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We’ve been hard at work this week, and we’re pleased to announce an official integration for the popular Mailster WordPress Newsletter plugin! If you haven’t heard of Mailster, check it out. It’s a fantastic Newsletter plugin for WordPress that gives you a surprising amount of control. Best of all, it’s self-contained, right within your own WordPress site dashboard. It can even sync your existing WordPress users into list(s) of your choosing.

And since Mailster’s pricing is pleasingly reasonable when compared to other, third-party, email-marketing services, it’s no surprise it’s one of the better-selling plugins at CodeCanyon.

Why MemberPress + Mailster?

I’m glad you asked. Those of you who’ve used our other Newsletter integrations are familiar with MemberPress’s ability to segment users into different lists (or tags, in some cases) based on a member’s active subscriptions on your membership site.

Our Mailster integration is no different. You can easily set up MemberPress to add and remove members to and from your various Mailster lists based on their subscription status to your memberships.

I'm still confused, can you provide an example?

Sure! Let’s say you have bronze, silver, and gold membership offerings on your MemberPress membership site. And let’s say you want to email only bronze users to try to entice them to upgrade to silver. How do you do that if there’s no way to differentiate Newsletter subscribers based on membership?

Mailster integration makes it easy. Let’s say you set up four separate lists in Mailster—all members, bronze members, silver members, and gold members.

Then you configure MemberPress to put all new users into the “all-members” list but also tell MemberPress to put bronze users in the bronze members list, silver users in the silver members list, and gold users in the gold members list.

Then Bob comes along and really likes your website. He sees he can sign up for the bronze membership for free, so he jumps in right away. MemberPress places him in Mailster’s all- and bronze-members lists.

A week later, you send out a campaign to bronze members letting them know you’ve lowered the price of your silver membership for a limited time.

Bob gets the email, decides he really loves your site, and wants to take advantage of the lower pricing for the silver-membership offering, so he logs into the site and upgrades. MemberPress then moves him from the bronze list to the silver list in Mailster, but he’s also still on the all-members list in Mailster.

See how easy it is to segment your users and campaign to specific groups of subscribers with Mailster and MemberPress working together?


We hope you enjoy the new Mailster integration. As always, if you have any questions or feedback, leave a comment below or contact our awesome support team.

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