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Here at MemberPress we have some amazing customers. We want to share their stories with you. We want you to get to know them, how they started out, show you how they are using MemberPress, and allow them to share their experiences with you.

In this Showcase we will be spotlighting Pilatesology and their newest membership site AthletiCulturePilatesology is a website that provides streaming video “classical” pilates classes. AthletiCulture provides streaming workouts, barre, yoga, dance and even nutrition guidance.

We spoke with Jack Coble and Alisa Wyatt founders of Pilatesology and AthletiCulture and asked them to tell us a little about their experience starting and growing a membership site.

How did you get started with your membership site?

Great question. After we came up with the idea, we hunted around for a web developer who could make it all work. We found a local company which we really liked since we could walk over and have meetings at any time. Since our website was going to be a video streaming website, the first thing we did was start shooting video. This was more than a year before the website was even launched.

We knew that in order for the site to succeed we would need a good 50 videos in our pocket at launch. That gave us time to figure out navigation, content, write all the copy, etc. There are just so many steps involved, but really the very first thing was pressing record on the camera.

How did you come up with the idea?

We were dead set on creating DVDs. We saw that there were no real workouts for advanced Pilates practitioners, so that was our starting point. We created a very fast paced, advanced workout that was 40 minutes long and created our first DVD. The intermediate and beginner DVDs followed. However – a membership website? Well, the credit for that goes to Marc, an old friend and rock climbing buddy who happened to be a business developer for a very, very big company. In 2007 he told us straight up: you want to create a website that people join and then you want to create fresh content for them. We just couldn't wrap our heads around it at the time. Fast forward a few years and we started seeing these kinds of websites popping up. We knew that we had a great niche with the classical Pilates world. We had tons of connections from living in NYC, and one day while eating tacos we just decided this was the direction we wanted to go. Forget the DVDs and instead go for a membership site and streaming video.

What is your background and expertise?

Jack has been a professional photographer in NYC for years, shooting travel and architecture for magazines and hotels. He knows lighting, composition, and of course everything about cameras. His skills were put to good use learning video, sound, video editing, and all that techie stuff that comes with streaming video.

Alisa is a classically trained Pilates teacher and has a vast network of classical teachers that she taught with, worked for, and trained with. Her network of people was vital for the launch of the website. She was also key in the first phase of filming, since we filmed her exclusively for the 8 months before the launch.  Her style of teaching is warm, friendly, and inviting and people just love doing Pilates with her.

Where are you located? Anything unique/interesting about why you are located there?

We are in Hermosa Beach California. We were in NYC before. We love the lifestyle of beach living. We are active all year round. We love surfing, playing volleyball, climbing, backpacking, skiing, etc.

This is a great place for Alisa since she is able to train pro athletes. The other advantage for us is that outside of NYC this area has the largest Pilates community.

Who is your market?

We are mainly focused on the Pilates community at large. Including Pilates studio owners, Pilates professionals, and Pilates enthusiasts of all kinds all ages and all abilities. We stream worldwide and have members on all continents except Antarctica!

Anything unique about your business or anything else you would want a reader to know?

We are focused on classical Pilates. Our mission statement is to preserve and spread the classical method as taught by Joe Pilates. We are the worlds #1 resource for Classical Pilates online.

How has MemberPress helped you?

MemberPress saved us really. We were using another membership plugin that was just a nightmare to use and I was spending hours each day fixing problems. I reached out to Blair and he helped me migrate the entire user base over to Memberpress.

MemberPress really kicks ass. It just works. It's simple, it's effective, and it's solid. I know as we grow it will scale with us.

It's updated and streamlined continuously and they really listen to members' feedback about adding new features.

We recently launched another website,, and of course we use MemberPress for that as well.

We would like to thank Jack and Alisa for their time and congratulate them on using MemberPress to help them create and run not one but two very successful membership sites!

We checked out some of the classes and can see that we at MemberPress definitely need to get out from behind our screens and do some Pilates!

So, take a few minutes and check out Pilatesology and AthletiCulture!

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