How to Setup a WordPress Membership Site in 5 Minutes

MemberPress is powerful Membership Software and an excellent WordPress Membership Plugin that you can get setup to start charging members for access in about 5 minutes.

If you've ever setup some other membership plugins you'll see how much easier this is. There's no complicated page flow setup or copying and pasting of anything except for the actual API keys & Webhook URL.

And once your payment method is setup properly, MemberPress will stay in sync with your payment gateway. This means that with MemberPress, the status of the user will be determined by whether he has paid (or not) … so no more manual syncing what's going on in your gateway with your website or unpaid members gaining access to your premium content.

We focus on making this plugin solid so you can focus on delivering the best content to your members. The bottom line is that with MemberPress you can stop worrying about the day to day mechanics of your site so you can focus on delivering great content to your members.

This video will guide you through the following steps as you get your membership site up and running with MemberPress:

  1. It will show you how to utilize WordPress' built in plugin uploader to install MemberPress. One thing you should note is that not every web host will allow you to install plugins in this manor so you may need to consult the MemberPress User Manual for more information about how to install MemberPress if you can't use WordPress' built-in plugin uploader.
  2. Then it will cover setting up your first MemberPress payment method … in this video I'll set MemberPress up to use Stripe.
  3. I then create a new Membership Product
  4. I add a rule that restricts content to a page so that only people who have purchased the Membership Product can access it
  5. I add the Membership Product registration page to the website's menu

That's it … very simple and effective.

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About Blair Williams

Blair is the creator of MemberPress. He is an experienced Software Developer who has created large scale web apps for scores of businesses. He now focuses on WordPress and Ruby development -- in particular the WordPress plugins he has created: MemberPress, Pretty Links, and Affiliate Royale. You can read his blog by visiting