How to Create a Mastermind Group with MemberPress

Having an online business isn't an easy job. You put a ton of time and energy into everything you do.

And entrepreneurship can sometimes be a lonely road. It's easy to catch yourself wondering if you're cut out for this life.

One remedy to this problem is starting a mastermind group.

Building a mastermind group is a great way to bring together like-minded people, help everyone reach their goals, and make some money in the process. But how is it done?

In this post, we're going to show you how to easily create and run your own mastermind group with MemberPress!

What Is A Mastermind Group?

A mastermind group is a group of individuals who come together to mentor and help each other solve their problems, whether it be in business, their personal lives, or whatever the group may choose to focus on or discuss.

These groups are not centered around one specific person—all members support each other. There may be a facilitator to help guide the conversation or give the group tools to help one another. Still, the group is not focused on that individual but on all members equally.

What Are The Benefits Of A Mastermind Group?

  • Different Ideas and Opinions. The great thing about being in a mastermind group is that you have access to many different thoughts and opinions to aid you in solving your problems.
  • Location Flexibility. Another cool thing about being in a mastermind group is the fact that your members can be from anywhere around the globe, thanks to the internet.
  • Abundant Access to Resources. With a group of like-minded people in your corner, you have access to a larger pool of resources, giving you a more extensive network of trusted individuals, support, and tools for you to take advantage of.
  • Maintaining Focus. With a mastermind group, you have regular meetings and check-ins, as well as specific benchmarks and tasks. This keeps you and your fellow group members accountable and more likely to stay on track with what you all are trying to accomplish.

How To Start Creating Your Mastermind Group

Creating a mastermind group takes a bit of initial planning, but once all of that is out of the way, implementing your ideas into MemberPress will make executing your mastermind group a breeze.

Choose Your Main Topic

The first thing you want to do is decide on the main topic of your mastermind group. This can be anything from personal development to business or marketing. For your main topic, choose whatever is most important to you or that you feel you could help others with.

Consider Potential Members

You can't have a mastermind group without other minds in the group, right? Consider your audience first. Ask yourself: would they benefit from my mastermind group's main topic? What is their schedule like? How old are they? Get an idea of who your ideal mastermind group member is and then move to the next step.

Create Group Rules

There should always be some guidance as to how things should flow within the group, so it's a good idea to establish some rules in the very beginning.

Rules to include:

  • How involved members must be to stay in the group
  • How long the meetings should be, and how often meetings will take place
  • How members should talk to one another
  • Confidentiality
  • How meetings will run

Granted, as your group forms and develops, more rules will have to be added, and that's okay! Mapping out these basic rules in the beginning will keep you organized and better equipped to launch your group.

Choose Your Tools

Next, you'll want to determine what tools you and your mastermind group members will need to be successful. This includes anything from video conferencing tools and email software to file sharing tools and the type of website you'll need (which is a WordPress site with MemberPress, of course!).

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Determine A Price

Creating a mastermind group, offering the tools, and building this valuable resource for others is worth something, so you want to make sure you're charging the right price for your work. Membership pricing can vary from membership program to membership program, but you should take your time researching this part of set up.

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Where Does MemberPress Come In?

Now that you understand why mastermind groups are so great, and how to get started, you're probably wondering how you go about creating a mastermind group within MemberPress on your WordPress website. It's actually a lot easier than you think!

  1. Go to your WordPress Dashboard and click MemberPress > Memberships. Then, at the top of the page, click Add New.
  2. This will lead you to a page where you can create your membership. Here, you can input your membership title, price, and payment interval.
  3. Once you've completed the information about your membership, click Publish.
  4. If you plan to have different membership levels for your group, all you have to do is complete steps 1-3 for each level.
  5. After that, navigate to MemberPress > Rules. This is where you'll restrict some or all of your content to mastermind group members only. Once you're done, click Save.
  6. As with any of your memberships, if you'd like to create more rules, simply repeat step 5.

Still having trouble? Click here to see a step-by-step video of the process.

Creating a mastermind group is a valuable way to build community, help others reach their goals, and earn passive income. And, thanks to MemberPress, the process doesn't have to be complicated! We hope that the tips and information provided in this post will help you get on your way to a thriving and successful business.

Have you ever been in a mastermind group? How did it help you reach your personal and/or business goals? Tell us in the comments below!

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