How to Keep Virtual Learners Engaged in Your Online Course

Online courses have grown rapidly in popularity over the years, mostly due to the cost-effectiveness and convenience of taking classes online and at your own pace.

But, as a membership site owner, how can you create an online course that is not only educational but is also engaging and worthwhile? We have a few tips that will help you keep your virtual learners engaged in your online course!

Keep It Simple

We've discussed how important it is that your membership site be easy to navigate, and that same idea goes for your online courses. The last thing your potential customer wants to do is pay for an online course and then struggle to navigate the content!

In addition to your navigation being simple, ensure that you don't have overwhelming course modules and lessons.

Keep in mind that the attention span of your learners is much shorter than you think, and no one wants to have to sit through a long course anymore! Ensure that your course is self-paced and easily digestible for ultimate learning and value.

Incorporate Interactive Elements

Another great way to keep your learners engaged in your online course is by creating interactive elements that will make them feel as if they are in an actual classroom.

This can include things such as quizzes, class polls, or discussion forums. Adding elements such as these in your online course will help give your students a sense of community in their course and provide additional learning opportunities through interaction.

Create Attractive Rewards

Who doesn't love a good reward after hard work? Keeping users engaged in your online course with the promise of some sort of reward will definitely keep them engaged.

Rewarding your learners with certificates, badges, or even a discount on their next course will encourage them to see the course through and possibly inspire them to return.

Make The Learning Process Fun

You're so busy worrying about creating the best course possible that you may forget one of the most important engagement tools — keep it fun! Don't be afraid to add a funny video clip or GIF to some of your modules.

You can even encourage your learners to add their own light-hearted humor to the mix with fun discussion questions or comments.

Creating an online course can be a huge task, but it doesn't have to be a stressful one. Just keep our tips in mind and you'll be sure to have a thriving, interactive group of learners who will be eager to take more of your online courses!

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