How to Know When It’s Time to Switch Web Hosts

It’s common for people to buy a web host without much forethought. It’s just a host, after all. They cost a few dollars a month, and they all pretty much do the same thing, right? Well, not quite.

At some point, you may find that you've got website issues or that you need to cut back on costs. And that may mean it's time to switch web hosts. 

Below are a few signs that it’s time for you to switch:

1. You didn’t do your research to start with.

If you didn’t consider your options to begin with, you need to at least look into the other options out there. Each web host is a little different: Some are cheaper.  Others have faster load times and uptimes. Some have unlimited bandwidth. Some include extra perks like email packages.

You need to get the right host for you. Luckily, the switch may be easier than you think, depending on your web host. So if you didn’t look into things before, now’s the time to do it right. 

2. Your site is too slow.

Ugh, this site is taking forever to load! Hate that feeling? So do your customers. Some hosts have better load times than others, so if your customers are complaining that there’s a problem with loading, a new web host will fix the issue.

Make sure you’re doing checks yourself to see how well your site loads. Customers don’t always complain if there’s a problem; sometimes they just leave the site. If your site is experiencing lags, it may be time to make the switch.

3. Customer support isn’t helping solve your problems.

Sometimes, even if your site is having issues with lag time or downtime, it may not mean it’s time to switch. Great customer support can often help fix these issues. Unfortunately, however, a few web hosts, like GoDaddy (though popular) are known for their customer-support issues. If you’re wasting time contacting support and aren’t seeing solutions to your problems, make the switch. You’ll be glad you did.

4. You have more than what you need.

You’ve got all the bells and whistles: unlimited bandwidth, great load times, perfect uptimes, fast support, and extra add-ons—only you don’t need them.

Your site is small, you don’t get a lot of visitors, and you don’t use a lot of storage. Unless you’re expecting high amounts of growth, it may be worth it to switch over to a slightly cheaper package. Then again, keeping your web host may still be worth it if you’ve found a great web host at a good price. 

5. Your site is growing like crazy.

Didn’t realize you’d be using this much storage? If you find yourself having great success and bulking your site up with tons of popular videos, that’s great. But some web hosts have limits on how much storage you can use. Others charge extra for using too much. So you might want to switch to a web host with unlimited bandwidth.

6. You’re tight on a tight budget. 

If you’re worried about the high cost of running a business and feel like you need to cut costs wherever you can, a cheaper web-host platform may offer the relief you need. Sometimes even a few dollars a month can make a big difference.

Also, consider looking into web hosts that cut other costs by offering extra perks. For example, some hosts offer a website domain name or email hosting as part of their packages. 

7. You discover a better host. 

Even if everything is working okay, you should never feel tied down. If you find something more compatible, it’s okay to take advantage of a host that better suits your purposes. Getting a new web host is relatively easy, so do what’s best for your company, and make the switch if that’s what takes you to the next level. 

A host is just a host until you start having problems with your website and lose out on customers and sales. Got site issues? Make the switch!


  • If you didn’t initially do your research, it’s not too late. Do it now. Find out if switching hosts is right for you.
  • If your site is slow, people will leave. You might want to switch.
  • Poor customer support is another great reason to switch web hosts.
  • If you don’t need as much, you may want to downgrade to something simpler.
  • If your web host has a storage limit but you need more, switch.
  • Saving money may be a reason to switch web hosts.
  • Even if you don’t have issues, you may still want to switch if you find a better fit.

Why did you decide to switch hosts? Have any suggestions for great hosts?

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