MemberPress 1.2.5 Released

MemberPress 1.2.5 is here! This release adds support for WordPress 4.4 and due to some database changes in this latest WordPress release we strongly recommend all users upgrade MemberPress to 1.2.5 right away. This release is primarily a bugfix and maintenance release, though it does contain a small handful of new changes/features outlined below.

New Subscriptions Widget — We've added a new widget for displaying the currently logged in Member's Subscriptions. The widget options are highly configurable, so we're excited to see how you use it, and as always we'd love to hear feedback on how we can make it even better.

Two new info boxes in the Reports — These two new info boxes will give you more relevant information about the average number of payments a customer makes on your WordPress membership site, as well as the percentage of members who renew their recurring subscription at least once.

Membership parameter in Thank You page URL — We've had a few requests from folks using Google Analytics and other various goal tracking services to provide a unique identifier in the Thank You page URI. We've now added this for you, and here's how it works — when a user completes payment and is redirected to the Thank You page, the URL in the browser will now look something like The title of the Membership is sanitized to make it URL safe. This typically means that something like “Gold Membership” would appear as “gold-membership” in the URI. If you're not sure how yours will appear, then you can simply run a signup test and make note of it.

As always, we hope you enjoy the new update! To read more about this release feel free to view our Change Log.

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