WordPress Developer Challenge Part 2

As part of the application process, you’ve been requested to complete part 2 of the following challenge. If you have any questions please respond to the last email you received from our team.


Step 2

Building upon the plugin created in the previous Developer Challenge:

  • Add a new top level menu item to the WordPress admin menu, which should take you to an admin page only accessible to administrators
  • The page should display a header and table in the style of the WordPress plugin MemberPress (you can download the MemberPress logo assets here)
  • The table should display the data from the GET accessible endpoint https://cspf-dev-challenge.herokuapp.com/ (the same endpoint as the previous Developer Challenge), but regardless of when/how many times it is called should never request the data from our server more than 1 time per hour
  • Within the table, ensure that values in the Date column are formatted according to the configured WordPress Date and Time formats (from Settings – General), and in the configured WordPress Timezone
  • Create a WP CLI command that can be used to force the refresh of this data the next time the endpoint is called

Ensure to properly escape, sanitize and validate data in each step as appropriate using built in PHP and WordPress functions.

Organize & package the code as a WordPress plugin zip file.

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