MemberPress 1.5.2 – Changes

TL;DR – Update to MemberPress 1.5.2+ – Then copy the Silent Post URL from MemberPress -> Options -> Payments tab. And paste it back into your -> Account -> Silent Post URL settings page (scroll down for screenshots).

DO NOT remove your Webhook URL, Signature Key, or Transaction Key settings – they are still required.

Earlier this year announced they would be deprecating MD5 Hash and Silent Post URL.

They suggested moving to Webhooks and Signature Key's instead which we did successfully back in the spring.

However, since then we've had multiple reports from our clients that failed renewal payments were no longer being tracked on the MemberPress side.

This meant that end customers are not receiving the failed transaction emails and therefore not coming back and update their credit card details – and the subscriptions end up being cancelled resulting in churn for the site owner. And the customers who did update their card details were not being billed the catch up payment as MemberPress needed a failed transaction recorded to make that work.

We've been bothering support about when a Webhook might be available for these failed ARB payments, but have not had any luck pinning them down on a date yet.

Their response was to use both the Silent Post URL and Webhook URL 🙁

The Silent Post URL will be used to capture the failed renewal payments from ARB, and the Webhook URL will be used for all other notifications.

So as of MemberPress 1.5.2, we're bringing back the Silent Post URL so you can paste it into your account settings and receive failed ARB payment notices once again. has not set an official end date for the Silent Post deprecation, but we're hopeful that they will not deprecate it before they have a Webhook option available.

You still need to have your Webhook, Signature Key, and Transaction Keys configured. But you now also should set up the Silent Post URL in addition to all of that. Instructions below:

Copy Silent Post URL
Paste MemberPress' Silent Post URL in -> Account -> Silent Post URL setting and “Submit”.

You should now receive failed ARB renewal payment transaction notifications again.