Membership Software

MemberPress is powerful Membership Software … it just so happens to be packaged as a WordPress plugin so that it can run on your already-existing website or blog.

Not All Membership Software Is Created Equal

Seriously, many membership software solutions can create big issues for people wanting to build membership sites. Here are just a few of the issues you can run into:

  1. Too simple to be useful in the long term: Many membership software solutions (particularly free WordPress Membership Plugins) may be good options if your needs are very focused. However, as your membership site gains popularity a migration to a more sophisticated membership solution is usually necessary. MemberPress can alleviate this issue because it works simply out of the box … but is ultra-powerful and is built for scalability. So if you start with MemberPress from the beginning then you can rest assured that you'll be able to handle whatever is thrown your way as you build your membership site.
  2. Expensive: Membership software has traditionally been very expensive. Years ago, it would cost you $4,000 or more to even get started with a new membership site. Luckily, things aren't that bad nowadays … but many solutions are still quite expensive. Many membership software solutions try to mask the true cost of their software by charging with per-transaction fees or seemingly low monthly fees. MemberPress' pricing is simple and affordable with no hidden fees.
  3. Harsh limitations: As your membership site grows, you'll start running into restrictive limitations with many Membership Software solutions. This is particularly evident with cloud-based or cloud-backed membership software services. These services will typically limit the number of users or subscriptions you can have on your membership site. But because MemberPress is installed on your own WordPress website we won't ever impose these types of limitations.
  4. “Bolt-On” Membership Software: An increasing number of membership software solutions are just additions to existing e-commerce packages. Some of these solutions can seem compelling but when you do a bit of digging, they miss the point of membership sites all-together … they typically just tack on some content protection capabilities to a shopping cart. MemberPress is different, its not just a modified shopping cart … it's engineered from the ground up to give you the tools you need to create professional, membership sites and to keep your members engaged.
  5. Poor Support: Regardless of the Membership Software you use … you're gonna need support. Building and managing a membership site can be intense and it's critical to have help available. Many membership solutions offer bad support … or, in some cases (as with some free WordPress Plugins) none at all. MemberPress' support team is unwavering and ready to help in whatever way they can to get your membership site humming.
  6. Data Lock In: This is really bad for you … there are some Membership Software solutions that actually hold your membership site data hostage. This is typically only a problem with proprietary cloud-based solutions but should be avoided at all costs. If you can't get a portable copy of your data from your Membership Software solution, it makes it extremely difficult to switch to a new solution if you need to, if not impossible. Because MemberPress is installed on your own WordPress website, the data resides on your database as well … this means you always have access to your data and thus, the ability to do whatever you want with it.
  7. Completely Unstable: Unfortunately, there are even some Membership Software solutions that are either custom, unmaintained or just poorly written. MemberPress is robust, scalable and under active development. You can rest assured that your subscriptions will update properly, your members access will be accurate … and that you'll get security updates and bug fixes regularly.

MemberPress Is Powerful Membership Software That Installs On Your WordPress Website

As you can see from the common pitfalls of many membership software solutions above, having a solution like MemberPress that installs on your website is critical. The ability to install MemberPress on your own WordPress website means that:

  1. MemberPress pages will conform to the theme of your website … by default. You'll have full control over what your members see and how they interact with your membership site.
  2. MemberPress is powerful Membership Software. Don't let the fact that MemberPress is a WordPress Membership Plugin fool you … it's more powerful than most cloud-based or hosted Membership Services and other Membership Plugins.
  3. MemberPress won't limit you. You can have an unlimited number of users, products and everything else!
  4. MemberPress data is always available … it's all stored on your website. Don't worry about data lock in … you're in control.
  5. MemberPress is robust. We built MemberPress from the ground up to be stable (first and foremost) and to grow with your membership site.

Above all, MemberPress, is a great choice for anyone starting a Membership Site. MemberPress is powerful Membership Software, yet extremely easy to use.

Feel free to read more about the features that MemberPress will give you or to purchase it today.