Why should I choose MemberPress to build my membership site?

MemberPress has all the features you’d expect from a full-featured, WordPress membership site plugin but here are some of the things that we feel really set MemberPress apart:

  • Quick And Easy Setup: We’ve put a great deal of thought into the setup of a membership site. It really shouldn’t be brain science … and with MemberPress it isn’t. From the standard plugin installation to the automatically generated pricing pages, we think you’ll find that MemberPress will really save you time.
  • Advanced Access Rules: MemberPress has an easy to use but advanced set of access rules. With MemberPress you’ll be able to protect pages, posts, children of pages, posts that are categorized or tagged a certain way, feeds, custom post types and even standalone files anywhere in your WordPress website folder.
  • Customizable: We’ve really tried to make sure that MemberPress is easy to use and looks great right out of the box. And for our more advanced customers, we’ve added a large number of actions & filters. Also, we never encrypt or obfuscate our code and we’re always willing to help our customers when they need to do customizations.
  • Seamless Payment Gateway Integration: We’ve spent more time working on making our payment gateway integration complete & easy for you to setup. When getting your payment gateway working with MemberPress you’ll find that you won’t be copying and pasting code or going through any complex instructions to set things up. Instead, with MemberPress, you’ll just copy your gateway’s API keys into MemberPress and then copy any hashes or notification URLs into your gateway’s control panel … that’s it.
  • Much, Much More: We’ve taken a great deal of time and effort to provide you with a solid and clear user experience. So, if you’ve been frustrated getting membership sites setup in the past, prepare to be surprised at how easy it can be.