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Enabling Coupons Upon Registration

In MemberPress there are two ways of being able to allow users to get a discount with a MemberPress coupon:

  1. Through the Registration Form
  2. Through a Direct Link

Through the Registration Form

This is the most common way to allow users to enter coupons. Simple navigate to your WordPress Dashboard > MemberPress > Settings > Account tab > Registration section > and click the checkbox next to the option that says, “Enable Coupon Field on membership registration forms”. 

With that checked, a new blank coupon field will appear at the bottom of your registration forms. This field will only accept valid
MemberPress Coupons that you have created on your site.

Through a Direct Link

If you would like to send your user a link to your registration page with the coupon already entered, or would rather not have the coupon field enabled for your entire site, you can add the following to the end of your registration page URL:


So, if your coupon code was
cyber-monday for example, and it applied to your Gold membership, the URL you would send the user might look something like this:
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