MemberPress 1.1.3 Released

We're proud to announce MemberPress 1.1.3. Below are a few highlights from this release. You can also visit the full changelog page for the complete list.

Per User Content

You can now create custom messages for each member on an individual basis. There have been a number of requests for this feature, so we'd love to hear how you end up using it.

Custom Member Messages Admin View

Each user's profile page in the dashboard now shows this text box which you can use to create custom messages for that member.


Custom Member Messages

The custom message shows up on the Account page when that member is logged in.


New Help Page

Starting with MemberPress 1.1.3, you can now view the most common help videos from our user-manual right on your site. We will be extending this help page to cover even more topics in the future.

Access help materials from your own site.

Access help materials from your own site.


Merged Account Subscriptions Tabs

You spoke and we listened! The Subscriptions area on the member's Account page now has the Recurring and Non-Recurring tabs merged into one list.

Merged Subscriptions List

Recurring and Non-Recurring Subscriptions now show in one combined list.


Custom CSS Classes for Buttons

For the more advanced users, you can now define your own custom CSS classes to use on your Group pricing pages in MemberPress. You can define classes for Normal, Disabled, and Highlighted.

Custom CSS classes

Custom CSS classes for Group page buttons.


Redirect Non-Singular Views

If you have the option to “Redirect on Unauthorized” enabled, and you don't want members to see Archive, Category, Tag, Author or other non-singular views — you can use this new option to redirect unauthorized users to your Unauthorized URL instead.

We strive to listen to our customers and incorporate features they request into our development process in a well-designed and stable way. We hope you find these changes useful and are happy to have the continued opportunity to push MemberPress forward thanks to you.

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