How to Schedule Blog Posts in your Membership Site (Using Gutenberg)

The beauty of having a WordPress website is the fact that there are so many cool features that make your life as an online business owner so much easier!

We've already discussed the importance of creating quality content for your membership site, but did you realize that you can create and schedule your blog posts in WordPress? When you first create your membership site, you're so focused on everything else that it's easy for beginners to look over this feature and not even realize that it's there.

By creating a blogging schedule, you are not only creating consistency for your audience, but you are also making your life easier! By scheduling your blog posts, you no longer have to be concerned about whether or not your blog posts are going out on time!

Now, WordPress has a new editor called Gutenberg and for a beginner composing, let alone scheduling, a blog post may be a bit confusing. So in this post, we will take you step-by-step through the process of scheduling blog posts for your membership site with WordPress' new Gutenberg editor.

1. First, make sure that you have finished writing your blog post. Gutenberg has a number of great, drag and drop features to help you write engaging blog posts. And now, Memberpress users have blocks set up specifically for you to create even more customized content!

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2. To the right of your screen, you will see a ‘Document' Panel. Click on this to open up the panel of options.

3. Under ‘Document,' you will see ‘Status & Visibility’ – click on the ‘Immediately' link next to ‘Publish.'

4. This will bring down a date and time picker. This is where you will decide the day and time you would like for your blog post to be published. When you pick your date, this will cause the ‘Publish' button to change to ‘Schedule.'

5. After you have picked your date, click ‘Schedule.'

6. There you have it! You have officially scheduled a blog post!

Scheduling Blog Posts: Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do change time zones in WordPress? To change time zones in WordPress, go to Settings>General and scroll down to the timezone section.
  • How Can I see all of my scheduled posts in WordPress? To see all of your scheduled posts, go to Posts>All Posts and click on ‘Scheduled’ at the top of the page.
  • How do I reschedule a blog post? Rescheduling a blog post is similar to when you first schedule the post. Follow the steps above and click ‘Schedule.'
  • How do I unschedule a blog post? Go to the editor for the blog post you want to unschedule and click ‘Switch to Draft' at the top of the page near ‘Schedule.'

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