MemberPress 1.2.7 Released

MemberPress 1.2.7 has been released. It is primarily a bug-fix and maintenance release. However, a few new features/changes have come into play which we will cover briefly below. If you are running MemberPress in a different language, be sure to read the section about our new translation changes below.

Two New Integrations

An integration between ConvertKit and MemberPress is now available. Currently this integration is limited to adding tags to subscribers only. The ConvertKit folks are still working on adding one more feature to their API for us to fully automate this integration like we do with the other autoresponders. We will update the add-on as soon as their API has been extended. Big thanks to the ConvertKit folks for their willingness to help.

We also added an integration for the really cool Delightful Downloads plugin, which is not only free, but a great way to organize, tag, and manage your digital files. This integration is very simple and does not come with any configuration screens etc, it simply connects downloads to MemberPress Rules behind the scenes to ensure your Delightful Downloads files are secure. Big thanks to Delightful Downloads author for working with us to make this happen. We've heard reports that Delightful Downloads may now be a dead project.

Both addons will now be visible under your MemberPress -> Activate -> Addons page.

Transactions Page Filter

You can now filter your Transactions by the Membership Level and Transaction Status. This is a great way to quickly segment your payments and get a better overview of what is happening at each level.

New “Who Can Purchase this Membership” Options

Now you can easily disable a Membership level from new signups without having to delete it or move it to the Trash.

We also added the following new filters for Members in the “Who can purchase this Membership” section:

  • Members who currently have no memberships
  • Members who currently have any membership
  • Members who have purchased this membership before
  • Members who have NOT purchased this membership before (great way to prevent users from signing up repeatedly for a free trial)

Added Description Box for Offline Gateway

You can now easily define the payment method description text which is revealed when a user selects to pay via an offline payment method.

Responsive Account Page Tables

One pain point for many of you has been the lack of responsiveness on the Account page's Subscription/Payment tables. This has been fixed, and now both tables are fully responsive. We tested with as many theme's as we had time for, but if you find it doesn't look quite right with your theme on a mobile device, please let us know.

Enhanced Translation POT

We have had a number of requests to make it easier to identify strings in the translation POT file which are front-end (member visible) strings. We have accomplished this by adding a new “ui” context for each front-end string and the first round of this change has dropped with version 1.2.7.

IMPORTANT FOR TRANSLATORS – Because of this change, your existing front-end translations will no longer work after updating to version 1.2.7. But don't worry, the fix is super easy, and we'll even do it for you. All you need to do is copy your current po/mo files before updating to 1.2.7 and send them to us. We'll convert them to be compatible with this new change and send them back.

We have done our best to tag “ui” on as many front-end strings as possible, but if you find any front-end strings, or strings you feel should be tagged as “ui” please contact our support to inform us. Thanks!

We hope you enjoy the continued effort and support from the MemberPress team. If you'd like to see all changes in version 1.2.7 please view the full change-log here.

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