer needs is imperative.

You do not have to hire an entire team of reps if you are just starting out. Even if you start with one, having one trustworthy representative will help your customer satisfaction rates go through the roof!


As your business begins to start generating more and more income, ensuring that your finances are managed correctly is essential – this is where a great accountant or bookkeeper will come into play.

Your finance person will help you handle payroll, taxes, and more! This person will take a massive load off of your back and let you get back to taking care of your business!

BELAY is also a great resource for filling this position.


Want to start a blog on your membership site? Need content written for emails? Need sales copy created? That's where a writer comes in!

When you are so busy managing other matters in your membership business, it can be challenging to do all the writing yourself. Your writers will help to make sure your content is written while keeping SEO in mind and making sure that your business' message is conveyed correctly to your customers.

WordCandy is an excellent resource we highly recommend.

Final Thoughts

As your subscription-based business grows, so will your responsibilities and workload. You cannot do everything yourself, so it is so important that you do hire people to help you make your business better.

It may be hard to let go of certain responsibilities at first, but trust us, it will be SO worth it in the long run. Try to think of your business' future and hire employees to help improve your membership business!

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