4 Ways to Grow Your Business with a Free Membership Site

Most people who have heard about MemberPress know that it's a WordPress membership plugin optimized for creating premium paid membership sites. But did you know that this powerful membership software will also allow you to create free membership sites? It’s easy to setup – all you need to do is create a product in MemberPress that's set at $0.

We hear the question all the time from users: “We know MemberPress supports paid memberships … but does it support free membership levels?” Of course, the answer is yes. We could leave it at that but we've got some very innovative customers who have come up with some pretty great ways to use this feature (we really love it when our customers use our membership software in ways we didn't anticipate). So today we want to share four of the most useful applications of free membership we’ve seen so far:

1. Build a community. By implementing a free membership option with MemberPress and creating members-only forums or content, you engage your users by encouraging them to join a premium community. We've seen our customers integrate our WordPress membership plugin with other plugins like BBPress, BuddyPress, and other solutions to make some pretty compelling “members-only” communities.

2. Generate leads (and make sales). Remember that our membership software integrates with AWeber, GetResponse, and MailChimp! When a new user signs up on your MemberPress-based membership site, you can automatically add them to your mailing list. Turn members into potential clients with email marketing campaigns and exciting new offers. This is a very compelling reason to use our membership software to register *any* user on your site … not just the paying ones.

3. Create a group or event portal. Free membership is a great option for companies, clubs, churches and more that conduct seminars, conferences, or workshops. We’ve seen groups of all kinds use our WordPress membership plugin to create free membership sites that can be used to easily share photos, videos, and post-event commentary. Simply use the MemberPress Importer to import all the users who are part of your group and upload your exclusive content. This is a great way to ensure that only people who are part of your private community can access the materials.

4. Create a free membership level alongside your commercial membership offerings. This may be the most popular use of the free membership option in MemberPress. We have numerous customers who, in addition to their premium membership levels, have a free membership level that is usually restricted by time or by how much content the member can access with the membership level. This can be a powerful way to both generate leads and give your prospects a “taste” of your content for free before they upgrade to a paid level.

These are just a few of the great ways we’ve seen our clients use free membership to grow their brand and expand their community. MemberPress is the most advanced, flexible and easy to use WordPress membership plugin available (remember, not all membership software is created equally) so get it today and start exploring how free membership could help your business too!

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