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Enrolling Students and Manging MemberPress Courses

Students enroll in MemberPress courses by simply accessing a course and starting learning. Thus, in MemberPress, enrolling students is done by providing students with access to a specific course. MemberPress controls access to courses through memberships and rules protecting your courses.

This document will show you how to set up the flow for enrolling students in your courses. Also, the document will provide details on how to manage your courses and students.

Enrolling Students

When created, your MemberPress courses will be publicly available to any (logged-in) user or (logged-out) visitor. Thus, if you plan on delivering publicly available courses, it's enough to create courses on your site.

Alternatively, you could charge users for your courses or have them register for free before enrolling in a course. In this case, you would need to protect your courses with MemberPress rules first.

You would need to set a rule for each of your courses. When setting up rules, set the Access Conditions to allow access only to users with active subscriptions to specific memberships.

To enroll, your users would need to register for the required membership and log in. Once they log in, they will have access to all courses available for the membership they purchased.

How Do Members Find My Courses?

Your Members will find your courses on the Courses listing page on your site. For most sites, this will be

We STRONGLY recommend enabling the ReadyLaunch™ templates setting in the MemberPress menu > Settings > ReadyLaunch™ tab for the best user experience and design.

Your Members and guests will see your available Courses there:

When a Member is logged in, they can click the My Courses link in the menu at the top to view only the Courses they have access to.

Clicking on one of the Courses will open the Course overview, which will look something like this:

From here, your members can see the course overview, navigation, and instructor; they can also see their progress through the Course.

How Can I See a Member's Course Progress?

If you'd like to see how far along a particular Member is in one of your Courses, search for that Member from the WordPress Dashboard > Users page. Then click “Edit” on that User, and scroll down until you see the Course Information section.

Note: You can allow Corporate Account owners to view their sub-account users’ course progress and quiz scores.

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