Can User Reviews Really Help/Hurt Your Online Business?

With the rise of online businesses, the significance and popularity of user reviews have increased rapidly.

Online reviews help potential customers and consumers decide whether or not your online business is worth pursuing. And as time has gone on, reviews have proven to be integral to your business. If you have an online business, you NEED reviews.

But how much weight do they REALLY carry? Can they literally make or break your business? In this post, we will explore the ways user reviews can help or hurt your online business.

User Reviews: The Good

There are a number of positive things that come with having user reviews for your membership site or online business, especially if they are positive.

  • Increased Attention – One of the greatest things about having reviews is that it can bring increased attention to your membership organization or online business.
  • Potential to Earn More Money – Due to the increased visibility of your online business, this can also increase your chances of selling more memberships and making more money.
  • More Trust/Credibility – Have you ever been thinking about purchasing a product and noticed that it had no reviews? Chances are that you aren't going to trust the product as much or believe that it won't be good quality. Reviews, especially good ones, help people know that your company is an actual company whose products and services can be trusted. This will also encourage people to try your product out.
  • Marketing Boost – Another great thing about having positive user ratings is that it can complement your membership business' marketing strategy. You can use these reviews to promote your business and let other potential customers know that you guys are doing amazing work.

User Reviews: The Bad

Just like it happens with positive reviews, negative reviews come with many consequences. However, those consequences can be just as harmful if you have no user reviews at all.

  • Loss of Credibility – Without reviews or with negative user reviews, your business can quickly put their reputation in jeopardy and cause people not to trust you.
  • You Turn Customers Off – Bad customer reviews put a bad taste in the public's mouth and will quickly hinder you from having a successful membership. Those unhappy customers will be able to take over the conversation about your business and keep many people away.
  • Loss of Revenue – No reviews or bad reviews mean that people are not happy with your product, service, or membership. As a result, they will not stick around to wait for you to get better.
  • Negative Attention – Not all attention is good attention. Sometimes, having numerous bad reviews can make people more vigilant so they can be sure not ever to work with your company. In the world of social media, word travels fast, and people can be influenced quickly.

Final Thoughts

The consequences that come with positive or negative reviews can be somewhat similar but on different spectrums. Thanks to the internet, these reviews can make a massive impact on your business and are another vehicle you can use to promote your online business. So do not underestimate the importance of reviews, and encourage your customers to leave reviews for your business! They can make your business look good and give you a way to hear from your customers about what you can improve or where your business' strengths lie.

Does your business have reviews online? How do you feel about businesses that have negative reviews or no reviews?

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