Creating Attractive Member Benefits For Your Membership Site: Tips & Tricks

You've gone through all of the hard work of creating your membership website and building your membership. Everything should be smooth sailing now, right?

Not necessarily….

There's nothing worse than having a membership site with stagnant members!

Your members are literally the lifeline of your membership business. And you have to keep them engaged and excited about what your membership site has to offer! If things go stale, your members can lose interest, causing you to lose your membership.

It's up to you to ensure that your membership site can keep your members, both current and potential members, focused and engaged. You have to find a way to ensure that they stay in tune with your membership site! And one way to do that is by ensuring that your member benefits are up to par!

Flirt With Different Types of Content

Content plays a HUGE role in how you attract potential customers to your membership site, so why wouldn't it be a big deal in how you keep them? Utilizing content such as free guides, mini-courses, and exclusive infographics can help attract people to your membership website. Why not follow that up with an expanded video course, a free ebook, or a members-only webinar to give your members something to look forward to?

Don't Shy Away From Discounts

Who doesn't love a good deal? Another great benefit to use to keep your members coming back is creating exclusive discounts that only members can take advantage of! Whether that be discounts on webinars, clothing, or consulting sessions, people like to feel like they are in the VIP section when they join a membership site. You should treat them that way

Quality Over Quantity

One mistake that many membership site owners make is focusing so much on creating a certain number of membership benefits that the quality of the actual membership is lost.

Focusing on creating quality courses, merchandise, and other means of exclusive content will not only delight those currently involved in your membership site, but also further attract potential customers that will be more likely to jump on board, knowing that they're investing in something worthwhile!

Create Memorable, Brand-Friendly Membership Tiers

Finding a great membership that is a great price with amazing benefits is attractive to any potential customers. But when you combine all of that with fun, catchy names for your membership tiers, you're sold!

Coming up with clever member benefit tiers will build your brand and show your uniqueness, while also giving your customers another way to engage with and remember your business!

Be Open To Offline Membership Opportunities

Another great option for creating an attractive membership benefit is by throwing in the opportunity for your members to interact and engage with your business in person!

Creating something like an annual conference or exclusive meet-ups for your members will attract local membership and give your members an event to look forward to every year.

Final Thoughts

We hope this article helped you understand ways to attract and maintain members.

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